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False Wall for TV and Fireplace

How to Build a False Wall for TV and Fireplace?

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A false wall is a beautiful piece of interior furniture that can add character to the whole room. You can use a faux fireplace to create a focal point in your living room. Since it is a practical choice, you can add an electric fireplace and a new TV to your fake wall and improve the room’s overall aesthetics.

With proper inspiration and a handful of tools, you can efficiently complete the DIY fireplace project for your home without any structural damage. Here in this guide, you will get detailed steps for the process of building a media wall with an electric fireplace and TV.

So, without any further delay, let us dive into the comprehensive guide. However, before that, let us first familiarize ourselves with some process prerequisites.

Hole wall VS Stud Wall

inside of a living room

Before you take out the tools to hammer the wall or build a fake one, you need to analyze your room settings and make an apt choice.

Do you want a hole in your existing wall for your fireplace and TV, or do you want to create a media wall in the room?

The choice depends on your property and personal preference. However, if there is an existing chimney breast, you can easily install a TV over it and add an electric fire. A chimney breast will act as a ready-made media wall.

However, if your room’s construction is new, a stud wall will be a better option to include a TV and an electric fire without significant structural damage.

Once you have funneled down the apt option, it is time to choose an apt fire and TV for your media wall.

What type of fire is apt for a media fireplace?

Picking the correct fire for your unit is essential as it will affect the whole construction process of your media wall. There are some significant factors in play. Let us understand them properly.


Fireplaces come in different fuel variants, namely, gas, solid fuel, and electric. As the media wall will be made from timber wood, it is highly recommended that you should use electric fireplaces. Here is a quick comparison between electric and gas fireplaces.

Electric V/S Gas Fireplace

  1. Ease of Setup

The electric variant is relatively easier to set up than the gas one. Just plug the socket, and you are all set. The gas variant needs a constant supply of gas to connect to your domestic gas supply. The whole process can be time-consuming.

  1. Safety

Electric fires do not heat up and will not damage the stud wall or the TV above it. With the gas fireplace, you need to be cautious about the heat as it can damage the wood, TV, and other nearby appliances.

  1. Aesthetics

You get better customizations and designs with an electric fireplace than the gas ones. You can change the LEDs, add a smoke effect and do much more, which is impossible with the gas fireplace.

Heater type

An electric fireplace is further classified into two types based on heater type, namely infrared heater, and fan-forced heater. Let us understand both types properly.

  1. Infrared

In the infrared variant, a quartz bulb generates heat, which is then directly expelled into the room.

  1. Fan-forced

In the fan-forced variant, a blower pulls the cool air, which passes over heating elements. It heats the air, and the warm air is blown out into the room.

The fan-forced variant is better than the infrared one, as all the heat is expelled directly from the fireplace. It does not go in the upward direction and thus protects the TV above it.

Mode of construction

There are two types of electric fires that you can add to the faux fireplace. It is essential to pick one as it will affect the building process of your media wall. 

The first is a hole-in-wall electric fire, and the other is a wall-mounted electric fire. You can incorporate any one into the stud wall. Here is some information on both types of electric fires.

  1. Hole-in-wall 

As the name suggests, the hole-in-wall electric fire embeds into the whole wall. You have to consider this while constructing your stud wall and leave enough space in it so that you can add the electric fire into it easily.

There are several options available in the market for this electric fire variant. Some options allow you to expose two or even three ideas within the unit. However, you must consider all these things while constructing the media wall. 

  1. Wall-mounted

Wall-mounted electric fire variant sits outside the media wall and is fixed using some hanging screws or brackets. The prime advantage of this variant over the previous one is that this electric fireplace makes the construction process of stud walls relatively easier.

However, it can be a little bulky and lack the same level of sleekness as a hole-in-wall electric fireplace. 

Nevertheless, you can find an attractive one for your unit and add it to create an attractive focal point in your room.

What type of TV is suitable for a media fireplace?

If you are going with a chimney breast, the weight is not the central point to consider, as it can bear its weight. However, with a stud wall, you need to consider the TV’s weight, as your media wall may not be able to support a large TV safely.

If you are in any doubt, you should consult a professional builder to make the optimal choice.

Besides this, you need to make a choice whether you want to embed it or hang it using some brackets. Whatever your choice may be, make sure that you adjust your construction process according to your choice.

Now that you are sure of your choices, let us dive into the detailed steps to build a fake wall.

Step-by-step Guide: DIY Fireplace project

Determining the location of the media wall

The first thing you need to decide is the location of the media wall in the room. As it will create a focal point in the room, you should go with the central wall of your room.

The next thing is the depth of the media wall and the viewing angles. For example, if anyone is sitting on the side sofa, he/she should be able to watch the TV comfortably. Moreover, everyone in your house should be able to enjoy the view while relaxing in the living room.

You also need to consider the space of the room. If you have a lot of furniture in your room, then your media wall should take up limited space to avoid chaos in the room.

On top of this, you need to check that you have easy access to the power sockets from the location of the media wall. If not, then long wires will run from it to the socket. This will increase the clutter in your room. 

Taking Measurements

Now, once you have decided on the location of the media wall, you need to take proper measurements. The media wall will support the TV and fireplace, so ensure it is wide enough to incorporate them safely.

Also, the choice of your electric fireplace type will affect the whole unit. Factor in everything and take proper measurements for all the cavities so that all the entities can sit flush with the timber frame.

Building process

The building process will change with the choice you make for the Tv and fireplace. There are two choices, hole-in-wall and wall mount. Here we cover the details of the processes.

Installing TV & Fireplace With Hole-in-wall Variant

Here are the complete steps.

  1. To build a media wall, you need to build a timber frame to support the electric fireplace and TV.
  2. All the vertical lengths of wood are called studs. Cut the required length measure from the bottom of the floor to the top of the roof.
  3. Now, you have to cross-brace these studs with several horizontal lengths. It will add strength and sturdiness to your frame.
  4. As you need to embed the TV and the fireplace, you need to build recesses for both of them. Measure your electric fireplace and Tv to create the cavities.
  5. Now install the mounting bracket in the electric fireplace wall so that you can easily mount the fireplace over it.
  6. Also, install the mounting bracket in the TV recess to fold the Tv safely. 

Installing TV and Fireplace With Wall Mount Variant

Here are the complete steps.

  1. First, you need to cut the length of the stud measuring from the bottom of the floor to the base of the electric fireplace.
  2. Make a second frame similar to it and join them together parallelly so that they form a cuboid.
  3. Now fix the bottom frame to the wall. Use the spirit level to make sure that everything sits appropriately.
  4. Now use the angle brackets or hanging screws to install the electric fireplace over it. You can use a power drill to install them.
  5. Cut the length of studs measuring from the top of the fireplace to the roof. Make two frames for both sides of the fireplace.
  6. Add cross braces for proper support and screw them into the wall.
  7. Add the mounting brackets to install the TV set into it.
  8. You are all set with the timber frame.

Expert Advice

Always screw the frame in the studs behind the wall for rigid support. You can use a stud finder to find the studs. If you don’t know how to use a stud finder, click here for a video explanation.

Handle the electrics

You will need two sockets each for the TV and electric fireplace. There are two variations for setting the power supply. Here we explain both of them.

  1. Hidden

You can install the sockets inside the media unit with the hidden variation. You can route the cables to the socket using the nail-in clips. There will be no visible wires and sockets, but you must leave both appliances plugged in permanently.

  1. Visible

You can place the socket close to the whole unit. You will require nail-in clips to route the cables from the unit to the power socket. With this structure, you can plug or unplug them anytime, but the wires and sockets will be visible.

Cover the media unit

Now, after completing the whole frame and giving the power supply, you have to cover the frame and apply the finishing touches.

If you want a smooth finish for your timber frame, you can opt for plasterboard to cover it. After it is dried, you can paint it or polish it according to your preference. You can also add skirting to your unit for a contemporary look. 

In short, you can customize the look of the media wall according to your room’s aesthetics and personal preferences.

Expert Advice

Always drill the holes for the plasterboard in the vertical logs rather than the horizontal ones. This will retain the strength of the whole unit.

Final Verdict

Here are the steps to build a media wall with an electric fireplace and TV. Go through the whole guide and understand all the steps properly to complete the project without any unnecessary hassle.

We have also mentioned some expert advice that will help you with the project. 


Q: Can you build a media wall on a chimney breast?

A: Yes, the chimney breast will serve as a resting wall for the TV unit.

Q: Why construct a fake wall to house your electric fireplace and television?

A: It will create a focal point in your room, save a lot of space, and improve the overall aesthetics.

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