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how to mount a tv to a stand

How To Mount A TV To A Stand – In-Depth Overview, Tips, and More!

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If you’ve just bought a stand for your TV but are now confused about how to mount it, this guide will help you out. 

A mounting stand allows you to arrange your living room just the way you want, and then easily change it as your interests and moods change over time

In this guide, we’ll show you how to mount a TV to a stand-in 7 easy steps.

Quick summary

In this blog, we will discuss some useful things:

  • How to mount a TV to a stand?
  • Different kinds of TV stands and their uses.

Why Should You Consider A TV Stand?

tv stand

TV stands are popular amongst people and are very convenient to install. There are many different types of TV stands that help you achieve the type of look you want in a room. 

Some of the main reasons why you should consider opting for one are:

Convenient for Rented Homes

If you own rented home, a TV stand does no damage to the property that may become a cause for conflict later. 

Freedom to Redecorate

They give you the freedom to change the setting to the room as often as you’d like.

Ease of Installation

It is easy to set up a TV stand as compared to mounting on on the wall.

You do not require the use of tools like a power drill, and can easily install the TV.

Better Viewing Angles

It promotes better viewing angles and you can easily check for any problems with the TV by simply moving the stand for better side angles.

Best Flat Screen TV Stand

best flat screen tv stand

There are many different types of TV stands that can be used to hold a TV up. Some of the most popular are:

Wood TV Stand

A wood TV stand can be in the shape of a TV cabinet or a TV mount attached to another piece of furniture. These stands help fill up a room and make the TV fit elegantly. 

The boxes in the bottom of the cabinet can help with adding cable boxes, wire management, and installing gaming consoles.

Floating Mount Stands

Floating mount stands are placed behind furniture to give the appearance of a TV on the wall. The only difference is the attached mount is on a central pole that keeps the TV steady. 

The central column is often hidden adjusting the height of the TV and setting up a dish box right in front of it. 

Many people let it be as is since there is no harm in letting it show either. The existing stand can easily be moved around and offers easy cable management.

Tabletop Universal Mounts

Tabletop universal mounts are the most common type of TV stands that fit on the top shelf of the current TV cabinet or any other sturdy piece of furniture. 

It has its own mount and mounting plate. 

You simply screw it to the mounting holes on the TV and steady the stand on the top surface of any shelf.

Invisible TV Stand

The invisible TV stand brings the illusion of a TV mounted on the wall when it’s back panel is actually mounted to a stand that is discreetly concealed. 

These are very popular in rented homes as it does not do any damage to the wall and free up more space. 

They are easy to install and are secure enough to hold the TV upright.

Wall Mount VS TV Mount Stand

tv stand vs wall mount

There is a debate about whether a wall-mounted TV is better than a mount-style stand TV. 

TV stand mounts are considered as TV furniture and help fill the room up whilst a wall mount TV helps will the wall up. 

Moreover, TV stands leave the wall surface free for decoration and other elements. Thus, TV stands are great for people who keep changing the furniture in their room.

This is not the case with wall mounting because the mounting place of the TV is attached to the mounting bracket on the wall. 

You would need to drill new holes to hang the TV in a new place and fill old ones to fix the previous damage done to the wall by the TV wall mount.  

Steps To Mount A Flat Screen TV to A Stand

mount tv stand

Step 1

Make sure your stand is in good condition and able to mount your TV. Inspect it for damage, loose parts or screws, etc. 

If there is any sort of problem with your stand, get it repaired before continuing on. 

Once you’re sure that it will work with your TV, move on to step 2.

Step 2

The first thing you will need to do is take some measurements. 

To begin, place your TV stand where you want it mounted. 

Then use a measuring tape and measure from the top of the screen to the floor (make sure you don’t include any molding or trim that may already be in place). 

You’ll also need to measure how wide your mount has to be and how far apart each screw must go. 

Takedown these measurements then move on to step 3. You can easily Google How big is my TV? if you’re unsure how big your TV is. 

Step 3

Stand your flat-screen TV stand upright and check its adjustability. Assemble the stand according to the instructions and place it in the area with the best viewing angle. 

TV mount stands are of many kinds but the assembly process for any mount TV stand remains generally the same.

Step 4

Attach the adapter brackets to the TV and make sure you tighten the screws. 

Check the stand for the area where the adapter bracket will come into contact with the stand.

Make sure your TV is perfectly balanced and straight. You can achieve this with the help of a level. 

Step 5

Use the required hardware to mount the TV to the stand. Use a friend to help hold the TV in place whilst you tighten the required screws. 

An easier way is to have the stand pulled forward and to stand behind it whilst installing the TV.

Make sure your stand is balanced and does not lean because of the weight of the mounted TV.

Step 6

Make sure the wires are carefully directed behind the TV stand and have easy access to a power source. 

Fill in the shelving underneath the TV stand with books, cable boxes, blue-ray player, and more.

Once you have the AV equipment and everything else for the entertainment center, focus on effective cable management. 

The Main Takeaway

tv stand

Now that you have a step-by-step guide on how to mount a TV on a stand, you can get right into decorating your place. 

Make sure to buy a stand that is the right fit for your TV. This will ensure the safety of the users and the TV itself. 

If you have any further confusion, please feel free to reach out to us


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