Samsung Terrace 55 Review 2023

Samsung Terrace 55 Review 2023

Samsung’s The Terrace is a weatherproof and bright outdoor TV screen. It’s just as simple and high-quality a picture as an excellent indoor TV.

It supports HDR10 and HDR10+ 4K UHD video and has a weather-resistant design with an IP55 rating that protects its internal parts from most weather conditions and temperatures.

It’s great for watching sports and TV shows outside because of its fast response time and high brightness.  It has an anti-glare coating in addition to a wide viewing angle.

Samsung Terrace 55 Review 2023

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Key Specs

Panel Type: OLED  | Size: 55, 65, 75-inches | Resolution: 4k | Smart TV software: Tizen | HDR: HDR10,  HDR10+, and HLG  | Audio: ARC  & eARC (HDMI 2) | Refresh Rate: 120Hz | Ports: HDMI 3, USB 1 |  Audio: 20 Watt 2 Channel


Dreamedia Home Theater 9.5/10

HDTV 10/10

The Good Guys 9/10

4.7/5 by 157+ Users at Amazon

4.7/5 by 117+ Users at Best Buy

4.4/5 by 244+ Users at Samsung

Design & Build 8.5/10

Picture Quality 8.5/10

Sound Quality 7.5/10

Gaming Features 9.5/10

Smart Features 8.5/10

Value For Money 9/10

Eagle Verdict

Samsung’s The Terrace is a bright and weatherproof screen that allows you to watch TV outside. The ease of usage and visual quality is on par with a good indoor TV. You can also play games on it because of its low input lag and fast response time. It’s great for watching movies because of its high contrast ratio and full-array local dimming. HDR content looks great because it has a wide color range and is bright enough to make highlights stand out. However, it has poor viewing angles, typical of most VA panels.

Other Experts Say?

Dreamedia Home Theater

“The terrace is a TV designed as a home theatre experience outdoors. As a result, there are some interesting design choices to make this TV stand up to the weather year-round.”


“We did a hands-on test of Samsung’s The Terrace outdoor TV, and measured it to reach 1800 nits full-field at D65 white point, making it the brightest television full-screen we’ve come across thus far.”

The Good Guys

“The Samsung Terrace 55-inch is very impressive. There are a few little features I’ll specifically go through with you shortly, but first of all, let’s just look at the smart TV’s functionality. You can connect this up either via an Ethernet cable.”


  • Contrast ratio is high.
  • Exceptional build quality.
  • Excellent reflection handling.
  • Weatherproof screen
  • Good picture quality
  • Lots of smart Features


  • Have to wall-mount
  • Poor Viewing angle

Detailed Samsung Terrace 55 Review

Unboxing & First Impression

After months of waiting, my new Samsung The Terrace arrived. I couldn’t wait to get it out of the box and see what was inside.

I was impressed by the TV’s sophisticated appearance when I first took it out of the box. 

In the box of the LG G2, there are the usual things:

  • User guide
  • Remote control
  • 2x AAA batteries
  • Power cord

When we first saw the Samsung The Terrace Tv in person, we were blown away by its sleek design and excellent picture quality. The image is apparent because the OLED panel makes very dark blacks and colors that are very bright. 

The TV also has excellent sound and can play audio independently, but it also supports the Terrace Soundbar. 

For more details check out: Best Indoor TVs for Outdoor Use


Design & Build

Samsung Terrace has an amazing design. It looks like a standard Samsung TV; the only difference is slightly thicker. 

This 55-inch model has a black metal chassis that has been powder coated and weighs 30 kilograms. The borders of the TV are thicker, and it has exceptional build quality. It’s almost entirely made of metal, and it feels very well-built. 

This TV can also be mounted on a wall, and if you want more control over where precisely on the wall you put it, you can buy an optional wall bracket. Conversely, you can’t set it up on a TV stand.

Design Facts

  • Style (Front & Back):  No Curved 
  • Bezels: Thick bezels  
  • Max Thickness: 2.44″ (6.2 cm) 
  • Wall Mount: VESA 200×200 
  • Build Quality: Exceptional Build Quality 
  • Stand: No Stand 
  • Expert Review: Outstanding  

What Other Experts Say!

“This luxurious TV has outstanding design and exceptional build quality, and this is a thick TV and will stick out a bit when wall-mounted.”



Picture Quality

The QLED 4K technology in this outdoor TV makes for a bright picture, even in broad daylight. Samsung’s The Terrace offers an excellent viewing experience for movies, sports, and TV shows.
Let’s find out more in different scenes.

Picture Quality Factors

  1. Movies
  2. Sports & Shows
  3. HDR Picture

What Other Experts Say!

“If you plan to watch HDR content, then a high peak brightness is also important to add specular highlight detail. After looking at the SDR numbers, it’s no surprise that the terrace is impressive in HDR too.”



If you buy a TV for watching movies in a home theater environment, you should look for high contrast ratios.

And trust me, Samsung’s Terrace nails it when watching movies in a dark room.

The full-array local dimming technology gives it a high contrast ratio (up to 49,253:1). The result is a picture that is just gripping. 

Display Type: QLED  
Resolution: 4K 
Contrast & local dimming: Outstanding contrast ratio  ( 49,253: 1) & full-array local dimming
Upscaling: 4k Upscaling  


HDR Picture

The Samsung Terrace is an excellent option for watching movies, TV shows, and sports that are in HDR. Because it can produce incredible brightness and is good at handling reflections, you can watch it outside, even during the day. 

As a result of its quick response time and low input lag, it can also be used for gaming. In our testing, this TV is excellent for watching movies because it has a high contrast ratio and full-array local dimming. 

HDR content can display a wide color gamut and get bright enough to make highlights stand out. As a result, HDR contenthas a great visual appearance. On the flip side, it has a disgustingly dirty screen effect and some color fringing.

HDR Type: Quantum HDR 32x 
HDR Peak Brightness: 4K (5859 cd/m²) 
Native HDR Gradient: Good gradient handling (10 Bit) 
Color Gamut: Impressive color gamut (66.86%) 
Color Volume: Good (47.6%) 


Sports & Shows

The Samsung Terrace is excellent for enjoying sports and TV shows. Because it can handle reflections quite well and get incredibly bright, you won’t have any issues with picture quality, even if you watch outside when the sun is directly overhead.

In my experience, it has a fast reaction time and a high refresh rate, which allows it to offer sharp images even in scenes with a lot of motion, and it also features a function called Black Frame Insertion, which further reduces motion blur.

Brightness:  2,000+ nit brightness level 
Response Time: 3.0 ms 
Reflections: Outstanding reflection handling ( 2.1%) 
Viewing Angles: Poor viewing Angle 
Gray uniformity: Good gray uniformity (5.706%) 


Sound Quality

The Terrace has a downward-firing stereo system that puts out 20 watts of power and can play audio independently, but it also supports the Terrace Soundbar. 

This 3.0ch system has a power output of 210W, which means it can get quite loud; however, it is not necessarily the most subtle system.

The frequency response (142.54 Hz) of the Samsung Terrace is acceptable overall. There is minimal compression when played near its maximum volume, even though it can get loud. Conversely, the Samsung Terrace doesn’t have built-in Dolby Vision.

Sound Facts

  • Power: Good (20 Watt 2 Channel) 
  • Frequency response: 142.54 Hz 
  • Sound modes (ALLM): Yes 
  • Dolby Vision: No 
  • Distortion: Small amount of distortion 
  • Expert Review: Powerful Tv 

What Other Experts Say!

“If you want to install such a powerful TV outside, you probably want a better sound solution to go with it, and the Teres soundbar is designed to do just that. It has three channels and is rated at around 210 watts, whereas the TV itself has its own onboard speakers.”



Gaming Performance

Playing video games on the Samsung Terrace is an inspiring experience. It has a low input lag, a fast response time, and a high refresh rate (120 Hz).

Due to its expansive color range, excellent peak brightness, and full-array local dimming, it provides an outstanding HDR viewing experience.

In my experience, this TV is best for gaming because its high contrast ratio lets it make deep blacks and makes it a good choice for gaming in low-light settings.

Gaming Facts:

  • Refresh Rate: 120HZ 
  • Input Lag: Low ( 10.2 ms) 
  • HDMI Ports: 3 ( 2.1, eARC) 
  • VRR: Yes 
  • Response time: Fast (3.0 ms) 
  • Compatibility with Consoles: Xbox X, PS5 
  • Expert Review: Excellent 

What Other Experts Say!

“The Samsung Terrace is excellent for playing video games. It has all the basics to provide a good gaming experience, such as low input lag, a fast response time, and a high refresh rate.”



Smart Features & Inputs

Samsung’s operating system (OS) is straightforward and works smoothly. The Samsung Terrace has a microphone to control it with your voice.

Voice commands can open apps like YouTube, but searching within apps is app-specific; for example, we could not look for content on Netflix using voice commands. On the downside, this menu does not currently support Disney+.

Samsung’s The Terrace requires a high-bandwidth HDMI cable to display 4K content.
It’s compatible with eARC and ARC and has an HDMI 2 input.

In our testing, this tv has access to various apps and on-demand and catch-up services. And even though there is no 4K Play, Samsung promotes its alternative service, TV Plus, which provides content access without needing a subscription. On the other hand, there are fewer unnecessary connections.

Key Smart Features:

  • Operating system: Tizen 
  • User interface: User-friendly Interface 
  • Streaming Apps: Great 
  • Voice Control: built-in microphone for voice control 
  • HDMI: 3 ports 
  • USB: yes 
  • Bluetooth: yes 
  • WIFI: yes 
  • Ethernet:

What Other Experts Say!

“All these different features, something I wasn’t aware of, actually the Samsung tv plus feature, which has hundreds of channels, and you can access all your favorite streaming services like Netflix and prime, apple tv youtube and many more if you want to download them.”

The Good Guys


Value For Money

Samsung The Terrace TV is considered one of the best TVs. It offers outstanding picture quality thanks to its use of 4K resolution and HDR technology. 
Its slim design also makes it look great in any home theater setup. The main downside of this TV is its price tag, which is higher than most other TVs on the market.

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