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how to mount a samsung tv

How to Mount a Samsung TV – All You Need to Know

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A Samsung TV is not just any TV. It’s a device with unmatched image quality, sound, and an ultra-slim design. For all these features to shine, it’s best to mount your TV flat up against the wall. 

Quick Summary 

In this post, we will discuss:

  • What you will need to mount your TV?
  • How to mount your Samsung TV?
  • How to solve mounting problems with new Samsung TVs? 

Let’s get started.

Do Samsung TVs Come with Mounting Screws?

mount screws

If you’ve clicked on this article, the chances are you’re unaware of what’s included in the box to mount the TV. So, this brings us to our first answer: 

No, Samsung TVs do not come with mounting screws. 

Therefore, if you want to mount your TV on the wall, you’ll have to purchase the screws and the wall mounts separately. But, it does come with wall mount adapters and a stand mount. 

Now, let’s take a look at what you actually need to mount your TV onto your wall. 

What Will You Need to Mount your Samsung TV on a Wall Mount?

If you want to set up your TV on a standing mount, then you won’t need any additional equipment to set up the TV. Everything you need will come included in the box. 

But, to wall mount your TV, you will have to purchase a Samsung TV wall mount or any other mount that is VESA compliant with your TV’s size. 

Furthermore, the mounting screws you need depend on the size of the screw holes located at the back of your TV. 

For example, for 100×100 mm holes, you will require an M4 standard screw and for 200×200 and 400×400 holes will need M8 standard screws.

What Tools Do You Need for your Samsung TV Wall Mount?

While mounting your TV, we urge you to follow the exact instructions provided by the wall mount manufacturer or the instructions that come with the TV. Go page by page to know exactly what you will need for proper mounting. 

Here are some tools you will require to wall mount your TV:

  • Stud Finder 
  • Level (we would not recommend using the level that comes attached to the wall plate)
  • Power Drill 
  • Mounting Screws

While mounting your TV, we urge you to follow the exact instructions provided by the wall mount manufacturer or the instructions that come with the TV. Go page by page to know exactly what you will need for proper mounting. 

Here are some tools you will require to wall mount your TV:

  • Stud Finder 
  • Level (we would not recommend using the level that comes attached to the wall plate)
  • Power Drill 
  • Mounting Screws

How To Mount Your Samsung TV?

To properly wall mount your TV, it’s important to follow these steps:

First, decide the location and the height of your TV.

This is one of the most crucial steps to wall mounting your TV. Therefore, we would advise you to take your time with it. 

Otherwise, changing the location of your TV after you’ve set it up will be more time-consuming and tedious. You’ll also have to drill additional holes in your wall. 

Moreover, mounting your TV at a proper height will create more space in your room. 

Next, locate studs in your wall to support the TV.

Since hollow wall anchors cannot support the weight of the TV and wall mount brackets, we would recommend you screw your wall mounts into studs. 

Moreover, purchase a stud finder to help you locate studs on the wall.

Mark and drill plot holes.

drill holes

It’s best that you find someone to help you with this step. 

Hold your mount at the desired place, then mark in pencil where you will drill the holes to support the wall mount to the wall. This will make it really easy for you to install the mounting screws into the pilot holes. 

Attach the mounting plate to your TV.

This is where you attach the plate to the back of the TV. The area where you attach the plate will depend on the type of wall mount you’re using. If you’re using a full-motion mount you’ll also have to determine which angle you want the TV to face.

Finally, mount your TV.

mount tv

Get someone to help you with mounting the TV. However, before you mount the TV make sure the connection between the wall plate and the TV plate is secure and in contact. 

How to Determine the Correct TV Mount Size?

size of tv mount

If you’ve worked with wall mounts before, you’re probably familiar with VESA.

Simply put, it is the distance between the mounting holes at the back of the TV in millimeters. 

You can find TVs VESA standard in its user manual or Samsung official website. Furthermore, you can measure your mount size for your Samsung TV by measuring the four holes located at the back.

This will provide you with the horizontal and vertical distance between the holes, which will be your TV’s VESA size.

Are TV Wall Brackets Universal?

Since most TV mounts conform to the VESA specifications it should be rather easy to match any television to any mount. But, not all mounts will support every TV’s weight. 

Therefore, make sure to check your desired wall bracket to see if it can support your brand-new TV’s weight.

The Problem With Some Samsung HDTVs

We know that all manufacturers use the VESA standard to place four-screw mounting holes on their televisions and monitors. 

Moreover, all VESA compliant mounts have a variety of holes that can accommodate matching TV mounts. These mounts also come with matching hardware to meet the universally accepted standard. 

So, you would think that the VESA size works to benefit manufacturers and consumers alike. 

However, that is not the case. 

Some manufacturers wander off and use non-standard VESA mounting holes. This requires the use of specific mounting screws that they do not include in the mounting kit, thus creating a huge problem. 

Samsung is one of the manufacturers that changed the types of bolts needed to screw the TVs onto the TV mount. 

The problem started when Samsung started creating new TVs with curved backs.

As a result, the standard M4, M6, or M8 screws that come with a VESA-compliant mounting kit no longer work when mounting the TV to the wall. 

Worst of all, the company doesn’t provide the correct bolts when you purchase one of their Samsung TVs.

However, the problem isn’t the M4, M6, or M8 diameters. It is the length of the screws. 

The three screws come in lengths from 10mm to 40mm. Sometimes even 43mm. 

None of these lengths are long enough for the newer Samsung models. This is because their curved backs place the TV’s mounting holes even further than normal from the wall.

You would think that the spacers that come with the HDTVs will compensate for the extra distance, but they don’t.

Although Samsung claims that 45mm screws will work with their TVs. However, our team found these screws to be insufficient for the mount. 

You would need either 50mm screws, or a combination of 45mm and 50mm screws, in order to properly hang your TV on the mount. Unfortunately, no standard VESA mounting kits include 45mm or 50mm screws in the box.

You may be wondering, what now?

Dealing With The Samsung VESA Issue

After thorough research, we found some ways to unravel this issue. 

If you have a bunch of money lying around then you can buy a bunch of screws from the hardware store and hope they fit. 

Or you could contact and pay an installer a ridiculous amount of money to come to your house and solve the problem for you. 

We must admit both of these situations are far from ideal. 

This leaves us to our last solution. We would highly recommend you buy your TV mount from Cmple. 

Cmple has solved this problem ever since Samsung decided to change its mounting screws sizes. The most important thing is that they know exactly which bolts are required to hang which Samsung TV. 

If you shop a Cmple TV mount in-store, they will provide you with the correct screws free of charge. However, if you place your order over the phone or on your computer, proper bolts will be shipped with the box to you at your house. 

Obviously, free standard shipping will apply. 

Wrapping Things Up…

This brings us to the end of our in-depth article on how to mount your Samsung TV.  

All in all, mounting your TV on your wall has a lot of benefits. It can create more space in your room, make the screen more visible and protect your TV from children or pets. 

However, before shopping for the mount make sure you’ve decided on the correct location for the mount. Also, purchase the right bolts otherwise you won’t be able to use your perfectly good wall mount. 

We hope we were able to clear some things out for you regarding the Samsung TV mount. Let us know about your experience in the comments below. 


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