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sumar tv mount reviews

Sumar TV Mount Reviews – Full Overview, Alternatives, Tips & More

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You will agree with us when we say that Sumar is currently one of the best TV mounts manufacturers. 

Furthermore, TV mounts have to be durable enough to hold the weight of the TV and prevent any damage. 

Stick around as we discuss the best Sumar TV mount added with a detailed buyer’s guide. 

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Quick Summary of the Main Product

The Mounting Dreal UL listed TV mount can support all TVs ranging from 37-70 inches. It can lift up to 132 lbs with max VESA compatibility of 600x400mm. It also supports all major TV brands such as Samsung, Toshiba, LG, etc. 

This TV mount is also low profile as the TV is placed at a close distance of only 1.5 inches from the wall. This gives an aesthetically pleasing look and saves space. 

Moreover, this TV mount is also super easy to install and can be installed only by a single person. It comes with a 3-step process, which is explained in the instructions manual. Furthermore, all the required hardware is available in the box as well. 

Features and Benefits

Adjustable Tilt

The Mounting Dream TV wall mount has a freely adjustable tilt. This allows you to tilt your TV forward or backward to your desired position. The Mounting Dream tilt TV wall mount allows you to tilt the TV up to 8 degrees. 

Once you have tilted the TV to your desired position, you can secure it by fastening the two tilting bolts with an Allen key. To tighten the lock rotate the key clockwise and to loosen the lock turn it anti-clockwise. 

Why do you tilt a TV? 

A tilting TV will give you a better viewing angle and remove the glare. This will give you a crystal clear image. In addition to this, the new viewing angle can prevent fatigue or pain in the neck. 

If you have a TV that is installed above a fireplace or high on a wall, you can tilt it forward to have a better view of the TV. This will allow you to comfortably watch the TV for hours without feeling any tiredness or drowsiness. 

Low Profile

The Mounting Dream TV mount has a low profile meaning the TV is not extended too much from the wall. There is only a distance of 1.5 inches between the TV and the wall. This looks satisfying to the eye. 

Moreover, this will save space compared to other bulky TV sets. There will be more floor space available to place additional TV-related accessories. You will not see extra hardware or wires coming out of the back of the TV. 

This low-profile setup will also be extremely helpful if you live in a small house or apartment. 

Easy Installation

This wall mount has a very manageable and straightforward installation process. There is a very simple 3-step process. 

What is the 3-step process?

Since all the necessary hardware and tools are available in the box, you just have to use those and attach the wall mount TV bracket to the back of the TV. Then mount the wall plate on the wall where you plan to install the TV. Drill pilot holes to attach the wall plate. 

Lastly, attach the TV to the wall plate to get the TV mounted. This process would take almost 30 minutes to one hour and can be done easily by a single person. A torpedo level is free of cost to level the TV post-installation. 

What is the wall mount suitable for? 

This Mounting Dream TV mount fits a maximum VESA compatibility of 600x400mm. The TV wall mounts fit up to 24-inch wood stud spacing. In addition to this, it can also be installed on a concrete and brick wall

However, it should be noted that concrete anchors for a concrete wall are not available in the mounting kit. They are available only on special requests free of cost. Lastly, the wall mount bracket is not for drywall installation. 

Factors to Consider Before you Decide to Buy Mounting Dream UL Listed TV Mount


This TV wall mount from Mounting Dream is available for under a hundred dollars and provides the same benefits that mount from expensive brands provide. 

Moreover, it is made from high-quality metal which further makes it suitable at this price. 

Additional Accessories

The premium TV wall mount comes with all the necessary hardware added with additional accessories such as a level, HDMI cable, and concrete anchors ( on request ). These accessories help you in the installation process and save the cost of buying them separately. 

Safety Features

Mounting Dream is known for its amazing safety features. You do not have to worry about your TV falling as this TV wall mount fits TVs that are up to 70 inches large and 60kgs in weight. 

In addition to this, the anti-tip strap also prevents the TV from falling. This ensures that little children or pets are safe and you do not lose your TV which probably costs thousands of dollars. 

Neat Look

Since the TV wall bracket has a low profile you get a clean and aesthetically pleasing look. A TV floating above an entertainment center is ideal to look at and gives an elite modern look. 

Furthermore, this TV mount manages the mess of cables by keeping them tucked inside. This ensures that the cables are out of view as they are very displeasing to look at. 

How are these wires dangerous?

Such wires from TVs when kept away not only make the area look tidy but also make it safe. These wires always put people at the risk of tripping over them. Furthermore, the current flowing through these cables can be dangerous for little kids. 

Customer Service 

Mounting Dream is always known for its world-class customer service. Service experts are available 7 days a week anytime rain or shine to answer any questions or solve any problems with the installation process. 

Moreover, they give you a one-year warranty on their products.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Mounting Dream UL Listed TV Mount


  • TV mount saving space due to low profile
  • Tilt reduces glare
  • Cooperative customer service 
  • Simple installation 
  • Additional accessories 
  • Corner TV wall mount
  • Sturdy TV bracket


  • Not for drywall alone installation 
  • Concrete anchors only available on request

Social Proof

As far as the Sumar TV mount reviews are concerned, Mounting Dream has received huge praise from its customers. 

People highly praised the TV wall mount for its durability and the weight it can handle. In addition to this, people were also impressed by the fact that Mounting Dream sent a free level and an HDMI cable free of cost. 

Furthermore, It was also praised for its safety and tilt features. The safety pull-downs prevent the TV from falling. The instructions were pretty clear too according to the customers and saved a lot of time. 

Here are some of the Sumar TV mount reviews: 

sumar social proof
sumar social proof

Similar to Mounting Dream UL Listed TV Mount

#1: Best Overall Full Motion Sumar TV Mount - Perlesmith Full Motion TV Mount Review

Perlesmith Full Motion TV Mount

Key Specs

Type of mount: Wall Mount | Movement Type: Articulating / full motion / swivel and tilt | TV size range: 50-95 inch  | VESA pattern: 200mm x 100mm to 800mm x 600mm | Maximum weight limit: 165lbs | Wall Type: Wood Stud Or Concrete Wall | Cable Management: No

4.3/5 Overall

Build Quality 4.5
Compatibility 4.5
Easy Installing 4.7
Motion Range 4
Value for Price 4.5
User Reviews 4.5
Expert Reviews 4

The Perlesmith motion wall mount has universal compatibility for all TVs that are over 60 inches. Moreover, It can support all flat and large TVs that fall in the category of 37 inches to 90 inches. 

The full motion of this TV wall mount can provide a maximum tilt of 10 degrees forward and backward. Furthermore, there is a 180-degree max swivel angle (maximum swivel angle depends on TV)  in the wall mount to the left and right. Lastly, there is a 23.8-inch extension as well due to the six articulating arms. 

Factors to Consider Before you Decide to Buy Perlesmith Full Motion TV Mount 


Large TV Compatible 

The Perlesmith motion monitor wall mount supports a wide range of TV sizes and VESA patterns. 

This allows you to use the same universal TV wall mount even if you upgrade your TV set. The TV sizes it supports are from 37-95 inches, while the VESA range is 200×100 to 800x600mm. 

Six Articulating Arms

The six articulating arms present on this wall mount provide tilt, max swivel angle, and extension to your TVs. The tilt feature reduces reflections coming from the windows plus it prevents pain in the muscles or neck from watching the TV at an awkward angle. 

On the other hand, the swivel and extension feature of the articulating TV mounting bracket helps to get different viewing angles. This is preferable in rooms that have more than one viewing angle or sitting area. 

Robust and Sturdy Construction

You do not have to worry about your TV falling from this wall mount as it is extremely durable. This wall mount is constructed from high-quality steel materials plus the swing arms have their joints strengthened. 

These articulating arms have also passed the safety test several times. 

The TV bracket mount can support almost 75kgs due to its articulating arms. This wall mount can be installed easily on a concrete or brick wall. Another main advantage is that it can support all three wood wall stud spacings of 16,18, or 24 inches. 

Easy Installation

This TV bracket mount takes very little time to install as all the common hardware in pre-labeled bags is available with the mount.

Moreover, if you face any difficulties, the customer service team is ready to help 7 days a week. 

Eagle Verdict!

The best full motion mount by Sumar is the Perlesmith TV mount as it provides a lot of motion to give you clear picture quality.


  • Full motion mounts provides a lot of benefits 
  • Multiple wood stud spaces compatible
  • Ultra-strong TV mount is made from high-quality steel materials
  • Recognized by other TV brands 
  • Compatible with a wide range of TV sizes and VESA patterns 
  • Hardware in pre-labeled bags is available


  • The instructions can be a little complicated at times

#2: Best Fast Installation Sumar TV Mount - Pipishell Full Motion TV Wall Mount Review

Full Motion TV Wall Mount Bracket for 37-75 Inch

Key Specs

Type of mount: Wall Mount | Movement Type: Articulating/Full motion/swivel/tilt/wide | TV size range: 37-75 Inch  | VESA pattern:  200x100mm to 600x400mm | Maximum weight limit: 132lbs | Wall Type: Wood Stud, Concrete Wall & brick wall | Cable Management: No

4.1/5 Overall

Build Quality 4.5
Compatibility 4.5
Easy Installing 3.7
Motion Range 4
Value for Price 4.5
User Reviews 4
Expert Reviews 4

The Pipishell awesome TV wall mount is ideal for your home or office as it has a low profile. This ultra-slim TV mount gives a very sleek and modern look to your entertainment center. 

Maintaining its centralized position, the TV can also be extended or tilted to accommodate more viewing angles.

This motion TV mount fits all OLED flat-screen TVs ranging from 37 to 70 inches and supports a maximum weight of 60kgs. The wall types supported by this mount are concrete or an 8 to 16-inch wooden stud spacing. 

Factors to Consider Before you Decide to Buy Pipishell TV Mount


Adjustable Viewing

This motion TV wall bracket allows a 10 degree forward and backward tilt to give an optimal viewing angle. 

Moreover, the level has 3-degree flexibility to do perfect TV leveling and find the most healthy viewing angle. 

Fast Installation

The Pipi Shell articulating arm mount has a fast 30 min installation process. There is a detailed graphical instruction manual added with all the installation hardware. Therefore, the process takes less time and is hassle-free. 

Save Space

There are dual articulating arms in the easy installation TV mount that are 3 inches away from the wall. This gives the TV a low profile and saves space. 

However, when required the mount can extend up to 15.4 inches. 

After-Sale Service

Pipi Shell provides an after-sale service that lasts for 5 years. In case of a problem, you can call or email them anytime rain or shine so they help sort out the issue. 

Eagle Verdict!

The best fast installation Sumar TV mount is the Pipishell TV mount as it saves you a lot of time and effort during the installation process.


  • Tilt ensures a healthy viewing angle
  • After-sale service
  • Low profile
  • Extension available 
  • Modern look 
  • Superfast installation 
  • Post-installation adjustment allows perfect levelling


  • Does not support very large size TVs

Buyer’s Guide

tv mount

TV Specifications

It is very important to know the TV specifications when you plan to buy a TV mount for it. The TV specifications include the size and the TV weight in lbs with max VESA measurements. Not all TV wall mount fits all types of TVs. 

Each TV mount is compatible with a specific weight and size of the TV. You can find this description on the box of the TV wall mount or online. Similarly, VESA measurement is the distance between the four dots at the back of a TV. 

Type of Mount

There are various types of wall mounts available in the market. Some are fixed to the wall, some tilt forward and backward, while some even swivel and rotate with the tilt. 

Fixed wall mounts have a low profile and have no movement. A swivel or tilt mount moves up and down or left and right. Full motion TV wall mounts tilt, swivel, rotate, and extend from the wall to provide multiple viewing angles. 

What is the best type of TV wall mount?

It entirely depends on the personal preference of a person and his needs. If someone wants a single viewing angle then it is preferred to have a fixed TV wall mount. If someone plans to install the TV high on the wall then it is recommended to have a tilt TV mount. 

Lastly, if someone has multiple viewing angles or sitting spots in the room then we advise that you go for a full motion. They are expensive compared to other wall mounts but provide a lot of benefits. 

Safety Features

A TV costs a thousand dollars and no one wants it to get damaged. If the wall mount is constructed of low-quality materials, the TV can fall off it and get damaged. In addition to this, it can also cause injury to small kids or pets nearby. 

It is always recommended to buy a TV mount that has safety locks and is made of durable materials. This will prevent the TV from falling and save you the cost of getting a new TV or your damaged one repaired. 


Some of the TV wall mounts are very expensive and do not give the same benefits. It is always advisable to do proper research and buy a TV wall mount that not only is of good quality but is also light on the pockets. 

Wrapping Things Up…

With that, our guide on the Sumar TV mount reviews comes to an end. It was not simple reviewing these TV brackets as a lot of factors had to be kept in mind. Our team spent hours testing out the best Sumar TV mount for you. 

The Mounting Dream UL Listed TV mount is the best Sumar TV mount as it has a very elegant design added with an easy single-person installation process. Moreover, it provides a lot of safety features at a very budget-friendly price. 

We advise you to thoroughly read the guide for details and information related to the best Sumar TV mount.

Let us know if you have any questions regarding Sumar TV mount reviews. 


  • 1- What are the different types of Sumar TV mounts available?

    Sumar offers various types of TV mounts, including fixed mounts, tilt mounts, full-motion mounts, and ceiling mounts.

  • 2- How do I choose the right Sumar TV mount for my TV size?

    To choose the right Sumar TV mount for your TV size, check the mount's compatibility with your TV's VESA pattern and weight capacity.

  • 3- Can I install a Sumar TV mount by myself, or do I need professional assistance?

    It is possible to install a Sumar TV mount by yourself with the included instructions, but professional assistance may be recommended for larger or more complex installations.

  • 4- Are Sumar TV mounts compatible with all TV brands and models?

    Sumar TV mounts are designed to be compatible with most TV brands and models, but it's essential to check the specifications and compatibility information provided by Sumar for each specific mount.

  • 5- How do I ensure proper cable management with a Sumar TV mount?

    Proper cable management with a Sumar TV mount can be ensured by using cable clips, cable sleeves, or routing the cables through the mount's built-in cable management system for a tidy and organized setup.


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