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wall mount tv where to put components

Wall Mount TV, Where to Put Components? – Full Overview

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Mounting your TV yourself on a wall is a great achievement. However, trying to figure out where to put all the other components can be stressful. 

So, the question arises where to put all the components? 

To answer your questions we have compiled this guide to give a better insight into all the potential options that you can choose from. 

Quick summary

This guide provides you with all the relevant information about the components and where to place them to have a neat and clean space for your TV.

Wall Mount TV, Where To Put All the Components - All the Options and Overview

wall mount tv

First, you need to look into all the components and devices that are to be attached to the TV.

Make sure you have everything set up for you so no component is left. 

Things You Need to Consider Before You Plan Where to Keep the Components

Go through the list below to analyze your TV, its components, and your space.

Consider the Size, Weight, and How Your TV Will be Viewed

size weight

Ensure that your TV has a comfortable viewing angle and the TV’s size and weight are compatible with your space. 

Plan Where You Want to Locate Your Components

This is a very important step as it will help you solve half of your problems. If you evaluate the location of your components, choosing the location will become very easy.

Wires or No Wires?

This will help you invest in furniture that is compatible with wires. If the devices are not wired then you can consider getting furniture without any customization. 

Seating and TV Position

This will affect your placement of components as well. Make sure your seating and TV position is not hindered by any device and have a comfortable seating space.

Take Advice for Any Professional

You can also ask a professional or an expert to help you organize your living area.

List of Options of Where You Can Keep Your Components

Option 1: Set Up a Space for all the Components by Designating a Place for Each Piece

set up space

You can add shelves or use any piece of furniture to keep all the components. 

You can also use the remaining space to keep your remotes for easy access.   

Option 2: Hide the Components from the Sight

You can keep the components away from sight by placing them in a nearby media center or any cupboard. 

Here are some important factors you need to keep in mind if you choose this option:

1. How to manage the wires?

You might have to manage the wires if you want to keep the components inside a cupboard. 

If the components are attached to your TV, you might want to drill holes in the back of the cupboard to keep them plugged in.

2. Take Care of the Ventilation of Your Devices

Electronic devices emit heat and cool themselves off by emitting the heat in the air. 

Some devices easily heat up when are used in a confined place if there is no proper ventilation. 

To avoid this problem make sure you invest in a cabinet with proper ventilation.

3. How You can Control Your Equipment from a Distance?
tv mount

You can get a universal controller for all the devices to avoid keeping extra remote controls. 

Moreover, you could invest in a infrared receiver kit and mount it at the top of your TV. This will help connect to all the components to your TV through a single remote. 

Furthermore, battery-operated IR repeaters work as well as any other IR repeaters and can be placed anywhere.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

We have added this additional FAQs section to remove any confusion you might still have. 

How can I hide all the wires behind the TV?

You can use multiple options to hide your wires behind your TV. Some of them are:

  • Use velcro pads to stick your wires in place.
  • Wrap the wires to avoid any clutter. 
  • Attach a cable box to hide all the wires. 

Where do you put the components while you are mounting your TV?

We suggest that you place all the components near your TV so you can place them to locate an appropriate location to fix them.  


We understand that it might be extra work for you to organize all the components by yourself. 

However, if you follow this guide it can be quite easy as we have added all the necessary instructions to make the process as smooth as possible for you.

If you have any queries left, feel free to contact us anytime. 


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