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how to mount a tv on a slanted wall

How To Mount A TV On A Slanted Wall – Full Overview, Tips, and More!

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A TV set mounted on sloped walls like an attic wall can give a very chic appearance. However, the incline of the wall can make the installation process rather difficult.

Many people chose to play it safe and install the TV wall mount on a straight wall instead.

However, with our full overview, we will help you find the perfect way to mount TVs on angled or slanted walls.

Quick summary

In this blog, we will discuss some useful things:

  • How to mount a TV on a tilted wall?
  • Tips on keeping a TV securely on the wall.

Why Should You Mount A TV On A Slanted Attic Wall?

slanted mount

In most houses, the attic is an empty room where junk collects dust. However, it can be modernized and turned into a liveable space equipped with a TV as well. A TV mounted on an attic wall can be aesthetic and free up more room.

You should consider to mount a TV on the angled wall as there are not many other things that can go there. It is difficult hanging pictures there, it also is not possible to add shelves at such an incline. 

Since most TV mounts can incline and position the TV according to one’s needs it makes sense to put one on the tilted wall.

Types of TV Wall Mount For Slanted Wall

wall mount

There are many different kinds of wall mounts and brackets that can be fixed to tilting walls. 

Depending on the incline of the wall, the setting of the room, and other factors such as wall studs, there are many different options to choose from.

Some of the most commonly used TV mounts for angled walls are:

Simple Wall Mount

A simple wall mount bracket can be screwed to the ceiling to mount the TV at an incline. 

People prefer to use such mounts with a TV that is over a bed since it gives a good viewing angle. 

However, a simple wall mount holds the TV very close to the wall. This only works for drywall that does not have a tilt of fewer than 60 degrees.

Drop Down Wall Mount

Drop-down wall mounts attach themselves to the ceiling and help the TV hang from them. The TV is attached to a pole and the base plate is attached to the ceiling. 

The pole keeps the TV straight and has the ability to support it. 

Such TVs do not have much space for movement and can only adjust a little. You should consider this mount depending on the incline of the walls and the viewing angle you are opting for.

Flip Down Wall Mount 

A flip-down TV mount helps give more space in an attic and can extend or retract the TV. 

These types of TV mounts are perfect for places where you don’t have the option to have a TV hanging at all times.

It simply holds the TV against the inclined wall when not in use and extends it downwards for a better viewing angle when needed. 

Full Motion Wall Mount

The last type of wall mount that can be used for tilted walls is a full-motion wall mount. 

These wall mounts allow the user to move the TV side to side as well and tilt it. 

Many people prefer to opt for a full-motion ceiling wall mount as it provides more stability and a better viewing angle. It also helps give a very modern look to the room. 

Steps On Mounting A TV On A Slanted Wall

steps to mount a tv

Image Credits: Reddit

Now that we know what types of TV wall hounds there are to choose from, it is important to go over the installation process on a slanted wall. 

Here are the following steps:

First Step

The first thing that you need to do is find the studs. Use a stud finder to locate the studs on the wall and mark them with a pencil. 

This will help find the areas to drill the holes to screw in the mounting plate. 

Do not skip this step as TVs are heavy and need to mount on the most sturdy and reliable portion of the wall.

Second Step

Using the VESA pattern or your TV mode, drill the pilot holes for the TV mount. Check with a level whether the mounting holes are straight. 

It is important to center the mounting plate as it will impact the angle of the TV.

Third Step

Put in the screws for the TV mounting bracket and secure it in place using the provided hardware. 

Attach the wall mount to the TV and make sure that you have a comfortable amount of room to work in when you fix it to the wall.

Fourth Step

Make sure the TV is securely mounted on the wall. Check the strength of the screws and search for any mistakes. 

Things to Consider when Mounting on Angled Walls

There are a few things to consider when you plan to mount a TV on a slope. This is because the last thing you want is for the TV to fall to the floor. Here’s what to look out for:

Location of Screw Holes on the Wall

Finding the perfect place for screw holes is important as you need the TV to be mounted in the strongest place on the wall.

Consider mounting the TV on a corner if you happen to be working with a studless wall.

Material of the Wall

wall material

Knowing the material of the wall can help one understand if the wall can support the weight of the TV

In most cases, if the wall is too delicate, people prefer to mount the TV on a stand or put it on a shelf instead.

The Viewing Angle

The viewing angle has a very big impact on the placement of the TV and what kind of wall mount it will be paired with. 

This is because even if there is a wall in a room where the TV can be installed, there has to be a proper viewing angle at that spot so the viewer can have a good experience. 

Therefore, you have to take into consideration seating placement and eye level.


slanted mount

With this, we conclude the post on how to mount a TV on a slanting attic wall. You can now easily install a TV in the attic, or in rooms where the wall structure seemed challenging. 

Make sure to follow the instructions to ensure the safety of the TV and the viewer. Always use high-quality hardware and proper installation techniques.

For the answers to any other questions, read more articles on our site as we cover all TV topics in detail.


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