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How To Add Speakers To LG Soundbar: A Complete Guide

How To Add Speakers To LG Soundbar? Explained For Beginners

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Can I have more than one set of back speakers with the soundbar? Can I connect a second LG subwoofer to the system as well? If your mind is boggling with these questions, you are at the right place.

Getting a sound system that can connect to multiple speakers without having you run wires throughout the living room can be a hard job but workable.

Few soundbars have wired or wireless surround speakers and external speakers that aren’t part of the system can rarely be connected to soundbars. Any soundbar can add surround sound speakers, but the setup is complicated. Let’s find out how to add speakers to LG soundbar

How to Add Speakers to LG Soundbar

LG sound bars can produce thrilling, immersive virtual surround sound in a space. However, some models can also be upgraded to include these add-on back channel speakers for true surround sound (sound bar sold separately)

The H3, H5, H7, and H7 are just a few of the LG MusicFlow wireless speakers.

Use an app like AmpMe, Bose Connect, or Ultimate Ears to stream audio to multiple speakers or Bluetooth 5 to pair audio to two devices simultaneously. 

Adding speakers to soundbars is practically difficult, but there are a few workarounds you should consider. Here are some things you’ll need on hand before se show you some solutions.

  • RCA, AUX, or digital optical outputs on a soundbar model.
  • 5.1 channel AV receiver has pre-outs for the front right, left, and center channels.
  • A mini stereo mixing console with three inputs and one output.
  • AV receiver-compatible surround sound speakers with cable inputs.

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1. Connecting RCA Cables to AV Receiver Pre-Outs

Insert your RCA cables into the front right, left, and center channels’ pre-out slots. It can only be done if your receiver has pre-outs.

Pre-outs do not include power as standard speaker outputs; they only send the audio stream. If you try connecting the soundbar to regular speakers, you can damage some internal parts.

2. Connecting RCA Cables to Mini Stereo Mixing Console

Now you must connect the opposite ends of your RCA cables to your mini-stereo mixer. Both of the following devices come highly recommended for use with this technique: the ANLEON Stereo Line Mixer and the Rolls MX28 Three Channel Stereo Line Mixer.

3. Connecting Mini Stereo Mixer Outputs to Soundbar

If your soundbar has RCA, AUX, or digital optical inputs, there are a few different ways you can connect the outputs on your mixer to it. Let’s explore each connection in more detail.

Connecting with RCA Inputs: You can connect the stereo mixer’s RCA input to the soundbar’s RCA input using another set of RCA cables.

You will need an RCA to Aux cable if your soundbar only has AUX outputs. The RCA ends of the mini stereo mixer are connected, and the AUX end is connected to the soundbar.

Connecting with a Digital Optical Input: You’ll need to buy a digital optical to analog converter if your soundbar has a digital optical output rather than an AUX or RCA output. Using RCA cables, connect the converter’s other ends to the output of your mini-stereo mixer. Use the digital optical cable to connect your soundbar to the converter afterward.

4. Connecting Your AV Receiver to Soundbar

The final step is to use standard speaker wires to connect your receiver and surround sound speakers. Your receiver’s setup will determine how many speakers you may use. You can build 5.1, 7.1, and 9.1 systems if your receiver allows it.

5. Add Bluetooth Speakers To Your LG Soundbar

You might wonder if you can connect Bluetooth speakers to your LG soundbar if you want to give your home theatre system a little extra punch. It’s a good thing that you can! Here is a brief explanation of how to accomplish it.

To begin with, ensure that your LG soundbar is Bluetooth-compatible. The majority of more recent models are, but to be sure, check the owner’s manual or the manufacturer’s website.

Next, enable the pairing mode on your Bluetooth speakers. Usually, this is done by pressing and holding a button on the speaker for a few seconds.

Go to the Bluetooth settings on your soundbar and search for the speaker in the list of accessible devices after the speaker is in pairing mode. To complete the pairing process, select the device and follow the prompts.

That’s all, then! You can now enjoy your favorite television shows and movies with better audio quality.

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How do you connect wireless rear speakers?

Connect the wireless receiver module and the rear speaker using a speaker cable.

  1. Connect the wireless receiver module and speaker cable.
  2. With the rear speaker, connect the speaker cords.
  3. Check to see if the blue LED on the back of the wireless receiver module blinks after turning it on.

How Soundbars Function?

How Do I Connect My LG C1 to My Soundbar? 5 Easy Methods

You shouldn’t try if there are no clear instructions for connecting the soundbar with surround speakers. It would help if you comprehended the functioning of soundbars to understand why.

Soundbars are made to make sound using odd audio techniques. The speakers are often placed, so that sound from the soundbar bounces off your room’s walls and into your ears. As a result, the sound you hear comes from the room’s side walls.

You are simply trying to amplify the already amplified sound when you add sound speakers to a surround system. Since sound travels in waves, adding surround speakers that aren’t meant to be used with the surround system would likely cause interference. As a result, some areas of the room will be quieter, and some will be louder in terms of sound.

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Should I Add Surround Sound Speakers to a Soundbar?

There are many reasons why adding surround sound speakers to a soundbar is a bad idea.

You likely want the right speakers to maintain your audio. Even though there are ways to connect external speakers to your soundbar, the setup will be challenging. You won’t obtain high-definition audio using external speakers with a soundbar.

A 2.1 soundbar will deliver 4.1 sound if you add two surround sound speakers. On the other hand, a 3.1 soundbar will have 5.1 audio.

There is no need for support for your soundbar. It produces sound more effectively when used alone than when connected to external speakers. Additional speakers will interface with the soundbar’s standard audio if you add them.

If you are unhappy with your current soundbar audio system, you should get a soundbar with wireless surround sound speakers.

And as you can see from the guidelines, adding speakers is a tedious and challenging operation overall. You would also require a tonne of extra equipment, which would clutter your system with wires and converters.

Buy a soundbar equipped with a subwoofer and rear speakers if you want the most convenient way to enjoy surround sound. You won’t have to give up sound quality to get the whole package. You could alternatively build an entire system, which would require more effort, and include premium home theatre speakers.


Although soundbars are excellent on their own, what if you want to add a few more speakers to create surround sound? It’s more challenging than it seems, and you risk getting poor sound if you’re not careful.

We answered the question, “how to add speakers to LG sound bar?’

Technically, the answer to this question is yes. However, because it’s difficult to set up and adding speakers to a soundbar can impair the audio quality, we recommend doing something other than this.


  • Can I add another speaker to my soundbar?

    LG sound bars have the power to surround space with stunning, realistic virtual surround sound. However, some models can also be updated to include these add-on back channel speakers for full surround sound.

  • Where should rear speakers be placed?

    The rear surround speakers should be between 135° and 150° from the listening position and nearly parallel to the front left and right pair.

  • Can I add a subwoofer to my lg sound bar?

    In Most soundbars, you can't add a standalone subwoofer. Usually, it can only be done if the subwoofer and the soundbar are sold together and are made to connect natively.

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