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how to build electric Fireplace TV Stand

Steps to Building Electric Fireplace TV Stand to Spruce Up Your Space

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Electric fireplace TV stands are the latest trend in the market. You get the benefits of an electric fireplace and a TV stand by investing in a single product. Did that remind you of the IKEA TV stand with fireplace you saw the other day? 

Do you want to know how to build an electric fireplace TV stand to redesign your room? You’re at the right place. In this blog, we’ll look at ways to choose an electric fireplace, how to build a DIY electric fireplace TV stand, and how to decorate the TV stand with fireplace to brighten your home

How To Build An Electric Fireplace Tv Stand

You need to know the types of electric fireplaces and factors to consider when choosing a model most suitable for your home. 

There are many types of electric fireplace TV stands, including: 

  • Liner model 
  • Corner stands 
  • With cabinets for storage 
  • Floating TV stand (gap between the electric fireplace and the TV)

You should finalize the type of electric fireplace you want and determine where to install it in the room. Then, gather the necessary items. Here’s more info for you. Read on! 

Can You Really Build An Electric Fireplace TV Stand At Home?

Building Electric Fireplace TV Stand to Spruce Up Your Space

​​Of course, you can build an electric fireplace TV stand at home! Place the electric setup in the unused fireplace and use the mantel to mount the TV. You just need a few skills and tools to build and install it in a convenient place. 

Irrespective of which way you choose, make sure to measure the TV before building the electric fireplace TV stand. A mismatch in size can ruin the room’s interiors and cause the TV to topple.

Do Electric Fireplaces Really Work?

Some do, but not all. Electric fireplaces generally give supplementary heat, but some models are built only for aesthetics. You should cross-check the product description for confirmation. The heater in the electric fireplace is powered in two ways.

The first method uses a conventional space heater with a heating element and blower. It can be noisy when turned on and might be annoying if you want to watch TV. The latest models have infrared heaters to do the job. The heating capacity of electric fireplace units depends on its size.  

You can adjust the temperature using a remote control that comes with the unit. Some electric fireplace models can be connected to the thermostat and controlled through it. The heater will automatically turn on and off depending on the room temperature and the central heating system in your home. In fact, you can turn off the heat and keep only the lights on for a cozy vibe. 

What Tools Do You Need to Build an Electric Fireplace TV Stand?

It depends on which type of electric fireplace TV stand you wish to install. Some models require minimal installation. Other models have to be set up and can take a few hours. A DIY TV stand with fireplace requires more work and carpentry skills. Here are some tools necessary for the task: 

  • A table saw
  • Measuring tape
  • Sander
  • Drill 
  • Compound miter saw
  • Caulk gun
  • Builder’s Square 
  • Nailer gun 
  • Kreg jig
  • Level

A Money-Saving Hack: Renting the tools will be a better idea if you don’t have them in the garage or workshop.

Step-by-Step Process For Building a DIY Electric Fireplace TV Stand

DIY Electric Fireplace TV Stand

  • Measure 

Measure the area where you want to install the electric fireplace. Get the dimensions right before making any major changes. Take pictures and note down the measurements on paper. 

  • Choose the Electric Fireplace 

Decide the type of electric fireplace you want to install and measure its dimensions. Consider factors like supplementary heat, flame design, heating area, heating model, etc. The model you choose should match the room’s dimensions and interiors. 

  • Build the Fireplace Wall

Build the fireplace wall with solid wood. The depth of the structure should match the size of the electric fireplace you wish to insert inside it. 

  • Install the Electric Fireplace 

Add an electric outlet to the wall (this makes it easy to plug the fireplace without an extended cord). Ask someone (an adult) to help you with the installation. The unit can be heavy to lift and slide into the set up.

  • Finishing Touches 

Sand the fireplace wall, smooth the edges, and paint/ laminate it. Make the wall look realistic by adding a mantel on the top.  Give wings to your imagination and decorate the fireplace wall to match the room. 

  • Install the TV 

Place the TV on the top of the mantel or use a universal wall mount to fix it above the electric fireplace. Contact a certified technician if you need expert help.

Make It Look And ‘Smell’ Real (How To Make Fake Fireplace Look Real)

The decoration is the key to making an electric fireplace appear real. Modern fireplaces powered by electricity also have realistic flames. Choosing the right flame effect will enhance the look and make it hard to differentiate between a real and a fake fireplace. Some models come with an artificial log set (which creates an impression of burning logs in the fireplace).

  • An electric fireplace with a black TV stand goes well with most interiors. A white TV stand is safer if you have minimalistic décor and want the fireplace to blend with the background. 
  • A small TV stand or corner model is the best for rooms with excess/ heavy furniture. However, choose a farmhouse TV stand in larger rooms. Paint the outside in shades of white or off-white to ace the farmhouse look. 
  • Add a mantel to create depth and make the electric fireplace look real. Fire screens and candles can create the cozy orange-flame effect. 
  • Keep the electric fireplace away from the window, as natural light will prevent the flames from being visible. Use garlands, showpieces, photo frames, books, etc., to decorate the empty cabinets in the fireplace and the mantel. 
  • Use wood-scented candles (hickory, cedar, pine, etc.) in the room to create the smell of a real fireplace. You can dab a few drops of cedarwood oil near the electric place (not inside it). 

Things to Consider While Building Your Fireplace TV Stand

Keep the below points in mind when building a fireplace TV stand at home:

 electric fireplace TV stand

  • Be Cautious 

High-temperature air can affect TVs and heat up the back of the electric fireplace. Exercise caution and follow the necessary precautions ​​to avoid fire accidents and injuries.

  • Mantel for Better Protection and Looks 

Build a mantel to shield the TV from the direct heat of the fireplace. A wall-mounted TV stand over the electric fireplace is a better choice.

  • Portability

Opt for portable electric fireplace TV stands as these can be shifted from one place to another. It’s convenient if you live in rented homes.

  • Style and Appearance 

Determine the type of design and appearance of the electric fireplace TV stand you want in your home. For example, Alcove-style designs are suitable for mid-century modern TV stand fireplaces. 

  • Storage Space 

This is where you can store DVDs, headphones, books, keys, etc. The cabinets can be open or closed. 

  • DIY vs. Expert Services 

Go for DIY only if you have the skills and experience for it. Buying a readymade model is budget-friendly and less risky. Hire a certified technician to take over the task.


As you can see, it is possible to have a perfect electric fireplace TV stand at home. With so many options (DIY or readymade), you just have to decide what you want to do to recreate the magic of a fireplace and use it as a TV stand within your budget. Want an expert opinion? Get a free quote for TV stand installation services in your region. 


  • Where to Keep an Electric Fireplace TV Stand?

The best place for the electric fireplace TV stand is where you can see it immediately after walking into a room. It adds to the aesthetics and also maintains the room temperature. The cord should reach the power outlet (an extension cable is not recommended). Keep it away from the main furniture in the room. Some TV stands with fireplaces can be easily moved around the house. 

  • Are TV Stands With Electric Fireplaces Safe?

Yes, electric fireplace TV stands are safe enough. They are built using solid wood and can sustain the weight of a TV on the top. The TV stand won’t heat up much because the fireplace is not real. This reduces the risk of fire accidents. However, you should follow the safety guidelines carefully. 

Don’t take flammables close to the fireplace TV stand (maintain a minimum of three feet distance). Don’t block the air vents and outlets, as this can obstruct airflow and increase heat buildup inside the fireplace. Use the heater/ electric fireplace only when necessary. Don’t leave it turned on when you aren’t in the room. 

  • Do Electric Fireplaces Really Heat a Room?

Yes, absolutely. Electric fireplaces are not limited to decorating the room. In fact, an electric fireplace is a cost-effective alternative to setting up a heating system throughout the house. That said, you should invest in a brand/ model that really works as it claims to. Take time to compare the models before making a decision. 

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