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Walmart has always been the go-to store for almost everything you need for your house, daily livelihood, and anything you can think of. 

One among those broad categories of products is a section for TV stands. They have great affordable options in this category to accommodate your television unit with many functional benefits. 

We believe a 50-inch television is a common size that most people with a moderate-sized living room prefer. So, let’s help you filter out the best Walmart 50-inch TV stands among the hundreds of options. 

5 Best 50-inch TV Stands at Walmart

Let’s dive straight in and list the five best 50-inch TV stands available at Walmart’s online store:

  1. Mainstays Parsons TV Stand

Mainstays Parsons TV Stand

Parsons always flaunts its signature low-profile TV stand designs with open space, sturdy build quality, and clean lines. This product, embedded with a black oak finish, has a very simplistic design to blend easily with your living room. The wide shelf spaces make it even more functional, allowing you to store gaming systems, media devices, and other television accessories with ease. 


  • Assembled dimension: 45.47” W x 15.75” D x 20.87” H
  • Ideal for TVs of up to 50” 
  • Maximum weight bearing capacity: 55 lbs
  • Number of open storage shelves: 6
  • Black oak finish


  • Light in weight and easy to move around
  • Simplistic and classic design
  • Available in six color options
  • Pricing is affordable
  • Easy to clean and maintain


  • Maximum weight-bearing capacity could have been better
  • There are no closed cabinets available in it



This TV stand by SESSLIFE replicates a farmhouse design and is made of durable material. The best thing is you get 16-color RGB LED lighting along with this unit, which can increase the aesthetic quotient and viewing experience. With the drawer cabinet and open shelves, this is an appealing TV stand to accommodate your 50-inch television. 


  • Assembled dimension: 51.2” W x 13.8” D x 17.7” H
  • Ideal for TVs of up to 55”
  • Maximum weight bearing capacity: 66 lbs
  • Number of open shelves: 3 glass shelves
  • Number of cabinets: One-drawer cabinet
  • Farmhouse design and gloss finish


  • Glass shelves are connected to RGB illumination
  • Ample storage space for all television accessories
  • Available in seven different color options
  • Easy to clean and maintain
  • Weighs only 55.1 lbs, which makes it easy to move around


  • Complex installation process
  • No brand warranty on the product

3. South Shore Evane TV Stand

South Shore Evane TV Stand

Among all the affordable TV stand options, South Shore offers a rugged design made of imitation wood and metal parts, projecting an oak camel finish. This product comes with closed cabinets, open shelves, and cord outlets to help you properly organize your television setup. 


  • Assembled dimension: 47” W x 15 3/4” D x 17 3/4” H
  • Ideal for TVs of up to 55”
  • Maximum weight bearing capacity: 66 lbs
  • Number of open shelves: 2
  • Number of closed cabinets: 2
  • Oak camel finish


  • Simple design to easily blend with your living room decor
  • Made up of non-toxic raw materials
  • Spacious storage shelves for television accessories
  • Cord outlets are pre-drilled for easy set-up
  • Requires easy maintenance


  • Assembly tools are not included in the set
  • The height of the pin legs is very small to set the TV at eye level

4. Furinno JAYA Large TV Stand

Furinno JAYA Large TV Stand

If you are searching for a TV stand with tons of open shelves to add your decor pieces, apart from just the television or entertainment accessories, then Furinno has got you covered with this product. With two drawer cabinets and four shelves/display racks, you have a broad storage space to use as you desire. It has a sturdy and minimalistic design. 


  • Assembled dimension: 47.63” W x 15.55” D x 22.79” H
  • Ideal for TVs of up to 50”
  • Number of open shelves: 2
  • Number of closed cabinets: 2 fabric drawers
  • Wood composite and fabric finish


  • Made up of 100% recycled products
  • Requires easy wipe-clean maintenance
  • Spacious enough for displaying decor items
  • Available in two color options
  • TV sets at a good viewing angle


  • Different color options have a varying price tag
  • Support bars are made up of plastic and feel cheap

5. Mainstays 3-Door TV Stand Console

Mainstays 3-Door TV Stand Console

It is yet another product by Mainstays in this list. The brand never disappoints in giving several options to its buyers. The unique selling proposition (USP) of this product is its 3-door design. These are three big drawers that open and close on metal runners, ensuring a smooth operation. 


  • Assembled dimension: 47.24” W x 15.512” D x 21.92” H
  • Ideal for TVs of up to 50”
  • Maximum weight bearing capacity: 50 lbs
  • Number of open shelves: 2
  • Number of closed cabinets: 3 large drawers
  • Blackwood finish with stylish hardware


  • Large drawers to store your gaming consoles, DVDs, or other TV accessories
  • Available in four different color options
  • The brand offers a one-year limited warranty
  • Good height to set the TV at an optimal viewing angle
  • Blends well with all types of living room decor


  • Maximum weight-bearing capacity is less
  • Expensive compared to others

Things to Consider Before Choosing Your Walmart TV Stand

We have brought you the best Walmart TV stands for your 50-inch television, but we believe you are now in a conflict of choosing just one among the five listed in this article. 

So, to help you pick the best among the best, here are a few of the things that you must consider while finalizing your purchase decision:

  1. Budget- Most of the TV stands at Walmart are affordable in comparison to the other brand stores. But you have to stick to your specific budget and pick the option from this list that doesn’t break your pocket. 
  2. Weight Bearing Capacity- Check the weight of your television unit and then compare it to the weight-bearing capacity of the TV stand you are about to buy. It is advised you don’t overload the stand more than what it can hold. That’s because it will increase the risk of accidents. 
  3. Finish- The five Walmart TV stands above replicate different styles and finishes. Even though the designs are simplistic, you still have the liberty to decide which color and finish will go well with your specific living room or entertainment room. 
  4. Storage Space- You need some storage space to keep your cable box, sound system, DVD player, and other such accessories. Depending on what and how many items you intend to store within your TV stand, pick the ideal option with sufficient storage shelves. 


1.What Size of a TV Stand Do I Need for a 50-inch Television?

If the TV stand has a width ranging between 40 to 55 inches and a depth of 15-20 inches, then it can easily accommodate a television with a screen size of 50 inches. All of the Walmart options listed above lie within the specified parameters. You are free to explore their design and pick the one that meets your needs. 

2.Should a TV Stand be Larger than Your Television?

Yes, you should get a TV stand larger than your television. It is because, without it, your living room aesthetics will take a hit. 

The size of a TV stand is measured horizontally, whereas the size of a television screen is measured diagonally. Therefore, you must determine the width of your television unit and consider getting a TV stand a few inches wider than your television screen. 


After you have read this article, you won’t have to stress out about searching among the hundreds of options in the Walmart store. We have compared and shortlisted the best TV stands with functional and aesthetic features. Explore them all and place your order for the one that suits you the best.

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