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how to adjust tv wall mount

How to Adjust TV Wall Mount – Detailed Guide, Tips, FAQs & More

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A wall-mounted TV is a great addition to your interior design. It provides excellent viewing comfort and looks great with the overall aesthetics. 

You can get your TV mounted on the wall by hiring professionals or by yourself. Once you’ve mounted your TV you won’t have to worry about repeatedly adjusting it.

However, sometimes the setup needs to be altered a bit due to lighting or any other factor. Let’s discuss an easy way you can do it.

Quick Summary

By the end of this guide, we will go through:

  • Adjusting your TV wall mount with ease
  • How you can remove your TV from the wall mount 
  • What services do professionals offer?

Let’s take a look at it.

How Can You Adjust the Flat Panel TV Wall Mount?

adjusted tilted VESA pattern to support space and avoid glare and flush from TV mount and tension knob to support tilted flush viewing angle TV mounted higher to avoid direct sunlight on wall mounts and tilting TV mounts and TV bracket with VESA pattern

As discussed earlier, you don’t have to keep adjusting your TV mount after it has been set up. However, sometimes the need arises. Such as changing the setup due to the lighting or when you sit at a different angle. 

In that case, you have to change the angles such as setting the TV downward, or changing the viewing angle when watching TV. Fortunately, you can easily adjust a tilting wall mount. You can adjust the tilt of these mounts to remove the glare. 

The adjustment of your TV mounts depends on whether you have full motion mounts, tilt mounts, or other kinds of TV wall mounts.

Here is a step-by-step guide on how you can do it.

  • You first have to locate the tension knobs on your bracket. These are attached to the back of the TV. There can be a singular knob or multiple depending on the model of your bracket. 
  • After locating the knob on the bracket, loosen it by rotating it counterclockwise. Make sure that you are holding the TV so that it doesn’t fall down too fast. 
  • After loosening the knob, you can tilt your TV. Tilt it downwards by gently pushing the bottom of the panel down. You can also tilt the TV upwards by pushing the top down. 
  • After you have adjusted the tilt angle, you have to tighten the knobs. Make sure that they are properly tightened so that the angle is not disturbed.

This method works for all brands. The only difference between different brands is that the number of knobs may be different. 

How to Remove Your Wall Mounted TV?

Adjusting the angle of your TV screen can work sometimes. However, it is a temporary fix to an ongoing problem in many cases. 

Reinstall Your TV Setup

fairly similar viewing angle and tension knob on TV bracket tilting wall-mount higher tension knob viewing position of screw holes TV

In this case, you have to reinstall your entire setup including the TV bracket, to a new place according to your needs. You have to remove your flat panel TV from the wall mount first. 

Most flatscreen models come attached with a hook that attaches to the wall mount. These support the weight of the TV. A metal rod is then slid through hooks that lock the TV in place. So you primarily have to remove this metal rod to dismount the TV. 

  • First, you have to locate the position of the metal rod. Simply look through the back of the TV. It is a thin piece of metal that is securing the hooks. 
  • Then pull the rod out. However, keep the hooks’ insight as you don’t want the TV to fall down. 
  • After pulling the rod out, grab the corners of the TV and lift it upwards. Note that the hooks have been freed from the mount. Then pull the TV away from the wall. 

You might need a friends’ help if you have a TV that has a larger screen size.

Are There Any Professional Services I can Hire to Mount My TV?

measure tilted and flat panel TV full-motion mounts with TV brackets, tension knob, wall plates, and brackets

Surprisingly, yes. There are lots of services out there that include mounting a TV in their portfolio, regardless of whether you want tilting TV mounts, or different types. Best Buy, Geek Squad, and Dish are some examples that send their agents for the job.

Let’s discuss the basic things that each service provider does as part of this service:

TV Installation

adjusting VESA pattern to eye level before you install TVs to the corner in a correct way on one side with VESA

Basic Installation Package Of Most Services

The agents will mount your TV on the wall using a bracket or on the stand. This includes:

  • The agents will drill the holes in the drywall. Then they will screw in the bracket onto the drywall space. 
  • After that, the workers will mount the TV onto the bracket. The size or the model of the TV matters here as different services have different rates. 
  • After mounting, the setup is load tested for safety purposes.
  • Cable management is also included in the services. The professionals will neatly dress the cables so that they do not disturb the room aesthetics. You can also opt for hiding the cables behind the TV or through internal wiring.  

Technical services

These normally include:

  • The agents will program your remote control. They will also configure the voice commands.
  • If you have subscription services, the workers will connect and configure them with the TV. You can get up to 3 different subscriptions depending on the service provider. 
  • Setting up audio and other peripheral systems can also sometimes be included in the package. These are especially useful if you are setting up a home theater
  • If you want to set up a wireless connection, then you can also hire professionals. They will connect up to 4 different devices with your TV. Sometimes, the price of the router is also included in the fees. 

Overall, the services offered by professionals are pretty comprehensive. You can opt for different choices in the package. The prices are also comparable and the only distinguishing factor between them is the number of things they offer. 

A major advantage of hiring professionals for this job is that they are convenient. They also save you the trouble of having to deal with any sort of handling damage. 

They are also useful when you are moving into a new place

Wrapping things up

adjusted tilted VESA pattern to support space and avoid glare and flush from TV mount and tension knob to support tilted flush viewing angle TV mounted higher to avoid direct sunlight on wall mounts and tilting TV mounts and TV bracket with VESA pattern

You might have to readjust the tilt of your TV every once in a while. It may be due to different lighting or a change in your usual seating plan. 

It is not a technical task and by following our guide step-by-step, you can easily perform it. 

With this, we reach the end of our article on “How to adjust TV wall mount”.

If you want to tell us about your experience, do let us know by commenting below. 


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