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how to mount a tv on a plaster wall without studs

How to Mount a TV on a Plaster Wall Without Studs – Easy Guide & FAQs

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When it comes to TV mounts, many people prefer walls with studs for extra stability to their televisions. Walls without studs are generally regarded as difficult or risky to mount TVs on.

However, with our detailed yet easy guide, you will successfully mount a TV on a plaster wall without studs. 

All you need to do is follow the instructions and ensure that you use quality hardware and equipment for the mounting process.

Quick summary

In this blog, we will discuss some useful things:

Mounting a TV Wall Mount on a Wall without Wall Studs


Studs generally helps one identify areas where the wall is strongest and will be able to bear the weight of a TV mounted to the wall. It gives you an idea of where to install your TV wall mount

Walls without studs can be brick walls, concrete walls, or just have layers of plaster. 

These are solid throughout and need strong devices that grip onto the wall. 

Therefore, we suggest alternative ways to install a TV mount on a studless wall.

How to tell if you have a Plaster wall Without Studs?

plaster wall

Some walls have thick coatings of plaster on walls that can limit how a stud finder locates metal studs in the wall. Sometimes these walls do not have studs in them at all. 

Here’s how to check if you have plaster walls:

  • Try checking the attic of your house whether the wood sheets are covered in plaster or a layer of gypsum.
  • Push a thumb pin into your wall with just the pressure of your thumb. If it does not go in, you have a plaster wall.
  • Determine the age of your home, drywall houses became popular after the 1960s.
  • Check for cracks in your walls as plaster cracks after aging whilst drywall does not.

The Tools You Will Need For Installing A TV Mount


One of the most important things you need to consider when you want to install a fixed TV mount on a studless wall are the tools. 

Some of the tools you need are as follows:

Guide On How To Mount A TV On A Plaster Wall Without Studs

There are many ways to mount a TV on a wall without studs. Some of the most common ways are as follows:

Method 1: Using A Wall Anchor

Using drywall anchors is common when you want the TV mounting plate to grip onto the wall tightly. A wall anchor is a device that goes inside the sleeve of the drilled hole to make sure the screw is secured in place. 

For a simple wall anchor, mark the holes where you wish to install the mounting plates. Use a level to find a sturdy anchor point. 

Drill these holes as wide as the anchor and place the sleeve neatly inside. You can use a disposable pull tool to ensure the anchor is locked into place.

Once this is done, simply screw the mounting bracket into the anchor holes and hang the TV on the wall. 

Method 2: Using Toggle Anchors

Toggle anchors are just like wall anchors, however, they have fortified features to help the wall support the TV’s weight. Toggle anchors work in the sense that they help the screws in the installation hole stay in place even if pressure is exerted on them. 

Using a level, find secure places for the installation holes. Make sure both the mount and the marked holes align. 

Take a drill and make holes for the toggle wall anchors. Insert the folded toggle bolts or toggle anchor into the holes. Secure the bolts in place and unfold them. 

Screw the TV mount in place of the pilot holes with the toggles and mount the new TV. 

Method 3: Using A Ceiling Wall Mount

Another effective way to mount a TV on a studless wall is to use ceiling mounts. In most cases, ceilings have good anchor points and a strong frame. 

This means it can easily take on the weight of a TV since we had fans, ACs, and other appliances from it as well. 

To install a ceiling mount, locate beams and joints for a strong point to screw wall mounts into. Identify the mounting holes using the VESA pattern that can be located against the TV’s model number.

Install the ceiling mount wall bracket and follow the TV manual to hang it properly. Make sure the drilled holes and hardware used are strong enough to support the load capacity.

Method 4: Using Molly Bolts

Molly bolts are another way of mounting a TV onto a studless wall. You have pointy molly bolts that have a sharp tip and non-pointed molly bolts for mounting options. 

Place the TV mount on the wall and draw the screw holes line. Make sure it is on a flat surface so you can make the TV stay in place.

Drill the holes on the hollow wall and place the molly bolts inside. Make sure to screw the mounting plate in tight so you don’t have issues when mounting the new TV on the wall.

Things to keep in mind when Mounting TV on a Studless Wall

There are some things that you should always keep in mind before mounting a TV on a studless wall. Firstly confirm whether the wall is studless with a stud finder. Also, you can check if the studs are simply coated which is why the stud finder cannot find them. 

Here are some other things to consider:

The Condition of the Wall

condition of wall

One of the main things that influence whether you can hand a TV from a studless wall is the condition of the wall itself. To mount a TV is not the same as hanging a picture frame. 

It is important to confirm whether the wall can take the weight of the TV or not.

Check for cracks and fissures in the plaster of the wall. You can also look for signs of seepage or water damage as well. If the plaster is not cracking and the wall looks like it is in good condition, you can continue with the mounting process.

The Weight of the TV

weight of tv

Another important aspect is the weight of the TV. The weight of the TV impacts what kind of mounting device to use and how it should be installed. 

The heavier your TV, the stronger you need the joint to the wall to be.

Make sure the holes drilled in the wall are according to the VESA specifications for a TV of that specific size and weight. This will ensure that it does not put too much pressure on one point of the wall only. 

The Type of TV Mount

The last thing that you need to be mindful of is the type of TV mount you will place the TV on. This impacts where on your wall you can position the TV and how much room there is for adjustment. 

In the case you buy a simple TV bracket, you will not be able to change its location or angle. 

Make sure to always mark your installation holes and check them with a level so that your TV is aligned when you mount it. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How can I determine the condition of my wall?

You can easily determine the condition of your wall by checking for cracks, flaky paint, dryness, and any damages to the structure. 

If you find it hard to do so yourself, you can have a professional come in for inspection.

How can I find the perfect height to mount a TV from the ceiling?

When mounting the TV from the ceiling, you can determine the best height to lower it to by assessing the eye level of the room. 

The TV should be at eye level and it would be an additional plus if it had a tilt option. 

Do I need a professional to install a TV on a plaster wall?

Although it can be done by a regular person, if you feel that hiring a professional would ensure better safety for the TV then you can hire one by all means. 

The cost of installation would be about the same as a drywall installation. 

Are plaster walls capable of withstanding the weight of a TV?

Plaster walls are very sturdy and durable. In terms of weight, they can easily have a TV mounted onto them. The main issue is using the right hardware. 

The Main Takeaway

Now that you have learned how to mount a TV on a plaster wall without studs, you can easily have a TV on any type of wall in the house. 

Make sure to follow the instructions carefully and always use the best hardware available. This will prevent your TV from any damage after the installation. 

If you have any questions, contact us freely.


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