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The Parthenon

Present in the Centennial Park, this Parthenon is the exact replica of the Parthenon present in Athens. William Crawford Smith is the chief designer of this project who built this building in 1987, making it a tourist location.

Below are the main activities you can expect to enjoy at this place in Nashville:

Beautiful sculptures:

It isn’t the building only; the Parthenon replica contains statues and sculptures with a long history to explore and enjoy their visit. Athena Parthenos is the focus of attention that has been created to be an exact replica of the original statue present in Greece. All the figures in the main room are cast in the way they reflect the original ones.

Art Museum:

Apart from its association with history, this place also plays a role in the art museum. The art museum contains different forms of art, paintings from multiple artists, along with an opportunity for the new painters to showcase their work.

Exact replica:

Apart from the building design and statue replication, every other building element has been created in the same pattern as the original building. It is because of such resemblance that the same name has been given to the building as well.

Public Park:

Despite being a museum, this building also has a public park towards its west. So, if you want to spend the day out with your kids, friends, and family, you can utilize this opportunity and have a lot of fun.

Summing Up:

For all individuals who love history and wish to visit Greece to view the structure and the statues, you can go to the Parthenon in Nashville. You’ll find similar statues, figures, and other things in the form of replicas. So, plan your visit to this place, and we are sure you’ll love it.


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