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monoprice tv mount review

Monoprice TV Mount Review – Full Overview, Buyers’ Guide & More

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No matter what the size of your TV, a good TV mount can make a world of a difference when installed on a wall. 

You must be wondering, how to find the perfect mount for your TV? 

Well, with our Monoprice TV Mount reviews, you’re bound to pick the right mount for you so that you have the full TV experience.

Quick Summary of the Main Product

The Monoprice Stable Series Tilt TV Wall Mount Bracket is a dream come true for anyone who wishes to keep their flat-screen TV safe from harm and installed in style. 

This TV mount can easily manage the weight of many TVs, even ones as big as 70 inches with its 165lbs weight capacity. 

You don’t have to worry about whether your TV is flat or curved, since this mount is able to anchor either to the wall. 

If you’re someone who’s looking to mount the TV over the fireplace, as a centerpiece, or even on an angled wall, this TV mount is the one for you. 

It can tilt the screen to 10 degrees to get optimum viewing angles and reduce glare. Hence, you can adjust the TV to your liking so you feel comfortable when watching. 

The built-in level assures that you install your TV centered so that you don’t need to fix it later on.

Features and Benefits

Low Profile Installation 

The Monoprice Stable Series TV mount has a low-profile installation. To make your TV blend in with the rest of the wall and furniture, it holds the TV just 1.8 inches from the wall. 

Tilt Adjustability 

The Tilt on this TV can be adjusted 10 degrees downward. This makes it easy to adjust the screen to remove glare.

TV Compatibility 

This TV mount can host both flat screen and curved TVs. You can mount an LCD, LED, or Plasma TV with this mount without having to worry about the consequences. 

VESA Patterns

This TV mount can support any TV with VESA patterns between 50-75mm and 600-400mm. It makes the TV mount perfect for screens between 37-70 inches in size.

Weight Capacity

The weight capacity for the TV mount is 165lbs. This includes the weight of the mount itself. You can easily install thick TVs as well without having to worry about damage to your wall.

Included Hardware

The hardware included in the TV mount package is the required screws and bolts for installation. They are of good quality and can install the TV mount on any type of wall.


One important feature is the built-in level that helps keep the TV mount centered so that there is no issue in viewing angles once the TV is installed.

Ease Of Installation

The TV mount is easy to install, which guarantees you wouldn’t need to hire a professional. Just follow the instructions and ask a friend for help.

ULC Certification 

This product has a ULC certification that ensures the sturdiness of the mount and the quality materials that have been used. 

Advantages and Disadvantages

Buying a TV mount can be a difficult decision. In our experience, there are certain things that most guides tend to leave out. For a better understanding of whether a Monoprice TV Mount is for you, go through our expert analysis.

Advantages of Having a Monoprice TV Mount

Some of the main advantages are:

  • The TV will be mounted as close to the wall as possible to leave more space in the room.
  • You have a considerable degree of articulation in the movement of the TV mount.
  • You can adjust the screen angle and positioning to reduce glare.
  • The TV mount is easy to install and does not require a professional setup.
  • It comes with the necessary hardware so you don’t have to buy your own.
  • Monoprice offers a good warranty on all of its products.

Disadvantages of Having a Monoprice TV Mount

Some of the main disadvantages are:

  • In some cases, the TV can lean forward when extended too much due to its weight.
  • Depending on the type of wall you are planning to install the mount on, you may need additional hardware like wall anchors.


  • Has a high weight capacity
  • Can handle flat and curved TVs
  • Comes with a tilt option
  • Easy to install 
  • Built-in level for adjustments


  • It does not have articulating motion

Social Proof

To verify the capabilities of the mount, we dived deep into the customer reviews. The customers considered it to be the best wall mount because of its easy-to-mount capability, its affordable price, and its tilt functionality.

The customers applauded the easy-to-mount function of the mount. They were impressed with how easy it was and how the TV had a firm grip on the mount. 

Here are some of the reviews we found:

monoprice social proof 1
monoprice social proof 2
monoprice social proof 3
monoprice social proof 4

Similar to Monoprice Stable Series Tilt TV Mount

#1: Best Full Motion Monoprice TV Mount - Monoprice Titan Series Full Motion TV Mount Review

Monoprice TV Mount Review – Full Overview, Buyers’ Guide & More

Key Specs

Type of mount: Articulating Tv wall mount | Movement Type: Articulating | VESA patterns: 100x100mm to 700×400 mm | Maximum weight limit:  175 lbs | TV size range: 43 to 65 inches | Wall Type: brick, concrete, or stone | Cable Management: No

3.9/5 Overall

Build Quality 3
Compatibility 4
Easy Installing 4.5
Motion Range 2
Value for Price 5
User Reviews 4.7
Expert Reviews 4.5

A product similar to the original Monoprice TV mount is its Titan Series Full Motion TV Mount. This TV mount has a tilt feature, a swivel feature and can extend as well. 

You can easily adjust the TV screen’s positioning to ensure the best viewing angle. 

If you’re looking to mount the TV over the fireplace or on a slanted wall, this is the mount for you.

Factors to Consider Before you Decide to Buy Monoprice Titan Full Motion TV Mount


Movement: This TV mount has a full articulating movement which means it has tilt swivel and extension features. 

Material: It is made from cold-pressed steel that is durable and resistant to corrosion.

TV Size Compatibility: It is compatible with TV sizes ranging from 32 inches to 60 inches.

Extension Range: The extension range of the TV mount is from 5 inches to 2 inches from the wall.

Additional Features: This mount also comes with all the required hardware and a built-in level for better installation.

Eagle Verdict!

The best full motion Monoprice TV mount is Monoprice Titan Series Full Motion TV Mount because of its good articulating movement and high weight capacity.

Other Experts Say!

The Monoprice Titan Series Full Motion TV Mount is highly regarded for its sturdy construction and smooth motion capabilities. It offers excellent flexibility with its full range of motion, allowing users to easily adjust the TV’s position and angle. Installation is straightforward and the mount provides reliable support for TVs of various sizes. Overall, it is a top choice for those seeking a reliable and versatile TV mounting solution.


  • Made of high-quality cold-formed steel
  • Has a high weight capacity
  • Full-motion articulation
  • Supports many VESA patterns
  • Mounts on different surfaces
  • Has a built-in level


  • Needs wood studs for installation

#2: Best Articulating Monoprice TV Mount - Monoprice Stable Series Full Motion TV Mount Review

Untitled design - 2023-07-07T113112.479

Key Specs

Type of mount: Articulating Tv wall mount | Movement Type: Articulating | VESA patterns: 200x200mm to 600x900mm | Maximum weight limit:  176 lbs | TV size range: 60-inch to 100-inch | Wall Type: Brick, Concrete, Wood stud | Cable Management: No

3.7/5 Overall

Build Quality 3
Compatibility 3.5
Easy Installing 4.5
Motion Range 2
Value for Price 4.2
User Reviews 4.6
Expert Reviews 4.5

If you’re looking for a TV mount that holds large-size TVs and provides full articulating motion, then the Monoprice Stable series full-motion articulating tv wall Mount is perfect for you. 

You can easily use it to mount a large TV that needs to be extended and retracted from time to time. 

It’s perfect for home theaters and gaming rooms where the viewing angles are very important. 

Factors to Consider Before you Decide to Buy Monoprice Stable Series TV Mount


Movement: The TV mount is capable of full-motion articulating movement that includes tilt and swivel. 

Material: This TV mount is made of good quality steel that does not corrode and is reinforced by its structure.

TV Size Compatibility: Typically, this TV mount is made for bigger TVs from 60-100 inches in size.

Extension Range: The mount holds the TV 2.8 inches from the wall and can extend its position to 24.6 inches at max.

Additional Features: This product comes with all the necessary hardware and a full manual for installation.

Eagle Verdict!

The best articulating wall mount by Monoprice is the Monoprice Stable Series Full Motion TV Mount because of its high weight capacity and ease of installation.


  • High weight capacity
  • Designed for bigger TVs
  • Easy to install
  • Mounts on any wall type
  • Full motion movement
  • Comes with hardware


  • Needs studs to be installed

Buyer’s Guide

If you’re in the market for a TV mount, it’s essential to research to find the best product for your needs. Monoprice is a trusted brand with a wide selection of mounts. This buyer’s guide will outline the different features of Monoprice TV mounts and help you decide which one is right for you. 

Type Of Mount

The type of mount you choose is essential, as it will affect the overall viewing experience. Tilting mounts allow you to adjust the angle of the TV, while full-motion mounts give you more flexibility in terms of movement.

If you have a large room with many seating options, a full-motion mount is ideal, as it will let you move the TV to the best viewing spot for everyone. A tilting mount is a good option if you’re limited on space, as it will save some precious vertical space.

Type Of Wall

The type of wall the TV is to be mounted upon is also essential, as it will affect the mount’s stability. If you’re mounting your TV on a brick or concrete wall, you’ll need a heavy-duty mount that can handle the TV’s weight. 

A standard mount will be sufficient if you’re mounting on a drywall surface.

The heavy-duty models are ideal if you’re looking for a Monoprice mount that will give your TV a secure hold on both drywall and brick surfaces. The TV will be firmly mounted on multiple bolts to support even very heavy TVs.

TV Size

The size of the TV will also impact your choice of a mount. If you have a huge TV, it’s essential to find a mount to support its weight and keep it firmly in place. A good rule of thumb is to use at least 5/8″ bolts or lag screws per 100 lbs. In most cases, Monoprice offers the necessary mounting hardware to support your TV.


Monoprice mounts come with many features that make them easy to use and adaptable to any situation. The number of places they can be mounted is a big plus, as they can be used on the wall or the ceiling.

Many mounts come with a cable management system to keep wires out of view and ensure a clean look. If you have an older TV, your Monoprice mount might come with a quick-release mechanism that lets you easily remove it from the wall or ceiling when you want to access the back of your TV.


When shopping for a TV mount, it’s essential to consider the product’s durability. Monoprice mounts are made from high-quality materials and are engineered to withstand heavy use. If you’re looking for a mount that will last for many years, Monoprice is a brand you can trust.

Moreover, you can also link the durability of your TV mount with the material it is made from. Usually, heavy-duty steel TV mounts are considered the most durable TV mounts but you can also check different options in the Monoprice TV mounts. 

Therefore, the material of the TV mount is very important. For example, if you want to mount your TV somewhere outside then you have to make sure the material is water and dust-resistant. This will prevent any damage to your TV mount. 

Swivel Options

Swivel options are another essential consideration when choosing a TV mount. If you want to tilt the TV to the perfect angle, you’ll need a swivel mount. Monoprice offers a wide variety of swivel mounts to choose from, so you can find the perfect one for your needs.

Some mounts have a full range of motion, while others have a limited capacity. If you’re looking for a mount that will let you move the TV in every direction, be sure to select one with a full range of motion. This will give you the most flexibility when positioning the TV.

If you’re only looking to tilt the TV, a mount with a limited range of motion will work just fine. The tilt will come in handy for positioning the TV at just the right angle.

Compatibility of VESA Patterns

When shopping for a TV mount, it’s essential to make sure that the VESA pattern on the back of the TV is compatible with the TV mount you choose. Monoprice offers a wide range of mounts that are compatible with a variety of VESA patterns.

If you’re unsure which VESA pattern your TV uses, you can find this information in the product manual or on the manufacturer’s website.

First, you have to know what the VESA pattern is. It’s a standard that was developed a couple of decades ago to ensure that TV and TV mount manufacturers are on the same page when it comes to mounting holes. 

The VESA pattern of your TV refers to the distance between the mounting holes on the back of your TV. You can figure out what the VESA pattern for your TV is by simply looking it up online or searching for it in the instruction manual. 

If you can’t find it, you can manually figure it out by measuring the distances between the mounting holes on the back panel of the TV. 


Monoprice offers a wide range of TV mounts at affordable prices. You don’t have to spend a fortune to get the features and functionality you need, making Monoprice one of the best places to shop for a TV mount. As long as you keep your budget in mind, you should be able to find the perfect mount for your needs.

A good TV mount should be affordable without any compromise on the quality. This is why we recommend that you choose a durable heavy-duty steel TV mount that fits your TV. 

Moreover, you should invest in a TV wall mount that is appealing and affordable because some TV mounts can be quite expensive.

Our research shows that mounts can be extremely expensive and cost up to hundreds of dollars, for this, it is necessary to know that quality is not always proportional to the price of TV mounts. 


What is the point of purchasing a TV mount that has no mounting hardware? Wall mounts are already pricey and if the hardware does not come with the mount, it can be a hassle.

To avoid the extra work and effort, we advise that you purchase a TV mount that comes with its hardware including concrete anchors and a wide array of studs.

It is to be noted that mounting hardware does not include tools required to mount the TV, tools are either included in the installation service or you have to buy them yourself. 

Therefore, you can also invest in hardware kits especially made for the TV installation process but we hope you look for every way to be within your budget as the total cost of everything can be quite high. 


Nowadays, everyone is super busy with their life and work, and no one wants to spend hours installing a TV mount. That’s why wall mounts with less installation time are preferred over complex ones.

Therefore, people are less likely to pay extra for a technician or handy team to come and install a wall mount as it can be very expensive and can cost somewhere between $150 to $500. 

Depending on the installation service, the installation prices vary and that’s why TV mounts that can be easily installed are preferred by people so they can install them on their own. 

Moreover, wall types can also vary the installation process and installation time. Make sure you have this aspect covered and checked as well.

Wrapping Things Up…

This concludes our Monoprice TV Mount review. Now you know which TV mount to pick if you want a mount that gives you stability, tilt features, and an anti-glare screen. 

Make sure to use the mount with the proper hardware and always follow the instructions thoroughly. 

If you’re interested in buying the product, click here

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

We have added this FAQs section to help you know more about TV, TV mounts, and all the related confusion you might have. 

Make sure you read this FAQs section carefully to avoid any confusion.

  • What type of bolts or screws do I need?

    If you’re mounting the TV to a drywall surface, use #6 1-1/4″ wood screws or #8 1-1/2″ lag screws. For mounting to brick, masonry, or concrete, use #6 1-3/4″ wood screws or #8 2 1/2″ lag screws. You can find these bolts at any hardware store.

  • Can I install the mount myself?

    Most Monoprice mounts are easy to install on any wall or ceiling. You’ll receive detailed instructions, and we also offer free tech support if you run into any trouble.

  • How can I tell whether my TV is VESA compatible?

    The easiest way to find the VESA pattern on your TV is to look for a series of four 4mm holes on the back of the set, as shown below. Some manufacturers may use slightly different patterns, so double check before purchasing a mount.

  • How can I determine the weight of my TV?

    Unfortunately, there’s no easy way to tell what the weight will be without removing the back panel and looking at the specifications. However, most flat-panel TVs are relatively lightweight compared to older CRT sets.

  • Why do some mounts have a fixed-position arm?

    A fixed-position mount is designed for when you want your TV to stay in its current position all the time, such as in bedrooms. 

    These are ideal if you don’t need to move it or adjust it very often. If you plan on tilting your TV, a swivel mount with a full range of motion is better.

  • Can I buy additional brackets for my wall or ceiling mount?

    Yes. If you plan on moving your TV from room to room, Monoprice offers an easy-to-use universal mounting system that enables you to use a single mount in different rooms. You can also buy additional brackets if you encounter uneven walls or ceilings.

  • Can my TV mount be removed without damaging the wall or ceiling?

    Yes, most mounts can be easily removed. However, if you plan on leaving it installed all the time, there’s no need to remove it. Additionally,  some flat-panel TVs are lighter than others, so the screws may come out of the wall or ceiling if you try to remove your TV. 

    Be sure to use the proper equipment for installation and follow all of the manufacturer’s instructions.

  • Should I decide on a wall mount or hanging my TV from the ceiling?

    Both options have their advantages and disadvantages. Wall-mounted TVs are more secure and elegant, but they’re difficult to install and can interfere with nearby power outlets or cables. 

    Ceiling mounts save space and avoid many of the issues associated with wall-mounted TVs, but safety is a concern; if you live in an area with high winds, your TV may fall.

  • Can wall mount ruin wallpaper?

    The wall and wallpaper will inevitably be damaged as they are pierced through by studs and bolts to support your TV. However, this is crucial, otherwise, you could damage your TV if it’s not mounted properly. 

  • Is it safe to wall mount large TVs?

    Choosing a wall mount that is compatible with your TV size is important. Since TV mounts have to lift a significant amount of weight, you must consider a durable one.

  • Is it safe to mount a TV without studs?

    Most of them are designed for drywall but it still requires you to install studs for a more secure experience.

    Without studs, your TV will hang on the wall just like a picture frame which can fall anytime, and watching TV can be uncomfortable.

  • Where can mounts fit?

    Some can fit above the fireplace mantel, movie theater, outdoor, and indoor lounge. Anywhere you watch TV, you can mount it.

  • Is hardware included in the mount kit?

    Yes, they should have the following hardware:

    • Cables
    • Cords
    • Studs
    • Screws
    • Washers
    • Spacers


  • What if your wall has no studs for the mount?

    It is ideal to use studs but if there are no studs available then you can use the hollow-wall anchors, which can help attach the TV to your wall.

    Hollow-wall anchors come in huge varieties and are readily available for any size and style of the wall.

  • Can a TV be too heavy for a wall mount?

    TV size and weights are directly linked to each other, if the size is large then ultimately it will be heavy. There are VESA standards for checking the capacity of your TV size with the TV mount’s capacity.

  • Is it costly to wall mount your TV?

    It can vary depending on the size of your TV and your setup, it might be costly for larger TVs and theater systems while cheaper for smaller TVs and setups.

  • Can I mount my TV myself?

    Yes, you can mount your TV yourself. However, we advise you to read the manual before you get started with the process.

    Moreover, you should also check the installation time of the TV mount to make sure you do it efficiently.

  • What type of TV mount is the best?

    Those that are compatible with the size, weight, and height of your TV are the best for you. This is because they are specifically designed to support the weight of your television.

    Moreover, Monoprice TV mounts come with a lot of options that have all the in-built features.


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