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sanus tv mounts reviews

Sanus TV Mounts Reviews – Full Overview, Tips, FAQs & More

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Sanus TV mounts have impressed us every time we have tested their products so we thought to bring them to the spotlight today. 

In this post, we will review three brilliant TV mounts from Sanus that could work great with your TV. 

We will also discuss the qualities and aspects you should look for in an appropriate TV mount for yourself. 

Quick Summary of the Main Product

The Sanus VMPL50A-B1 is a tilting mount from the company that can fit televisions ranging from 32 to 85 inches in size. 

When you mount it up to the wall and retract it fully, it holds your TV less than 2 inches from the wall. This makes for a sleek, aesthetically pleasing look that makes any living room look wonderful. 

Since it’s a tilting mount, of course, you can tilt the angle up or down to reduce glare as well as neck strain. It’s perfect if you intend to have your TV near a window or any other similar light source. 

The VMPL50A-B1 is also UL-approved and is certified to hold a maximum weight of 130 pounds. This makes it more than suitable for most modern televisions that are being released. 

Features and Benefits

Tilt Angle 

First and most obviously, the benefit that needs to be highlighted is the fact that the tilt angle of your TV can be adjusted with this mount. 

The tilt can be adjusted back up to 12 degrees and forwards up to 12 degrees as well. This is especially useful if you intend to have your TV near a window or a door. This is because you can then adjust the tilt to reduce glare. 

If you feel that you are straining your neck too much while watching TV, you can adjust the tilt again to ensure you don’t have to strain your neck. 

Virtual Axis Technology 

The Virtual Axis Technology that has been utilized within this mount ensures that changing the tilt angle of it is a breeze. 

You don’t need any external tools to change its tilt angle. 

The Virtual Axis Technology ensures that you are able to smoothly and precisely set the tilt angle to what you desire. 

Rail Design 

Something that many tilting mounts don’t have is a rail design. 

This Sanus mount has it though. A rail design allows you to shift your television left and right so that you can have the perfect placement of it. 

This can be especially handy if you have off-center studs on your wall. 

If you had a mount that didn’t have a rail design, then your TV would always be off-center. 

However, with this mount, you can easily adjust the position of your TV to make it centered even if the mount itself is mounted off-center. 

Leveling Adjustments 

This is one of the very few mounts we have seen that come with a leveling adjustment option. 

It’s important to note that you can make use of the leveling adjustment option after the mount has been installed. 

This ensures that the mount is never off-kilter since you can easily adjust the level anytime you want. 

It’s super easy and convenient to do and we highly wish that more manufacturers incorporate this feature into their mounts. 

Factors to Consider Before you Decide to Buy Sanus TV Mounts

As with all products, there are certain factors you must consider before you buy them in order to make sure they are suitable for you. 

In the case of this tilting wall mount from Sanus, the factors you must think about are: 


As far as tilting mounts go, the VMPL50A-B1 is fairly more expensive than most of its competition. 

You can get tilting mounts from many different manufacturers for a price lower than $50. The Sanus mount costs fairly higher than that. 

That being said, we still feel that since its price is below $100, it’s still a fair bargain. 

That’s because the level of quality and features you get with this Sanus mount is worth it. 

TV Size and Weight 

This Sanus mount can hold televisions ranging from 32 to 85 inches. If you ask us, that’s a fairly big range and in most cases, it will be able to hold up your TV. 

If you have a TV bigger than 85 inches, then you may have to look towards other options. 

When it comes to weight, the VMPL50A-B1 can hold up to 130 pounds. This makes it more than suitable for holding up newer as well as older televisions.

Important note: Older televisions in the 70 to 85 inches range may weigh more than 130 pounds. If you have an older television, make sure to look up its specifications to ensure they weigh less than 130 pounds before you buy this mount for them.


The VMPL50A-B1 is VESA compatible and works with 22 different VESA measurements (patterns). 

It also comes with 10 bolt sizes

If we’re being honest, this is one of the highest selection of mounting options we have seen in a TV mount. 

It’s highly impressive which is why we have come across consumers that use this mount for several different types of televisions in their homes. 

It’s just extremely versatile. 

Wall Type and Stud Spacing

Similar to most TV mounts, the VMPL50A-B1 can be mounted into a wooden stud or a concrete wall

You cannot use it on Drywall alone and you also cannot use it with metal studs. 

Hence, if you want a mount that works with these two types of walls, then you will have to look towards other options. 

As for stud spacing, it fits onto studs that have a spacing of 16 inches. 

Pros and Cons


  • Easy to adjust tilt angle
  • Flexible range of motion for a tilting mount
  • Fits a wide range of TVs
  • Easy to assemble and install
  • Impeccable build quality


  • Slightly expensive than most tilting mounts

Social Proof

We didn’t want our experience with the product to solely dictate our opinion of it which is why we flocked to Amazon to check out some online reviews. 

Most users were super impressed with how easy it was to install. Many of them also love how easy to adjust it is and as we expected, the rail design is also highly popular among customers. 

Here are some reviews we read online: 

Sanus tv mount reviews Sanus tv mount review
Sanus tv wall mounts reviews best Sanus tv wall mount Sanus tv wall mount reviews

Similar to Sanus TV Mounts (Recommendations)

#1: Best Overall Full-Motion Alternative - Sanus OLF18-B1 Full-Motion TV Wall Mount Review

Untitled design - 2023-05-13T214126.444

Key Specs

Type of mount: Full Motion | Movement Type: Articulating ,Swivel,Tilt | TV size range: 37 to 80 inches | VESA patterns: 75*75mm to 600*400mm | Maximum weight limit: 125lbs | Wall Type: Wood Stud, Concrete | Cable Management: Yes

4.8/5 Overall

Build Quality 4.5
Compatibility 5
Easy Installing 5
Motion Range 5
Value for Price 5
User Reviews 5
Expert Reviews 4.5

If you’re not satisfied with the level of motion that a tilting mount provides, then a full-motion mount is your best option.  This full-motion mount from Sanus fits a wide array of televisions and is UL-certified. 

It’s designed to be hidden discreetly behind your television and it gives the appearance that your TV is floating. Moreover, it gives you freedom of using my TV stand for other devices. Once you have ordered this Tv Mount, you can go on installing by reading mounting instructions and fix your tv screens properly.

Factors to Consider Before You Decide to Buy Sanus OLF18-B1 Full-Motion TV Wall Mounting


TV size and weight: It’s highly versatile since it can support TVs ranging from 37 inches all the way up to 80 inches. It can also support a weight of up to 125 pounds. It can be mounted on a brick wall or wooden wall.

Compatibility: It is designed to be VESA compatible and supports a wide range of VESA measurements with the maximum being 600 x 400 mm. 

Wall type and wall studs spacing: The mount is designed to fit both Drywall with wooden studs as well as concrete walls. The spacing needs to be either 16 inches or 24 inches. 

Cable Management: This wall mounting is easy to hang and perfect to integrate your new tv power cord, plug and HDMI cables.

Eagle Verdict!

The best full-motion alternative is the Sanus OLF18-B1 Full-Motion TV Wall Mount thanks to its articulating arm that is smooth to move and provides you with a wide array of movements that is perfect for large spaces.

Other Experts Say!

“For  SANUS Full Motion TV Mount the installation was straightforward with clear instructions, and the mount was sturdy with a wide range of motion. I highly recommend this mount for its flexibility and adjustability.”

“ The SANUS Full Motion TV Mount for Big TVs and found it to be a sturdy and well-designed product. I am impressed by its easy installation process and the range of motion it offered, allowing for comfortable viewing from multiple angles. However, I also noted that the price point may be a bit high for some consumers.”


  • Provides a wide range of motion
  • Fits a wide range of TVs
  • Excellent build quality
  • Great customer support
  • Easy installation


  • Slightly more expensive than many other full-motion mounts

#2: Best High-End Alternative - Sanus Premium Full-Motion TV Wall Mount Review

Untitled design - 2023-05-13T214228.282

Key Specs

Type of mount: Full Motion | Movement Type: Articulating ,Swivel,Tilt | TV size range: 32 to 90 inches | VESA patterns: 100 x 100 to 600 x 400 | Maximum weight limit: 125lbs | Wall Type: Wood Stud, Concrete | Cable Management: Yes

4.8/5 Overall

Build Quality 5
Compatibility 4.5
Motion Range 5
Easy Installing 5
Value for Price 5
User Reviews 5
User Reviews 4.7

If you’re concerned with aesthetics and want something high-end for your living room, this mount is a great option. 

It has a futuristic design that can add a certain flair to your living room. Furthermore, its 10-year limited warranty ensures you get your money’s worth.  This wall mounting is perfect to complements today’s sleek TVs, making your tv placement perfect to view it from different angles. 

You can watch tv from various angles and rotate it easily.

Factors to Consider Before You Decide to Buy Sanus Premium Full-Motion TV Wall Mount

TV size and weight: The mount with a heavy duty mount arm can easily support televisions up to 90 inches in size. It has a maximum weight capacity of 125 pounds. 

Compatibility: It’s fully VESA compatible as it can support VESA measurements of a maximum of 600 x 400 mm. 

Wall type and stud spacing: The mount is compatible with Drywall with wooden studs as well as concrete walls. It fits a stud spacing of 16 inches.

Cable Management: This Wall mount also comes with integrated in-arm cable management that helps hide unsightly power and HDMI cables

Eagle Verdict!

The best high-end alternative is the Sanus Premium Full-Motion TV Wall Mount thanks to its sleek, premium design and high-quality construction. It’s sure to last you a long time and in case it doesn’t, you have a 10-year warranty. 

Other Experts Say!

“The SANUS VLF728 is a durable and reliable full motion TV wall mount that offers smooth and effortless motion for easy angle adjustments, making it a versatile and premium choice for any home.”

SANUS VLF728 Premium Full Motion TV Wall Mount and noted its excellent features. The mount is compatible with VESA hole patterns and made from high-quality materials, ensuring durability and stability. Additionally, it features a well-integrated cable management system that keeps cables organized and out of sight.”


  • Great build quality
  • Easy to install
  • Fits many TVs
  • Wide range of movements
  • Sleek design


  • Highly expensive

Buyer’s Guide

sanus tv

With so many different types of mounts available in the market, it’s no wonder why so many consumers are confused about which one to get. 

Luckily, there are a few factors you can think about which will help you come to a decision. 

These factors are: 


The price of a product is something you think about no matter what you buy. 

With TV mounts, it has to be a calculated balancing act where you must not go too overboard but also must not go for the cheapest option available. 

If you pay too much, you will waste money on features of a mount that you may never use. 

For example, many people get interested in full-motion TV mounts and buy them, only to find out they don’t have enough space in the room for it. 

On the other hand, if you go for something extremely cheap, there’s a high chance it may be made from subpar materials. 

As a result, it may break down within a few months. 

Mount Type

It’s important to think about what type of mount you intend to get since all mounts have different purposes. 

Some of them offer limited to no movement and are just merely designed to hold your TV upright. They offer only one primary viewing angle (Fixed mounts and tilting mounts). 

On the other hand, there are other mounts that offer a wide range of motion such as full-motion mounts, swivel mounts, articulating mounts, etc. These mounts are designed for large spaces that have many different viewing angles. 

You also have mounts that sit somewhere in the middle such as the ceiling mount. This type of mount suspends your TV in the air and allows it to be rotated a full 360 degrees. 

You must think about your needs and ask yourself which type of mount would serve those needs best. 

  • Do you have a large space with multiple viewing angles? 
  • Do you have a small space with just one primary viewing angle? 
  • Do you have enough room to fully take advantage of a full-motion mount? 

These are all questions you must ask yourself to determine which type of mount would be most suitable for you. 

TV Size and Weight 

Naturally, a TV’s weight increases with its size. 

Depending on the size of your TV and its weight, you must get an appropriate mount that can fit it and support its weight. 

We recommend that you look up the specifications of your television in order to identify its weight and size. 

Important note: The “size” of a TV as it’s advertised refers to the diagonal viewing length of the screen from opposite corners of the TV. 

Make sure that you opt for a mount that is designed to hold up your TV’s weight securely. Also, ensure that it’s meant for TVs your size. 

As long as you make sure of the size and the weight, your TV will most likely fit onto the mount you get. 

However, it’s also a good idea to look at compatibility, just to be sure…


A TV’s size and weight are sometimes more than enough to identify the correct mount for it. However, it’s always recommended to also check its compatibility. 

Most modern TVs as well as TV mounts that are released today are VESA compatible. 

VESA standards are globally agreed upon and refer to a system that determines the distance of the mounting holes at the back of TVs and on the front of TV mounts. 

This distance is typically measured in millimeters (mm). 

VESA standards were developed to ensure that consumers have an easier time finding the right mount for their TVs. 

To ensure that your TV is VESA compatible, simply turn it over and measure the distance between the mounting holes. 

They should correspond to one of the VESA measurements that your mount supports. As long as that is the case, your mount will be compatible with your television. 

Wall Type

Next up, you have to think about what type of wall you intend to mount it onto. 

  • Is it Drywall? 
  • Is it concrete? 
  • Is it a brick wall
  • Does it have studs? 
  • What type of studs are they? 

Once you have answered these questions, you’ll be one step closer to identifying the perfect mount. 

The most common types of mounts available in the market are designed to fit onto Drywall with wooden studs.

The next most common are ones that can fit onto concrete walls alongside Drywall with wooden studs. 

If you have either of these two types of walls, you won’t have a lot of trouble finding a suitable mount. 

However, if you have some other iteration that isn’t as common, then you may have to dig deeper. 

In addition to the type of wall and what types of studs, it has (if any), you also need to think about how far apart the studs are…

Stud Spacing 

Lastly, as briefly mentioned above, you need to think about how far apart studs are in your wall. 

The most common stud spacing is 16 inches. 

However, they can also be 8 inches, 18 inches, or 24 inches apart. 

Of course, if you buy a mount that is meant for the wrong spacing, it won’t fit properly into your wall.

Hence, you must first identify the distance between the studs in your wall and then get a mount that appropriately fits that distance. 

Wrapping Things Up…

This ends our post for Sanus TV mount reviews. 

We feel the VMPL50A-B1 is the best one since it’s the type that most consumers need. It really goes above and beyond what most tilting mounts offer. 

Furthermore, even though it’s slightly expensive, we definitely feel its price is warranted.


  • 1- Are Sanus Tv Mounts Worth The Money?

    Sanus TV mounts are worth the money for their high-quality, durability, and ease of installation. They also offer a variety of features such as tilting, swiveling, and full-motion capabilities that make them a great choice for anyone looking for a reliable and fully adjustable TV mounting solution to give your tv streamlined look.

  • 2- How is Sanus Tv Mount Customer Service?

    Sanus has an excellent reputation for providing great customer service. They offer various support resources on their website, including product manuals, installation videos, and FAQs, as well as a responsive customer support team that can assist you.

  • 3- How To Mount A Sanus Tv Wall Mount?

    To mount a Sanus TV wall mount, follow the instructions provided in the product manual or watch the installation video on Sanus' website. Generally, the process involves attaching the mount to the wall and then attaching the TV to the mount using the provided hardware. It is important to ensure that the mount is securely and properly installed to avoid any accidents or damage to your TV.


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