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how to mount a tv above a fireplace without studs

How to Mount a TV Above a Fireplace Without Studs – Does it Work?

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Nothing is more rewarding than placing your TV above a fireplace.

But what happens when you don’t have wall studs or just aren’t willing to use them? You may wonder if it’s possible to wall mount a TV without studs?

Good news for you, a TV can be mounted using anchors, mounting plates, toggle anchors, ceiling mounts, and more. Of course, you’ll have to choose the correct option by keeping the weight and size of your TV in mind.

Quick summary

In this post we will go over:

  • What you will need to mount a TV on drywall?
  • How to mount a TV above a fireplace without studs?
  • How to hide wires when mounting a TV above a fireplace?

Without further ado, let’s begin.

What Will l Need to Mount a TV on Drywall?

Use Toggle Anchors or Molly Bolts

If you’ve hung something on the walls before, you would know that the anchor is the simplest way to hang anything on the wall without studs. 

toggle anchors

Image Courtesy: Reddit

Toggle anchors or toggle bolts look like normal screws, but they have a butterfly toggle at the end. They also come in different shapes and sizes. But, all perform the same action, that is, keep the screws that attach the TV mount securely tied to the wall without causing damage. 

They go straight into the wall and anchor themselves in. The toggle at the back keeps them from loosening up no matter how much force is used on the entire wall.

If you pull on it, it will cause the whole drywall to respond to the weight and not just the crumbly center. Therefore, we think it is a sturdy option for mounting a TV wall mount above a fireplace

molly bolts

Molly bolts are another option you can try. However, they may be harder to install than other drywall anchors if you are a novice. They are designed to withstand medium to large weights. 

If you have the option, we would recommend you go with the pointed molly bolts since they are easier to use with no installation hole. Its sharp tip can easily be installed with a hammer. Non-pointed molly bolts, on the other hand, are more suitable for plaster walls.

Consider a Mounting Plate

A mounting plate is a good choice to use with anchors. They are mostly made of steel but, we would recommend you get the ones made of plywood. This will help the anchors carry the TV with more ease. 

If aesthetics are a concern, mounting plates may not be as appealing especially if they turn out bigger than the TV. Therefore, it is recommended to get the mounting plate smaller than the TV so the screen covers the metal or the plywood. 

Get Ceiling Mounts

Though this method is not as popular as standard wall mounts, you can try to mount your TV from the ceiling. It will give your room a modern look but it may be more complex and labor-intensive than you want it to be. 

If you have beams or joists in your house, you may use them to mount your TV. They will act as a replacement for studs. However, you will require longer screws to reach joists based on the layout of your home. 

Can you Really Hang a TV Wall Mount Without Studs?

You can definitely get your TV mounted on your wall without studs or hollow wall anchors. But, if possible we would recommend you secure a wall mount to studs. 

In most cases, you’ll find wall studs on the wall above your fireplace. Use a high-quality stud finder to search for the studs before you secure the mount. 

Using wall studs will result in a more secure mount. Therefore, all other wall hanging methods should be used as a second option. 

Things to Keep in Mind to Mount your TV Without Wall Studs

There are some important factors to keep in mind if you are to mount your TV without studs:

  • The weight of the TV 

Choose an anchor that can hold your TV’s weight. For example, for a 32-inch screen, you need an anchor that can hold 30 pounds of weight. For a large screen, it would be more. This is specified on the package when you purchase it or you can ask your salesperson. 

  • The condition of your wall 

For any of the methods to work, your wall should be in a good state. If this is not the case, we would recommend making all necessary fixes before you mount the TV. 

  • Quality of the mount

We would not suggest going for a cheap mount to save a couple of bucks. Make an investment and buy a good TV wall mount that fits the weight and size of your TV. 

  • The type of mount 

Anchors can support both moving and fixed mounts. It depends on your preferences to get the best one. One thing to keep in mind is that movement adds more weight, so anchors might not be as suitable as a mounting plate. 

Is it Safe to Mount Your TV above a Fireplace?

We would recommend you avoid hanging a TV over a fireplace whenever possible. 

Not only will your TV be at risk for overheating if the fireplace is in use but the height of the fireplace will also require you to hang the TV very high. This makes for a very uncomfortable viewing angle for watching TV. 

However, if you have your heart set on mounting the TV above the fireplace, we would suggest hanging it at the correct height. 

Another thing you can do is not use the fireplace with the mounted TV. The soot and heat from the fire can damage your TV to a great extent. 

How to Mount a TV Above a Fireplace Without Studs?

When you want to hang a flat-screen TV above your fireplace without studs, drywall anchors would not support the weight. 

Therefore, you’ll need a much more secure wall bracket, especially for a full-motion mount. 

Here are some steps that will allow you securely mount your TV over a fireplace:

Choose a TV Wall Mount

choose mount

As we mentioned before, select a wall mount that is compatible with the weight and size of your room. 

Due to the high viewing angle of a TV over a fireplace unit, we would recommend you go for tilt mounts for your TV. 

This will allow you to tilt the TV downwards for a more comfortable viewing experience. At the same time, avoid swing-arm mounts since they add extra weight to the wall anchors. 

While attaching a TV without studs, the best option would be to use a fixed motion mount. Avoid full-motion mounts as they can strain wall anchors due to their weight. 

Decide the position of the TV

This is the most important step as it will determine the placement of your TV. You must hang your TV at the correct height or it may cause neck strains in the future. 

Here are some things to keep in mind:

  • Hang your TV as close to eye level (when seated) as possible. 
  • Hang your TV 12 inches above the fireplace you’ll be using the fireplace. 

You may notice that these two points conflict. Just to be extra safe, hang your TV a good amount of distance away from the fireplace mantel. However, if you don’t intend to use the fireplace at all, you can ignore this rule and hang it just above the mantle. 

Mark the Wall Mount Holes on the Drywall

Once you have determined the right height for your TV mount, hold it up to the wall. You’ll have to make sure it’s centered and leveled. 

Then, get a pencil to mark each hole where a toggle bolt is to be inserted to attach the mount to the wall.

Follow these steps:

  • Use a tape to measure if the TV mount is far enough above the mantel to be installed at the appropriate height.
  • Use a carpenter’s level to make sure the mount is level when held against the wall.
  • If needed, you can also use finish nails to temporarily hang the mount so you can adjust the height and level.
  • Use a pencil to label the wall where each wall anchor will be installed to attach the TV mount to the wall. 

To make sure the TV wall mounts are leveled, we would suggest taking help from another person. It’s also a good idea to use your level and measuring tape to see if the mount is parallel to the fireplace before you mark it. 

Drill Pilot Holes

drill holes

Use an electric drill for this. It would also be beneficial for having your anchor bolts with you during this step. 

Drill pilot holes in the wall where each pencil mark was made in the last step. 

Note: The holes need to be just large enough to allow a folded toggle bolt to fit through. 

If you’re unsure about the size of the hole, we would suggest you start small. It’s always easier to use a larger drill bit to enlarge the hole. But a hole that is too big will make for a poor mount. 

Secure the TV Mount with Toggle Bolts

secure tv mount

Note: Do not use a hollow wall anchor or a plastic wall fastener to secure your TV to your wall. 

You will require something much sturdier to keep your TV from falling.

A 3 by 8-inch toggle bolt in drywall can hold 50 pounds per bolt. Whereas, plastic wall anchors can only hold 15 pounds per anchor.

As an alternative to toggle bolts, you may use a molly bolt. They can hold up to 50 pounds per bolt. 

Both these bolts will help you brace against the wall to distribute force once they are tightened. 

Attach the Mounting Plate to the TV

plate to tv

This is where you will attach the mounting plate to the back of the TV. Most wall mounting systems come with specific TV mounts that only fit your TV model. 

They also come in 2 pieces – one that is attached to the wall and the other that is fixed to the TV. 

When you install the mounting plate on the TV, you can slide the TV into its place on the wall mount. This will save you from being forced to bolt the TV to a wall mount midair. 

Hang the TV

hang tv

Now that you have your TV wall mount secured with heavy-duty anchors and the mounting plate connected to the TV, you can hang your TV.

With the help of a partner, perform a two-person lift. Then slide the mounting plate onto the mount so it safely suspends the TV on the wall. 

If the fireplace is too high, you may use a ladder or step stools to make the installation easy. 

How to Mount a TV on a Brick Fireplace?

If you have a brick fireplace, you can technically install a TV mount on it. However, since we don’t know the quality of the brick, we won’t suggest it. 

However, if you still decide to mount to brick, make sure to drill into the brick itself. Do not drill the mortar. Otherwise, your entire TV will end up on the floor. 

Tips on How to Hide Wires When Mounting a TV Over a Fireplace?

In case you want a clean look at your living space, hiding your TV wires is a must. 

How well you can hide your TV wires depends on the construction of the wall. 

In a newer house, there’s a huge likelihood of having an outlet above your fireplace for the TV. If that’s the case, you’re in luck since you won’t have to do anything. 

If you can’t find an outlet on the wall, check if there’s a built-in one in your mantel. You’ll be able to direct your cables behind the wall and into that outlet. 

However, digging strips into the drywall to pass your wires through can be really hard. That’s why we would recommend an on-wall cable channel. There are two types. One that goes straight down to the outlet and one that follows a custom path. You may choose the one that fits best for your TV.

In addition to this, on-wall cable channels are extremely easy to install and blend into the wall.

Wrapping Things Up…

fireplace tv

This brings us to the conclusion of your post on how to mount a TV over a fireplace. 

There is no doubt, a mounted TV over a fireplace can take your living room to the next level. You can use it to save space as well as damage to your wall by mounting a TV. 

Of course, you’ll have to figure out what type of wall you have, pick the right mount, and get it installed at a proper height.

Hopefully, we’ve made it easier to understand the whole installation process. What mount will you install on your TV? Let us know in the comments below. 


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