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mount it tv mount reviews

Mount-It! TV Mount Reviews – Full Analysis & Alternatives

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We understand that it can be difficult for you to choose the best Mount-It! TV mount for your space since there are so many to choose from.

However, to help narrow down the search, we have compiled this complete guide with our top picks that could be the best choice for you. 

So without wasting any time, let’s get straight to it. 

Quick Summary of the Mount-It! Quick Release TV Mount

The Mount-It! Quick Release TV Mount is an all-rounder. This means it is easy to install, has great compatibility, and is easy to install at the same time. 

After testing and researching on Mount-it! TV mounts we would definitely recommend it to you because it’s features ticked all our boxes. 

For your better understanding let’s discuss a few of these features in detail. 

Features and Benefits

Size Compatibility 

It is important to consider a TV mount that is size compatible so you can easily adjust your TV to it without any hassle. 

You would be glad to know that this TV mount is compatible with multiple monitors and TV screens that follow VESA measurements of 75×75, 100×100, 200×100, and, 200×200. 

Moreover, it can lift to 44 lbs. of weight, which is great for your indoor based TVs. 

Space Friendly 

The good thing about this TV mount is that you can easily place it inside an RV, the corners of the house, kitchen, and even in an outdoor space as it is water and dust-resistant. 

This means it is incredibly space friendly and will enhance the look of any room you install it in.

Tilting Options 

We highly recommend TV mounts that have a tilt option. This is because it allows you to adjust the angle according to where you’re sitting. 

So you would be glad to know that the Mount-It! TV mount has an easy tilt options that allows you to comfortably view your TV from any angle. 

You would be glad to know that this also prevents neck and back strains.


It is important to consider a TV mount that comes with a warranty. This could save you from a lot of additional charges. 

The good news is that the Mount-It! Quick Release TV Mount comes with a 5-year warranty. They also have US-based customer support to assist you anytime. 

Factors to Consider Before you Decide to Buy Mount-It! Quick Release TV Wall Mount Bracket

Full Range Motion

The spring-assisted mount allows you to effortlessly pull the mount so you can comfortably watch television from any angle. This helps you avoid neck and eye strain. 

View Angle 

The tilting mount gives you the best view angle of your flat-screen television, making it a mounting dream


We noticed that this mount is very easy to install. Moreover, it can easily be installed anywhere in the house.


The Mount-It! Quick Release TV Mount has included hardware such as pull-down handles, adjustable stops, and cables.  


We noticed that the Mount-It! Quick Release TV Mount provides all the quality features at an affordable price.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Mount-It! Quick Release Tv Wall Mount Bracket


  • Easy to move and adjust
  • Comfortable viewing and tilting angle
  • Auto stabilization 
  • Good 5-year warranty 
  • Unique features 
  • Full range tilting options 
  • Space friendly


  • Need extra converter
  • Less size compatibility options
  • Can only be handled manually 
  • No remote control because its manual

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Similar to Mount-It! Quick Release Tv Wall Mount Bracket (Recommendations)

#1: Best High-end Mount-It! TV Mount - Mount-It! TV Wall Mount Landscape to Portrait Rotation

Mount-It! TV Mount Reviews

Key Specs

Type of mount: Full Motion | TV sizes: 26-55 inches | Max weight limit: 80 lbs |  Movement Type: Tilt, articulating | VESA patterns: 200*100- 400*400mm | Wall Type: wood studs | Cable Management: yes

4.6/5 Overall

The Build Quality 4
Compatibility 5
Easy Installing 4.5
Motion Range 5
Value for Price 4
User Reviews 4.7
Expert Reviews 4.5

If you are here for a full-range motion TV mount that can rotate from landscape to portrait then we highly recommend Mount-It! TV Wall Mount Landscape to Portrait Rotation.

This TV mount comes with multiple viewing angle settings which makes it a mounting dream for you and your space. 

Let’s discuss the factors in detail to have a better understanding.

Factors to Consider Before you Decide to Buy Mount-It! TV Wall Mount Landscape to Portrait Rotation


Affordability: Staying on a budget is easy with this affordable TV mount. We noticed that other mounts can be very expensive in comparison.

Hardware: It comes with all the hardware that is needed so you won’t have to worry about purchasing extra parts.

Installation: Mount-It! might take a little longer than others to install but it is worth it because of its durability and unique features such as complete rotation. 

View Angle: Mount-It! has an excellent view angle and is comfortable with eye level. It is overall very comfortable as it can be adjusted to your liking.

Full Range Motion: Mount-It! is designed to offer full range motion and can tilt in a 360-degree direction that can help avoid neck strain because it’s on the adjusted height and liking.

Eagle Verdict!

The best high-end Mount-It! TV mount is the TV Wall Mount Landscape to Portrait Rotation because it gives the most unique viewing experience as it can move up to 360 degrees. 

Moreover, it can avoid neck and eye strain as it adjusts everywhere.


  • Can move in any direction
  • Easy installation process
  • Full range motion
  • Height adjustments 
  • User-friendly 
  • Easy to use
  • Dual arms
  • Landscape to portrait rotation
  • Heavy-duty steel
  • Unique features
  • Can lift a lot of lbs


  • Fully manual
  • No remote control
  • Can be confusing 
  • Might take more installation time than other mounts

#2: Best User-Friendly Mount-It! TV Mount - Mount-It! Low Profile Tilting TV Mount Review

Mount-It! TV Mount Reviews

Key Specs

Type of mount: Tilt Tv wall mount | Movement Type: Tilt | VESA patterns: 100×100 mm. to 850×450 | Maximum weight limit: 220 lbs| TV size range: 42” to 90” | Wall Type: wood, brick or concrete  | Cable Management: No

4.2/5 Overall

Build Quality 4.5
Compatibility 5
Easy Installing 4.5
Motion Range 2
Value for Price 4
User Reviews 4.9
Expert Reviews 4.7

If you are looking for an affordable, versatile, and a good quality TV mount then we highly recommend Mount-It! Low Profile Tilting TV Mount. 

It has a lot of in-built features that make it one of the best alternatives we tested.

Let’s discuss the factors in detail to have a better understanding.

Factors to Consider Before you Decide to Buy Mount-It! Low Profile Tilting TV Mount 


Affordability: After thorough research, we found that Mount-It! is extremely affordable in comparison to other tilting mounts. 

Hardware: Mount-It! is hardware compatible with almost all types and sizes of televisions.

Installation: Compared to others tested, Mount-It! took a maximum of 10 minutes of installation because it follows the VESA pattern.

View Angle: We noticed that you can get the best viewing angle with Mount-it! because it gives the perfect amount of tilt.

Full Range Motion: When you are watching TV, this mount comfortably lets you watch your favorite show without any inconvenience.

Eagle Verdict!

The best user-friendly Mount-It! TV mount is the Mount-It! Low Profile Tilting TV Mount because it gives the most comfortable tilting and viewing angle options that can be adjusted very easily. Moreover, it is a universal fit for every TV.


  • Easy installation process
  • Multiple tilt options 
  • Height adjustments 
  • User-friendly 
  • Easy to use
  • Universal fit
  • Heavy-duty steel
  • Dual arms
  • Low profile
  • Very sleek and slim
  • Can lift a lot of lbs


  • Fully manual
  • No remote control
  • Can be heavy because of heavy-duty steel
  • No in-built level

Buyer’s Guide

We have compiled this section for you to understand the importance of these factors while purchasing a TV mount

Let’s discuss these factors in detail to give you a better understanding of what you should and shouldn’t consider. 


If your TV mounts are not user-friendly then it is a waste of money. You wouldn’t want to spend hours trying to figure out how to mount it. 

TV mounts should be easy to operate and mount. This will save you time and effort. 


A good TV mount should be affordable without compromising on the quality. This is why we recommend that you choose a durable heavy-duty steel TV mount that fits your TV. 

Our research shows that mounts can be extremely expensive and cost up to hundreds of dollars.

However, we suggest that you purchase a mount that is affordable and provides all the quality features you need.

Size Compatibility 

We recommend that you pick a TV mount that is VESA compatible to make it universally accurate. 

This will prevent you from the hassle of measuring your TV mount again and again. 

Wall Type Compatibility 

This factor is crucial so we suggest that you read carefully. 

Before you purchase a TV mount, it is necessary to check the material of your wall.  Some TV mounts are only compatible with concrete and brick walls because of their heavy weight.

Whereas, TV mounts compatible with drywalls can not be mounted on a concrete wall. 

To avoid any damage, you have to consider your wall type and then buy a mount according to it. 

Installation Time 

We have tested every Mount-It! TV mount and calculated the average installation time. You would be glad to know that if you have the right tools and instructions, it only takes about 20 minutes on average to install these mounts.

Heavy-Duty Steel or Good Material 

A low quality TV mount might not be able to support the weight of your TV. This could get you in an unwanted disaster. 

Usually, the quality of a TV mount is associated with the material it’s made of. 

We recommend heavy-duty steel since it is long-lasting, durable, and reliable.

Full Range Motion

TV Mounts with built-in full-range motion systems are the new trends because they give less TV glare and reflection. This is great because it provides more convenience and fewer health concerns.

Therefore, full-range motion is one of the desirable features in the newer mounts.

Cable Management 

Many customers disregard this important factor when they are looking for a TV mount. It is very important to know if your TV mount provides space for good cable management or do you have to put in extra bucks for the cable management equipment. 

Moreover, you might require additional things for cable management such as cable tubes, tunnels, tapes, etc. However, if you look into this important factor then you can easily your TV mount according to your budget. 

We have added the Mount-it! TV mounts that come with cable management aspect as well.

Tilting Angle 

Many TV mounts are fixed, which means you can’t tilt them no matter what. 

If fixed TV mounts are your thing then go for it. However, the Mount-It! TV provide great tilting angles, which is why we would would suggest you take a look at them. 

Where You Can Buy It

If you want to purchase your TV mount on an urgent basis, we would recommend Walmart, Target, Home Depot, or at the designated brand store. 

Moreover, we also recommend that you check Amazon as well. 

Wrapping Things Up…

Now that we have reached the end of this guide, we hope it is easier for you to pick the best Mount-It! TV mount. 

We understand that choosing the best one that fits all your needs can be difficult. This is why we suggest that you read this guide to understand which factors you need to consider before you purchase your TV mount. 

We hope this article was helpful. If you have any further queries feel free to contact.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Why is my TV not leveled properly?

    Usually, the problem can be in the TV mount arms. When the arms are folded back after an adjustment, the arms might be turned completely extended to one side. 

    However, you can properly fold them back to solve the issue. If this is not the reason then you can look into this guide and level your TV.

  • Can you adjust your wall-mounted TV?

    Many of the TV mounts need to be adjusted after they are installed. So yes, you can adjust your already wall-mounted TV. 

    Moreover, you can adjust its level and its tilt according to your liking. You can also manually adjust your TV in any direction if your TV mount supports full motion range.

  • Can one person lift a 65” TV on his own?

    No, we do not recommend that you lift such a heavy and big TV yourself. One of the major reasons is that you can get back injuries or you can also damage the TV panels because of the force of your hands.

  • Can wall mount ruin wallpaper?

    The wall and wallpaper will inevitably be damaged as they are pierced through by studs and bolts to support your TV.

  • Is it safe to wall mount large TVs?

    Choosing a wall mount that is compatible with your TV size is important. Since TV mounts have to lift a significant amount of weight, you must consider a durable one.

  • Can a TV be too heavy for a wall mount?

    TV size and weights are directly linked to each other, if the size is large then ultimately it will be heavy. There are VESA standards for checking the capacity of your TV size with the TV mount’s capacity.

  • Can I mount my TV myself?

    Yes, you can mount your TV yourself. However, we advise you to read the manual before you get started with the process.

  • Why is my TV crooked on the wall mount?

    Many people do not do the final adjustments after they have completed mounting their TV on the wall. This last step is necessary to adjust the level and tilt of the TV. This might be all you need to solve this issue. 

    However, there is a high chance that one of your roll adjustment screws at the back of the TV is loosened with time.

  • How can I move my flat-screen TV without its box?

    You can move your TV without its box by wrapping a blanket around it. This helps avoid any accidental scratches to the TV. 

    You also use a lifting belt or move it with the help of a dolly. 

  • How can I stop my TV mount from tilting forward?

    If the TV appears to be tilted forward, the mounting screws or the roll adjustment screws at the back of the TV are loose. You can tighten the screws and make sure they are firmly attached to the wall.

  • Is it safe to mount a TV without studs?

    These types of mounts are designed for drywall. However, you might need some type of studs for support.


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