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how to mount a 55 inch tv

How to Mount a 55-Inch TV – Full Overview, Tips & More

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55-inch televisions lie right in that sweet spot where they’re not too big and not too small. That’s why they’re extremely popular among American households. 

Mounting a 55-inch TV can be a great way to save space and provide an aesthetically pleasing background to your living room. 

However, it comes with its own set of challenges that you must know how to tackle before you start the mounting process.

Quick summary

In this post, we will discuss how you can easily and securely mount a 55-inch TV to your wall. 

We have also provided a list of tools and supplies you will require to successfully mount the TV. 

So without further ado, let’s get into it. 

Tools and Supplies Needed


As with all of our installation posts, we highly recommend that you go through all of the tools you will need first and gather them all. 

It’s a good idea to gather all the tools and supplies needed for the installation first because it saves you a ton of time. 

You won’t have to go looking for a tool for every next step if you have all of them gathered beforehand and ready to go. 

The tools and supplies you will need to mount a 55-inch TV to the wall are: 

  • A wall-mount 
  • A level
  • A tape measure
  • A stud finder
  • Assorted screws and bolts (that you received from the wall mount) 
  • A screwdriver or a socket wrench
  • A helper
  • A drill
  • A pencil or marker
  • A helper
  • Drill bits
  • Drywall anchors (if your wall does not have studs) 

Go through the list and gather all of the tools. Once you have them, you can begin the installation process

How to Mount a 55-Inch TV to the Wall (Step-by-Step Guide)

55 inch tv

It’s important to note that for this post, we will provide instructions on how to mount a 55-inch TV to Drywall with wooden studs with 16-inch spacing. 

We are providing instructions for this specific type of wall because this is the type of wall that is the most common in American households. 

Just follow these steps to install your TV to the wall:

Step 1: Before doing anything else, you must first decide on where exactly you want to mount the TV

The location on the wall should ideally be near a power outlet and it should be a spot from where you can watch TV comfortably. 

For a 55-inch TV, the optimal height for most people is 28 inches from the floor to the bottom of the TV. 

Use a tape measure to identify the appropriate height from the floor to where the bottom of the TV should be. 

Once you have properly identified the spot for your TV, you can get to work on it.

Step 2: Use your stud finder to find the locations of the studs in the wall at the spot you have decided for your TV. 

Since this post is for studs that have 16-inch spacing, we assume that the studs in your wall are spaced 16 inches apart. 

So, once you find one stud, you’ll have no trouble finding the other one as it will be 16 inches away from the first one. 

You will need Drywall anchors for the wall if it doesn’t have studs. 

If you do have studs with 16-inch spacing, then you’re in luck; The mount can be installed straight into the studs using the screws that have been provided with the wall mount. 

We recommend that you install the mount into at least two studs. 

Once you have identified the locations of the two studs that you will use, go ahead and mark them using a pencil or a marker.

Step 3: Request the helper you have to hold the wall mount on the location you have marked. 

It’s important that the helper holds the TV mount in a way so that the mounting holes for it align with the locations of the studs you marked in the last step.

Make sure that a level is used to ensure your helper is not holding up the TV mount crooked.

Once the TV mount is held up in its correct position, you should go ahead and mark the locations of the mounting holes with a pencil or a marker.

drill holes

Step 4: Next, you must pre-drill holes into the wall to install the mount. 

You can drill holes into Drywall using any standard drill. 

However, it’s important that you be gentle and drill the holes carefully. If you use too much force or speed initially, you can definitely damage the wall as well as the hole. 

Step 5: Now, ask your helper to hold up the TV mount at the same location again. 

Once more, you should use a level to ensure that your helper is still holding up the TV mount properly. 

Once the TV mount is held up in the correct position, you can go ahead and install it onto the wall by screwing it in with a screwdriver. 

Again, you must be careful not to overtighten at this stage because that can definitely damage the wall as well as your TV mount.

tv mount

Step 6: Now that the wall mount has been successfully installed onto your wall, you can now attach your TV to it. 

The process for this is fairly simple but it can vary slightly depending on the manufacturers of both your TV as well as the TV mount. 

We highly recommend that you thoroughly read the instructions provided by both the TV as well as the TV mount manufacturer before proceeding with this step. 

In most cases, it will involve you having the helper hold up the TV to the mount. Next, you will go ahead and attach the TV to the mount by screwing in the bolts with a screwdriver or a socket wrench. 

Step 7: Once the TV is installed, check its stability. 

Hold it gently and shake it from side to side. If it feels fairly stable, you’re good to go. 

However, if it wobbles a bit too much, that means that one or more screws are loose. In this case, you must go over all the screws to identify the ones that are loose. 

Tighten them and you’re golden.

Wrapping Things Up…

As you can see, there’s really nothing hard about mounting a 55-inch TV onto your wall. 

It takes some planning and effort but it’s definitely not as daunting as some people think it is. 

If you have any confusion regarding the process, please ask us in the comments below.


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