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kanto tv mount review

Kanto TV Mount Review – Full Overview, In-Depth Guide, Tips & More

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TV mounts come in all shapes and sizes. However, selecting the right one for your TV can be a difficult task. This is due to the multiple factors that contribute to the overall performance.

This is why today we’ll be reviewing the Kanto TV mount along with some viable alternatives and compare their features. Along with that, we’ll also discuss their pros and cons.

By the end of this article, we’ll cover the following topics as well:

  • Alternatives for Kanto TV mount
  • Buyer’s Guide

Without further delay, let’s get you started.

Quick Summary of the Main Product

TV mounts come in all shapes and sizes. However, recently articulating mounts have taken the center stage due to their unique designs and high versatility compared to other mounts. 

Kanto has followed this pattern and developed its own M300 full-motion articulating mount. It features an extendable arm that you can use to move your TV forward and backward. 

How is it unique from any other TV mount brand?

Unlike other TV mounts, Kanto M300 features an X-shaped TV plate. This TV plate can divide the weight of your TV evenly in all directions. Hence, reducing the strain on your mount. 

Apart from that, the X-shaped plate makes tilt and swivel motion quite convenient. You can easily unlock the switch, set your desired angle, and then lock it again. 

Is the TV plate compatible with every TV?

Most TV mounts come with a fixed TV plate orientation. Kanto M300 enables you to change the X-shape of your TV plate to a horizontal one. 

This way you can easily mount TVs with different VESA patterns. Furthermore, it is compatible with the TV up to 400×400 VESA sizes. 

Factors to Consider Before you Decide to Buy Kanto M300 Full-Motion TV Mount

There are multiple features that contribute directly and indirectly to the performance of this mount. Let’s have a detailed look at them.


When it comes to TV mounts, the durability of their build is the most important aspect. To ensure this, Kanto has made their mount using industrial-grade Steel. 

You can use it to mount TVs up to 80 pounds. Even at full extension, the arm doesn’t show any sign of bends due to the weight. 

Is the Steel resistant to external factors?

Kanto M300 is protected by high-quality paint that is quite resistant to wear and tear. Besides that, it keeps the metal parts from rusting due to moisture. 

Since it is resistant to rust, the mount is also resistant to dust. You can easily clean it using a piece of thin fabric. 


As we have mentioned earlier, the Kanto M300 features an X-shaped plate design. You can switch the X-shape to a horizontal one so it can fit your TV easily. 

The dual plate feature is to make sure that you get the versatility of an articulating mount. Furthermore, it removes the necessity of buying a new mount if you change your TV.

Does it have tilt and swivel motion?

You can use this mount to tilt your TV forward to an angle of 11-degrees. For the swivel part, you have 135-degrees at your disposal. 

All these angle adjustments make it quite easy for you to find the right viewing angle. It doesn’t matter where your TV is mounted in the living space. You can easily rotate and adjust the mount. 

How far can I stretch the arm?

At its maximum length, the extendable comfortably sits at 19-½ inches from the wall plate. Even when fully extended, the arm retains its original tilt and swivel settings. 


Kanto M300 comes with different mounting options. You can mount it on drywall, concrete wall, or even a brick wall

The wall plate has different holes that you can use to mount with basic screws or wall anchors. Even though it has multiple holes, you still only need two wall studs to mount it. 

Where do I install the studs?

This mount features a vertical handle instead of a square wall plate. You can put one screw on the top end and one at the bottom to mount it. 

Moreover, each end has 3 different-sized holes for better reinforcement. 

Locking Mechanism

For the locking features, Kanto has used multiple ways to keep the mount secure. Each motion joint has its separate lock.

You can lock and unlock tilt, swivel, or articulating joints. Moreover, each TV bracket has its own dual screw locking mechanism.

What sort of locking mechanism does it have?

Unlike the majority of the mounts that use bolt mechanisms, Kanto has used a lever mechanism instead. You can simply push the lever up or down to lock or unlock. 

Furthermore, each lever is installed with hard rubber to reduce the risk of loosening over time. You can adjust the angle as many times as you like without any worries.


Kanto’s M300 is designed to be compatible with the majority of TV brands available on the market. The mounting can be adjusted to fit the specifications of your TV.

Generally, this mount can support TVs within the 26-inch and 55-inch range. Whereas, for VESA dimensions, it can support TVs from 200x200mm to 400x400mm range. 

Can it support non-VESA TV models?

You can even use this mount for TVs that aren’t approved by VESA. The adjustable brackets enable you to fit the dimensions of your TV without much trouble. 

Besides that, each bracket features 3-holes that you can use to mount your TV.

Pros and Cons

Let’s take a look at some of the advantages and disadvantages of this mount. 


  • High tensile strength material to reduce the overall strain on the mount.
  • Easy installation bolts to save time while mounting.
  • Seamless singular arm motion to easily move your TV.
  • Strong locks to keep the tilt/swivel settings in place even on weight capacity.
  • Dual function TV plate to accommodate different VESA patterns.
  • Sufficient space between wall and TV to avoid overheating.


  • Maximum weight capacity is 80 pounds. May not be suitable for large-scale TVs.
  • The joints on the retractable arm are susceptible to wear and tear. 

Social Proof

We have tried and tested the Kanto M300 with multiple TVs. Our personal experience with it has been quite satisfactory in terms of performance. 

However, to get a better idea, we checked online reviews from other customers on different forums. We found that the majority of the customers had the same opinion about this mount.

They mentioned that the build quality was according to the market standard and could definitely stand the test of time. Moreover, some people also mentioned that it showed no sign of bends.

Besides that, customers also praised the convenient mounting process. They stated that it was quite easy for them to mount it to their drywall without any professional assistance. 

Another group of customers stated that the dual-purpose TV plate enabled them to change their TVs without needing to change the mount as well. Hence, saving the extra cost. 

Alternatives to Kanto M300 (Recommendations)

Here are some alternatives you can use instead of the Kanto M300 Full-Motion TV mount. Let’s take a look at them one by one. 

#1: Best Durable TV Mount Alternative - Swift Mount SWIFT140-AP Review

Kanto TV Mount Review

Key Specs

Type of mount: Articulating Tv wall mount | Movement Type: Swivel, Tilt | VESA patterns: 75x75mm to 100x100mm | Maximum weight limit:  33 lbs | TV size range: 43 to 65 inches | Wall Type: Wood Stud walls and Solid Walls | Cable Management: No

3.8/5 Overall

Build Quality 3
Compatibility 3.5
Easy Installing 4.5
Motion Range 2
Value for Price 5
User Reviews 4.5
Expert Reviews 4.2

Swift Mount is known for its durable and long-lasting TV mounts. The SWIFT140-AP is nothing short of that. It is made from an industrial-grade Steel alloy for enhanced durability. 

The entire build, down to the bolts, is made from the same material. You don’t have to worry about any wear and tear due to the constant movement of the arm. 

What is the weight capacity of this mount?

Since this mount is designed for small to mid-scale TVs, it can hold up to 33 pounds of weight with ease. However, its actual weight capacity is between 36-40 pounds.

We must also mention that this TV mount comes with all the hardware included in the box. You don’t have to buy separate screws or even wall anchors.

How much space does it take?

Swift Mount has designed their mount in a sleek fashion. It barely takes any space when completely mounted on a wall. 

In its resting position, the distance between the TV plate and the wall plate is merely 2-½ inches. This enables you to mount it anywhere in your house without taking up too much space.

Factors to Consider Before You Buy SWIFT140-AP

Following are some key aspects you should keep in mind before buying the SWIFT140-AP TV mount. 


As we have mentioned earlier, this mount from Swift Mount is made by using a highly durable alloy. This alloy is not only sturdy but also resistant to external factors like dust and rust. 

You don’t have to worry about the exposed joint jamming due to dust or rust over time. Besides that, the screw joints have built-in bearings for smooth motion.

How good is it against bends?

The design and material build play a huge part in keeping the mount stable and free from any sign of bends. Moreover, the alloy is very hard to bend even your TV is slightly over the weight capacity.


The design of this mount is a mix between an X-shape and a square shape. Moreover, the plate features two different mounting holes.  

The overall design is made in a sleek fashion to reduce the overall space taken by the mount itself. You can barely tell whether the TV is attached to a fixed mount or an articulating one. 

What else does the design provide?

Apart from being space conservative, the motion arm is divided into two small arms that can be moved separately. You can adjust one angle of the TV without disturbing the other. 


This factor is often overlooked by people when buying a mount. Swift Mount had made sure that you can install their mount on different kinds of walls.

The mounting holes are big enough for you to install wall anchors for a drywall/concrete wall. Besides that, the holes aren’t covered by any bracket for easy installation.

What size screws should I use with it?

You can use wall studs or any screw between 1-2 inches to mount the wall bracket. However, if you are going to mount it on drywall, it is preferred to use wall anchors with it.


This mount is compatible with small and medium-sized TVs. You can use it for TVs that are within the 22-inch and 40-inch range. 

Besides that, you can also use it for VESA-approved TVs. The range for VESA dimensions is between 75x75mm and 100x100mm. 

Does it support non-VESA TVs?

Even though its design is universal in nature, it doesn’t support TVs that are not approved by VESA. This is because you cannot adjust the TV plate. 

This prohibits you from mounting a TV that doesn’t match the mounting holes. However, you can use extensions to mount your TV.

Eagle Verdict!

The best durable TV mount alternative is the Swift Mount SWIFT140-AP. You can mount it anywhere in your house because of the compact design. Moreover, the highly durable build material can easily withstand the test of time without any bends.

Other Experts Say!

The Swift Mount SWIFT140-AP is held in high regard for its versatility and reliability as a TV wall mount. Its robust construction can accommodate TVs up to 40 inches and 66 pounds with absolute security. The mount’s adjustable tilt and swivel capabilities allow you to tailor your viewing angles, ensuring an optimal experience for all viewers. If you’re looking for a dependable wall mount that can get the job done, this selection comes highly recommended.


  • Compact and sleek design
  • Easy to mount
  • Seamless movement
  • Durable build
  • Multi-motion TV plate


  • It isn’t suitable for large-scale TVs

#2: Best Multi-Purpose Mount Alternative - AVF EL404-B TV Mount Review

Kanto TV Mount Review

Key Specs

Type of mount: Articulating Tv wall mount | Movement Type: Articulating | VESA patterns: 50x50mm to 400x400mm | Maximum weight limit: 66 lbs | TV size range: 32 to 55 inches | Wall Type: brick, concrete, or stone | Cable Management: No

3.8/5 Overall

Build Quality 3.5
Compatibility 4
Easy Installing 4
Motion Range 2
Value for Price 5
User Reviews 4.4
Expert Reviews 4

The current market standards demand versatility from all sorts of mounts. In order to compete, AVF has designed the EL404-B mount with multiple features.

You can use this mount for all sorts of different movements like tilt and swivel. Along with that, the extendable arm can reach a sufficient length to enable movement in the left/right direction.

What sort of TVs can I mount on it?

AVF has designed this mount to be compatible with almost every current TV model available in the market. Apart from curved-screen TVs, you can mount any flat-screen TV on this mount. 

Furthermore, the mount is made under the VESA standards, and it is compatible with TVs ranging from 50×50 to 400×400 measurements. 

How much space do I need for this mount?

Since this mount is designed to hang large-scale TVs, it takes up quite a lot of space on your wall. However, the design is seamless and is almost invisible to the eye once it is installed. 

Factors to Consider Before You Buy AVF EL404-B

Following are some key factors you should keep in mind before buying the AVF EL404-B TV mount. Let’s take a look.


Durability goes a long way when it comes to TV mounts. This is why the AVF mount is made from a high-quality Steel-alloy. 

You don’t have to worry about it bending due to large amounts of weight. Besides that, the joints are reinforced to redirect the pressure evenly along with the entire structure of the mount. 


This TV mount features a vertical mounting brackets design. Instead of one single TV plate, it has two vertical brackets that you can attach your TV with. 

You can adjust one of these brackets left or right to fit the dimensions of your TV. This allows you to hang TV sizes from 25-inches all the way up to 55-inches. 


Even though this mount is bigger compared to other mounts, it features a vertical wall bracket for mounting purposes. 

You can easily remove the bolt covers and use wall anchors along with appropriate screws to mount it. Furthermore, the wall studs are included with the mount. 


As far as the compatibility of this mount is concerned, you can use it for all the major brands on the market. However, it should be VESA-approved. 

Otherwise, you won’t be able to mount it on your wall. The VESA dimension range of this mount is between 50x50mm and 400x400mm.

Eagle Verdict!

The best multi-purpose TV mount alternative is the AVF EL404-B TV Mount. You can use it to hang different TV sizes without any trouble. Furthermore, you can adjust the viewing angle using the tilt, swivel, and motion arm movements.


  • Easy installation
  • Heavy-duty build
  • Reinforced joints
  • Adjustable TV brackets
  • Multiple-motions enabled


  • Isn’t suitable for curved-screen TVs

Buyer’s Guide

kanto tv

There are many aspects related to TV mounts that directly impact the overall performance. We have developed a detailed list of these factors. Let’s take a look. 


There are three main TV mount designs you can choose from. Horizontal plate, Vertical brackets, and X-shaped design. 

All of these designs have their own purpose and are used from different types of TVs. A horizontal plate design is the most common one and can be used for most TVs. 

On the other hand, the vertical bracket design and X-shaped design are used for large-scale TVs. If your TV is above the 40-inch mark, you should choose either of these mounts. 

Can I mount curved-screen TVs on these mounts?

These mount designs are specifically for flat-screen TVs. However, you can buy variations of the same model to mount your curved-screen TV. 


This factor is often undermined by a lot of customers. The durability and the design of a TV mount go hand in hand. If your mount isn’t durable enough, it will break due to the weight. 

To avoid such a situation, we suggest that you buy a mount with a strong metal alloy build. Preferably, you can go for a Steel-alloy mount. They are sturdy and very hard to bend. 

Why is Steel-alloy the best option?

Steel is quite hard to deform from the original shape but also it is quite resistant to external factors like dust and rust. You don’t have to worry about it jamming due to these factors. 


The installation process takes a lot of time generally, but there are some mounts that tackle this problem efficiently. This is done by removing the need for extra power tools for mounting. 

We suggest that you purchase a mount that only requires a power drill and wall studs for mounting purposes. It will save you time and money at the same time. 

Why does convenient installation matter?

Convenient installation means that you can also remove the mount easily. It goes both ways. In case you wish to move your TV’s location, you can easily unmount the entire setup easily. 

It also makes sure that your walls are left unharmed in both cases. Drywalls are susceptible to damages by TV mounts and the right installation can greatly the chance of it.


This factor is often overlooked by people when buying a TV mount. You should always check the product description for the VESA dimensions a mount can support. 

This will eliminate the chance of you buying a mount that doesn’t fit your TV. An easy way to do this is by checking the user manual of your TV.

How will a user manual help me?

The user manual that comes with your TV box has all the important information you need for mounting the TV on a wall. 

This information includes the actual screen size of your TV in inches and the VESA dimensions. You can use this information to compare with the mount of your choice. 

It will enable you to find the perfect mount for your TV. If you can’t find the one that supports the screen size in inches, you can always go for the one that supports the VESA dimensions.

Which information should I use for buying a mount?

Even though both measurements are equally useful, experts prefer using the VESA measurements. Sometimes, a mount will support your screen size but not the VESA pattern. 

If you use the VESA dimensions instead, your mount will definitely support your TV. This way you won’t end up with a good mount that doesn’t fit your TV.  

Locking Mechanism

TV mounts require locking mechanisms especially if they have an articulating arm. These arms are able to move seamlessly and even a small touch can move them from their position. 

This is why many mounts have some sort of locking mechanism in them. You can choose the locking mechanism depending on the nature of your use. 

What are the types of locking mechanisms?

There are two main types of locking mechanisms that you can find in articulating mounts. One is a bolt lock and the other is a lever lock. 

A lever lock is for people that need to adjust their TV often because you can lock and unlock the arm like a switch. 

On the other hand, a bolt lock is designed for people who don’t move their TV often. Once you find the right viewing angle, you can just screw the bolt in and it’ll fix the arm in that position.

Which locking mechanism is better?

Both locking mechanisms are susceptible to wear and tear. However, bolt locks can damage their threading and loosen faster than a lever lock.

Wrapping Things Up…

Kanto’s mount is designed with highly-durable material and it checks out all the market standards. It is a viable option for your medium and large-scale TVs.

You can install this mount easily without damaging your walls. It enables you to mount your TV in no time at all.

Furthermore, the design of the Kanto M300 wall mount enables it to distribute the weight of your TV evenly on all four corners. 

With this, we come to the end of our review on the Kanto TV mount. We hope this information proves to be beneficial for you.

Do let us know what type of design you prefer for TV mounts.


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