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how to mount a tv without drilling

How to Mount a TV without Drilling – In-Depth Installation Guide with FAQs

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In most cases, if you want to mount your TV on the wall, it will require you to drill into it in order to properly mount it. 

That’s something that many people are apprehensive about as many of them don’t want to damage their walls in any way. 

But what if we told you there was a way to do so without drilling into the wall? 

Quick summary

In this post, we will discuss several different options that you have to securely mount your TV if you don’t want to drill holes in your wall. 

There are several methods you can use to mount your TV onto the wall without drilling such as: 

  • Utilizing adhesive tapes
  • Using a hybrid TV stand
  • Using a rail to mount your TV
  • Using a screwless wall mount 
  • Making use of brick clamps

You can check out all of the methods we have described in this post to find one that suits you best. 

Let’s get started.

How to Install a Wall Mount Without Drilling (In-Depth Guide)

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To provide a good idea of how many different options you have, we will discuss all of them in detail in this section. 

We recommend that you read through all of the methods we describe so that you know what tools and processes are required for each method. 

That way, you can find one that you are most comfortable with. Once you identify that method, you’ll be good to go. 

Let’s get into it: 

Adhesive Tapes

how to mount a tv on the wall without drilling holes how to mount a tv on the wall without drilling how to mount a tv without a drill how to mount a tv without mounting holes

While drilling is the most common method that comes to mind, did you know that you can also utilize very solid adhesive tapes, pastes, or glues to get the job done too? 

They can allow you to stick your TV to your wall without ever having to drill holes into it. 

This method is typically used a lot to hang picture frames and paintings but it’s not as popular with televisions. 

We think that’s because since televisions are much heavier, people aren’t as confident in the ability of adhesive tapes to hold them up. 

While this concern makes sense, the fact of the matter is that extremely refined adhesives have been released in the industry over the past few years. They can bear much heavier loads like never before. 

Adhesive tapes don’t work as well with all TVs out there. So, make sure that you have an expert take a look at it before you mount your TV with them. 

Follow these steps to mount your TV using adhesive tape: 

Step 1: Identify the location where you want to mount your TV. 

This place on the wall has to be highly clean in order for the adhesive tape to stick properly. Hence, it’s a good idea to use rubbing alcohol to clean up your wall first. 

Step 2: Have a friend or family member hold up the TV mount at the exact location where you want to mount it. 

Next, use a marker or a pencil to mark the exact places where the adhesive tape would be pasted to install the mount. 

Step 3: Carefully place the adhesive tape on the location(s) you have marked in step 2. 

Important tip: Make sure that you read the instructions and specifications of the adhesive tape you use to ensure that it can indeed carry your television’s weight. 

Step 4: Attach the TV bracket to your TV and then attach it to the adhesive tape. 

Press every part of the mount firmly and evenly to ensure every part of it is properly pasted. 

Hybrid TV Stands

brick wall brick clip-on hangers hybrid stand mounting tv falling hook hangers tv’s weight rail rails bear heavy loads strong adhesives straight edges inch thick most tvs

We won’t go into too much detail with Hybrid TV stands since they are not exactly TV mounts. 

However, they do a fairly great job of providing the illusion that you do indeed have your TV mounted to the wall. 

Many of them come in different forms, colors, and materials. This ensures that you can find one that matches perfectly with your interior decor. It also has several options to hide your cables and wires. 

This goes even further with providing that neat and tidy look that most people want from their mounts (or stands, in this case). 

Rails for Your TV Mount Shelf

how to mount tv on wall without drilling tv’s weight strong adhesives picture hanging visual effect adhesive material simply stick challenging task small holes tv on a brick

In most cases, rails are utilized to hang picture frames and paintings. However, you can definitely utilize them to mount your TV on the wall as well. 

Not only will you be able to mount the TV without damaging your wall in any way but they are also great for movement. 

If you have a large room that has many different viewing angles, you will find that rails might actually be a great option. 

This is because you can easily move and swivel them to move your TV around. 

These rails will sit on your wall horizontally and they are available in a plethora of different colors. This is more important than it seems because you want these rails to fit in nicely with your room’s surroundings. 

Wooden railings are highly common since they look amazing against a brick wall background. 

If you don’t want wooden railings, then you also have the option of buying metal ones. 

You can utilize adhesives or something similar to mount the rails to your wall securely. Once that’s done, your TV should be fairly secure from falling. 

Furthermore, once the rails are properly installed, you can then use them to move your TV around as well. 

Rails are especially easy and smooth to move. It makes adjusting the angle of your TV a breeze. 

Screwless TV Mounts

tv on a brick only problem improved adhesives alternative fits several alternatives good solution stand-mounted weight stronger adhesives av items tv on a brick wall without drilling

These are another option that you can definitely look into as it works well with most flat-screen TVs out there. 

Screwless TV mounts typically have two components that are manufactured from aircraft-grade metal. The two components are essentially brackets that can interlock. 

You mount one bracket to your TV while the other is attached to your wall. Then, you interlock them to mount your TV securely to the wall.

Screwless TV mounts also typically have a 1-inch clearance at the back of them which allows you to easily store wires and cables. It also allows you to use any power outlets that may be behind it. 

You might be wondering how these types of mounts can attach to your wall without damaging it. 

Well, that’s because they feature a foam backing. This allows the mount to be installed through small, barely noticeable pinholes. 

If you decide to uninstall your mount some years down the line, you will find that those little holes are extremely easy to cover up. 

Brick Clamps

Brick clamps were a somewhat uncommon way of mounting TVs onto the wall in the past. 

However, as TVs being released recently are getting lighter and lighter, brick clamps are starting to come back into fashion. 

A few clamps can carry up to 28 pounds of weight. Naturally, if you want to support more weight than that, then you will have to use more brick clamps. 

Typically, a moderately sized TV will weigh somewhere between 40 and 70 pounds. 

Hence, you will need a fair amount of brick clamps to attach it securely. 

A brick clamp fits into the mortar if you have brick walls. Thus, you will need to calculate the mortar’s depth in order to find brick clamps that work with that specific length. 

One way you can find out the length is through a stud finder. While stud finders are typically used to find wall studs, many of them come with other functions. 

One of these functions includes finding out your mortar’s depth. 

Once you have figured that out, you can start to look for the appropriate brick clamps for it.

If you are shopping online, then it’s a good idea to call customer service or the brand owner from whom you intend to order. 

They might give you a better idea regarding which specific brick clamp would be best for your wall

If you are buying them in person, then that’s even better. It might even be a good idea to have an expert visit your house to check your walls themselves. 

Does Regularly Mounting a TV to a Brick Wall Damage it?

There’s no real answer to this question and it really comes down to what you mean when you say “damaged”. 

This is because if you want to mount a TV to your brick wall through a regular, standard method, then that will involve drilling some holes into it. 

Now, if you’re careful and perform the process with finesse and patience, you will be left with a wall that is barely damaged at all. 

You will just be left with some holes that will be covered up by your wall mount and TV anyway. 

Hence, while your wall will sustain some “damage”, it will be quite minimal and will be covered up in any case. 

On the other hand, if you are impatient or careless, there’s a chance you may crack the wall with your drill. 

If you go too fast initially or push in too hard too quickly, there’s definitely a chance that your brick wall may start to crack. 

If that happens, you will have two problems to deal with: 

  1. Your wall will be a lot more damaged than what was needed to mount the TV. 
  2. There’s a chance the hole might become too big to fit the screws for your TV mount. 

The first problem is concerning enough but you’re really in trouble if the second problem happens to you. 

This is because that will mean that you won’t be able to fit your mount into those holes. As a result, you will have to drill more holes into the wall. 

We don’t have to spell out why this would be quite undesirable. 

Hence, if you are not confident to drill into the wall to mount your TV, we recommend that you mount your TV without drilling using the methods we have described above.

Wrapping Things Up…

As you can see, if you want to mount your TV into the wall without drilling, you definitely have a fair number of options. 

To mount your TV without drilling, you may have to consult some experts to ensure everything is safely installed. 

However, if you carefully measure everything and use the right tools in the right way, you can definitely have an aesthetically appealing mount for your TV. An aesthetically appealing mount that you installed into the wall without drilling holes.

You can also hire a professional to mount your TV without drilling.


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