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how to use toggle bolts to mount tv

How to Use Toggle Bolts to Mount TV – Full Installation Guide with Tips

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Anchors are a great option to use instead of regular bolts and screws to mount a TV if you do not have wall studs. They are easy to use, easy to install, and reliable. 

There are three types of anchors which include basic anchors, toggle bolts, and molly anchors. 

Toggle anchors are more efficient than basic anchors and less complicated than molly bolts. 

So let’s talk about what toggle bolts are and how to use them to mount your TV on the wall. 

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  • How do Anchors work?
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  • Final Verdict

Without further ado, let’s start!



The main purpose of anchors is to hold the weight of your TV without the help of studs which normal bolts cannot do. 

Moreover, they protect your drywall from being crippled under the weight of your wall mount and TV. However, these anchors work best with fixed mounts because each anchor can hold a particular amount of weight only. 

Full motion, articulating dual-arm mounts should not be mounted on the support of anchors because they add extra weight. Your drywall could easily crumble under their pressure.

Toggle Bolts

toggle bolts

Toggle bolts are a type of screw that has butterfly anchors at the end. The butterfly toggles expand to spread inside the wall creating an anchor. 

Any amount of pressure applied to the anchor results in the butterfly toggle creating tension in the entire sheet of the drywall to support the weight

Since the entire sheet responds, the wall does not feel pressure at a single point in the sheet and remains intact despite the heavyweight. 

How to Use Toggle Bolts?

Toggle anchors are very easy to use, you just need to make sure that you follow the steps precisely to ensure the secure installation of the anchors. 

Step 1


Drill holes into the wall with a drill bit of measurement specified on the toggle bolt package to ensure that the holes are big enough to allow the toggle to pass through


Make a test hole first with the drill using the smallest drill bit. If you feel resistance when you are half an inch inside the wall, then it means you have hit a stud.

Step 2

screw in wall

Insert the screw through the mounting hole of the item you need to mount on the wall. 


If the mounting hole is slightly bigger than the diameter of the screw then use a washer to secure it into place.

Step 3

Now, add the toggle at the end of the screw. Make sure that you add the toggle in a way that three or four threads of the screw are visible otherwise the toggle will not clip the wall properly. 


Remember to use long screws. Drywalls are typically half an inch thick so the length of the screw will depend on the size of the toggle, the thickness of the wall, and the size of the item you need to hang on the screw. 

For example, if the toggle is one inch long, the drywall is 0.5 inches thick, and the item is one inch long, then the screw should be at least 2.5 inches long.

Step 4

Insert the anchor into the drilled hole. Since the toggle is a little thick, you will have to gently work to push it through. 


Remember, the size of the toggle determines the weight it can carry. For instance, 1/8th inch toggle can support 200 pounds, 3/16th inch toggle can handle 250 pounds, and a quarter-inch toggle can carry 300 pounds.

Step 5


Use a screwdriver to tighten the screw into place and to hold your item on the wall firmly. 


Try to maintain pressure on the screw outside the wall when using the screwdriver because if you push it in without fastening it with the item then the toggle will lose grip.

How do Anchors Work?

Anchors are perhaps the easiest and most affordable method to install TVs on walls. They help ensure that the screws do not fall out of drilled holes and damage your wall. 

You can install anchors by

  • Drill pilot holes
  • Insert the sleeve
  • Add the anchors

Use a screw to lock the anchor into place and make sure that you use a pulling tool to apply pressure on the anchor so that it is not loose inside the wall.

Molly Anchors

Molly bolts have the same mechanism as toggle anchors but are better suited to mount TVs. They combine ease of installation with greater strength to give sturdy support to your TV. 

The best thing about molly bolts is their ability to support heavier weights. They can support up to 50 lbs each which is much greater than standard screws which carry 80 pounds only.

These anchors have two types:

  • Pointed: The pointed molly bolts can be inserted into the wall through a hammer.
  • Non-pointed: You will need to cut a small hole to insert these molly bolts into the wall.

Molly bolts have sleeves that expand inside the wall as you tighten the screw creating an anchor on the inside of the wall. 

Once you have inserted the anchors, you can replace the screws with the screws of the TV mount


While we highly recommend molly bolts due to their sturdy qualities, they can be harder to use compared to other types of anchors.

Final Verdict

This concludes our complete guide on “How to Use Toggle Bolts to Mount TVs” with tips and all the information you need to know about anchors. 

Anchors are the safest way to mount your TV on drywall if you do not have or cannot find wooden studs inside the wall. 

While ceiling mounting is also a common practice, it does not look as aesthetic as wall mounting your TV. Therefore, we highly recommend anchors to wall mount your TV instead. 

Toggle anchors provide the support you need to carry your heavy flat-screen TV by applying tension to the wall and pulling the entire sheet to hold the TV. 

If you want anchors that can carry a larger weight, then we highly recommend molly anchors which are a lot more sturdy. They are easy to install and can carry 50 lbs

Let us know if you need to know more about anchors. 


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