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how to mount tv on z line tv stand

How to Mount TV on Z Line TV Stand – Full Overview, Tips & More

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TV stands are a good alternative to the usual entertainment centers or shelves. They can easily be moved around the living room with ease. 

Z line designs have good quality TV stands in their catalog which are known for their robust designs. However, you first have to assemble the TV stand before you mount your TV on it. 

To help you, we have prepared this guide. 

Quick summary

In this article, we will go through:

  • How to mount your TV on a Z line TV stand?

Let’s take a look into it.

How to Easily mount your TV on a Z-line designs TV stand?

z line tv stand

As discussed earlier, Z line designs have robust TV stands in their product catalog. The TV stands can be moved around with ease around your living room as they are lightweight. 

You can also mount TVs up to 70 inches in size on them. To accommodate your hardware such as cable boxes and gaming consoles, it has open shelves. However, you first have to assemble the TV stand and then mount your TV on it. 

Before you start the assembly, you need to:

  • Catalog all the parts: Each part has its identification number. You can check it in the manual. If any parts are missing, you can contact the Z line customer service at their email address.   
  • Decide how you want to mount your TVThere are three separate options through which you can assemble your TV stand. You can choose to settle your TV on the mount, mount your TV on the TV stand or wall mount your TV using the stand.
  • Ensure that you have all the necessary tools with you. This includes power tools as well as safety equipment such as gloves and safety goggles.

After you have made sure that all the things are with you, you can start with the assembly of your TV stand.  

Step # 1 - Assemble the Frame

assemble frame

Source: Reddit 

First, you have to assemble the TV stand frame. You can check the parts required for the frame in the manual. These parts include the:

  • Frame legs
  • Shelf frames 
  • Front and back crossbars 
  • Back frame for the TV mount 

After you have checked these parts, you can start to assemble the frame. You need to first attach adhesive pads to the lower end of the legs. The pads are attached to protect the floor from being damaged. 

Then, you need to fix the inside and outside legs together with Allen bolts. However, don’t fully tighten the bolts until you have settled the glass shelves. After this, you have to attach the crossbars in place. The crossbars go in the front and the back. 

They join the legs to each other. You can fix the crossbars through the screws that come with the TV stand. Then, you can move on to the shelf frames. 

Slid the shelf frames in the required spots. Then, fix them in place with Allen bolts. The lower shelf frame has two parts. Be sure to attach the back part to the TV stand first with bolts and then fix the front part of the shelf frame. 

Lastly, you need to attach the mounting stand to the back of the frame. Align it with the frame and fix it with Allen bolts and tube nuts. These go in the top, middle, and bottom of the stand. You need to attach the tube nuts from the front end of the TV stand frame.

Again, you need to make sure that you don’t fully tighten the bolts until you have attached the glass shelves. 

Step # 2 - Insert the glass shelves in place


Source: Reddit 

You may require the assistance of a friend in this step. 

First, you need to lift the top shelf and place it in the frame.

Then, you can use the metal cylinders and tighten them

Be sure that you have not overtightened them. This can severely damage or break the glass shelf. 

Afterward, you need to attach the adhesive glass protectors to the middle and lower shelf frame. 

Then, you can slide in the lower and middle glass shelves.

Make sure they rest evenly on the adhesive strips you previously attached. 

Lastly, you need to tighten all the Allen bolts you attached in place in the previous step. You can check for any loose bolts and your TV stand is fully assembled.

Step # 3 - Attach the TV mount to the stand

attach tv mount

Z line design TV stands are 3 in 1 option stands. You can choose to: 

  • Put your TV on the top shelf without the mount attached 
  • Attach your TV to the mount with a swivel function 
  • Wall mount your TV with the mount and use the cable cover 

To mount your TV on the TV stand, you need to follow the second option. You need to: 

  • Attach the large back frame to the small back frame. You must secure it with the Allen bolts.
  • Attach the mounting panel to the mechanism with screws. Then, you need to attach the panel and mechanism to the large back frame. Use Allen bolts and tube screws to fix them in place.
  • Before you attach the mount, you need to decide which position you want to attach it to. There are three positions you can mount your TV on. It depends on your preferred height.
  • Lay your TV on its back and attach the mounting brackets to it. Then, lift your TV and attach it to the mount. 

You can also attach your TV to its own stand and set it on the TV stand. If you choose this option, you don’t need to attach the long back frame to the frame. Simply place your TV on the top shelf. 

If you want to wall mount your TV, the process becomes more complex. You first have to attach your wall mount to the wall with wall anchors. Then, you need to attach the TV with brackets and cover the cables with the plastic cover. 

You can check the manual for additional steps

Wrapping things up

Z line Designs has robust and quality TV stands in their product catalog. You can easily place your hardware inside a single piece of furniture without investing in expensive ideas. 

However, you have to first assemble it and then mount your TV, which can be hard and time-consuming. 

You can easily complete the task at hand if you follow all the steps. With this, we reach the end of our article on “How to Mount your TV on Z line TV stand?”. 

Be sure to comment below and tell us what you think.


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