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how to install a onn full motion tv wall mount

How to Install an Onn Full Motion TV Wall Mount – In-Depth Guide & FAQs

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A well mounted and adjusted TV offers a great viewing experience for the customer. It gets better if you can adjust the angles of your TV. 

Full motion TV mounts allow you to adjust the angle of your screen both vertically and horizontally. When it comes to manufacturers, Onn is a known placeholder in the market.  

Some customers face the issue of installing the Onn full-motion mount. To help you, we have prepared an easy-to-follow guide.

Quick summary

By the end of this guide, we will go through:

  • How to install your Onn Full motion TV mount?

Let’s take a look at it.

How you can Install your Onn Full Motion TV mount?

onn full motion mount

As discussed earlier, full-motion mounts give you control over the tilt and swivel of your TV. They have an extendable arm, which separates the TV from the wall by a few inches. There are many manufacturers in the market that offer you full-motion mounts. 

Onn is a producer that is well known in the market for its quality products. Their full motion mounts are available for two separate categories depending on your screen size. These are

  • Mount for TVs between 32 inches and 47 inches 
  • Mount for TVs between 47 inches and 84 inches

The installation is, however, the same for both wall mounts. Before moving on, it is important to know that the mount attaches to concrete, stone, and masonry walls. Let’s explore the steps:

Step # 1 - Catalogue the parts


Before you begin the installation, you must catalog the parts. The box comes with the mount and the mounting screws. These have their own washers, an Allen key, and anchors. The manufacturer has provided everything that you have to use for mounting. 

The wall mount has 2 pieces. A wall piece and a TV bracket. The wall piece is already assembled, however, you have to assemble the TV bracket before you attach it to your screen.

These parts are packaged in a plastic bag and are separated part-wise. You can check the manual for individual part numbers. 

There is also a mounting template that comes in the package. This includes all the measurements.  

To enable the mount to work on different kinds of surfaces, the mount can be extended. There are arms that can be opened or closed. If you are using 24-inch studs, you need to open the moveable arms. If you are using 16-inch studs, you need to close the arms.

Step # 2 - Drill the pilot holes in your wall

drill plot holes

After you have catalogued the parts, it is time to move on to the next step. First, you need to mount the template on your wall. You can do this by attaching some tape to the piece of paper and then drilling the holes. 

Make sure that you are drilling into the studs. You can locate the studs by using a stud finder. After you have located them, you can mark them with a pencil.

Make sure that the template is level. You can do this by using a bubble level. Then, drill the holes into your wall. 

Step # 3 - Attach the Mount to the wall

Next, you need to attach the mount to the wall. You need a friend for this step to hold the mount in place. Make sure that it is straight and level. Then, put the screws in the pilot holes you have drilled. 

To tighten the screws, you can use a screwdriver or a power tool. Make sure that the screws go fully into the wall, with only their heads visible. Check the level of the mount again to see if you need to make any minor adjustments. The package includes a bubble for this purpose. 

Lastly, you need to see if the mechanism is working properly. Pull the arms and check if they extend all the way. Then, insert the mounting rod into the wall piece. The wall piece has a place where you can slide in the mounting rod. Then tighten it using the m6 screws. 

There are two rods which are in two separate pieces. You slide in the rods both at the top and the bottom of the arm. After this, you need to place in the last two smaller pieces. These go at the ends of the rods and connect the top and bottom parts.

Then, you can cover the metal parts of the wall mount with plastic covers. These simply clip into the metal.

Step # 4 - Attach the Bracket to the TV

attach tv to bracket

First, you need to make sure that the back of your TV is accessible. You need to lay the TV on a soft surface such as a blanket. Then, attach the bracket to your TV. 

Make sure that you place the bracket evenly on the TV. Place the bracket on the back surface of the TV and align it with the holes in your TV. It affects the height of your TV with respect to the viewer. 

When you have decided how high you want to attach the bracket, you can fix it in place using screws. 

Step # 5 - Attach the TV to the Wall Piece


You might need assistance for this step. Grab the TV by the corners and lift it up. Align the wall piece and the TV bracket with each other and carefully attach the TV. 

Then you need to attach the moveable brackets that are on the TV bracket. There are two of them at the bottom end of the TV bracket. You need to hold them in place using the screws. M6 screws are used here too. 

Check if the mount is working properly by pushing and adjusting the angles of your screen. Then plug all the wires in and your TV is ready for viewing. 

Wrapping Things Up

tv mount

Full motion TV mounts offer you free movement of your TV. Onn TV is a producer which offers quality mounts for your TV. You can move your screen both vertically and horizontally using their mounts.

Installing these mounts can be a hassle. However, by following our guide, you can do this without a hitch. 

With this, we reach the end of our article on “How to install an Onn full motion TV Wall Mount?”. 

We hope that you found it helpful. Let us know of your experience in the comments. 


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