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how much to mount a tv

How Much to Mount a TV? – Full Guide to Prices with FAQs & More

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Televisions have become an essential household item in the past few decades.

Previously they were designed in a way that most of the floor space was occupied. But thanks to technology, now we have flat and thin TVs that barely dominate the room.

Not just this, we also have TV mounting devices available in the market that can set your TV high up on the wall, on the ceiling, wherever you want. This is a great way to save up space in your room.

If you’re wondering how much does it takes for the professional installation of your TV mounts, here’s a breakdown of the overall price.

How Much Does it Cost to Wall Mount a TV?

pay range for mounted TV

The cost of mounting a TV depends on factors such as the price of the wall mount, the price of a bracket, and the labor cost involved. 

Here are some of the factors that could affect the question, how much does it cost to mount a TV: 

Price of the TV Mounting Brackets

The amount you pay for your wall mount can vary depending on the type of TV mounting brackets you choose for your TV. 

These include: 

Fixed TV Bracket 

mounted TV range to hang wall mount

Source: Reddit

A standard fixed bracket is one of the most cost-saving mounts. These mounts help you to set up your Television flat on the wall. Such brackets are one of the most cost-saving brackets. You can find these in the market for a flat rate of $20 – $100.

Tilting Mounts

home maintenance project for mounts wiring materials to install your TV

Source: Reddit

Another commonly used bracket is the tilting bracket. These tilt mounts are best if the angle of the TV is above the seated viewer’s eye level as they allow you to tilt it down. Tilting mounts are available in the market for \$20 – \$100.

Articulating TV Brackets/ Full-Motion Bracket

home maintenance project for mounted TV range

Source: Reddit

These are the most flexible types of TV brackets. They are made to swivel your TV side by side. Such brackets can be used if you prefer installing them in the corner. 

Due to their unique functionality, these brackets are quite expensive than the other two. You can find them in the range of $75 – $250.

Size and Weight of Your TV

The cost to mount a TV also varies according to the size and weight of the screen. 

The average costs of mounting/installation based on different sizes of TV are listed below:

Size of TV

Cost of Mounting

less than 25” TV

$15 – $110

25” to 35” TV

$15 – $200

35” to 55” TV

$20 – $300

55” to 65” TV

$25 – $400

greater than 65” TV

$60 – $500

Moreover, the weight and materials of the Television also influence the cost of the mount. If it is heavy you’ll need a device that is strong enough to hold up the weight of your it. 

The average costs of a TV mount depending on the weight of the TV are listed below:

Weight of TV

Price of Mount

Less than 40 lbs

$15 – $50

40 lbs – 60 lbs

$15 – $100

60 lbs – 70 lbs

$20 – $100

70 lbs – 110 lbs

$40 – $300

110 lbs – 160 lbs

$50 – $400

160 lbs and more

$75 – $5000

Labor Cost

labor costs

The average cost charged by a professional to have a Television installed in a living space lies between $100 – $300. Usually, this cost does not include the cost of brackets or other TV mounting accessories. The cost can vary depending on location, provider, and work intensity. 

Moreover, the installation cost also varies according to the type of surfaces where you want to install the TV. 

Following are the estimated labor costs according to the wall type:


$100 – $300

Brick wall

$200 – $800

Concrete wall

$200 – $800

Another cost that comes along when mounting your TV is the cost of hiding components and wires. Additional costs for professional installers include adding surround sound systems.

Moreover, a professional electrician might be needed to place a socket and take care of the wiring behind the TV to avoid messy wires hanging.

Therefore, you’ll need to get an estimate from a good electrician as well.

Price of Mounting the TV Above the Fireplace

tv above fireplace

Furthermore, if you plan to set up your Television above the fireplace then the process might be a bit more costly.

The average price to install televisions above a fireplace is $225 – $700. Depending on the complexity of the installation and the material of the fireplace the price may go up as more skilled labor might be needed. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Why do TVs fall off the walls?

The security of the TV depends on the type of surface on which you want to place it. This can be done by simply knocking on the surface, if it sounds hollow then prefer not to place it.

For a stud wall, then you need to apply special fixing techniques. You can also apply the Gripit fixing technique. 

Moreover, Blue Gripit fixing tends to hold 117kg which can prevent your TV from falling.

How high should a TV be mounted on a wall?

Following are the estimated heights of the mounts from the floor to the center of the screen according to the size of the TV:

Size of Screen

Height of the Mount









Is it safe to mount a TV without studs?

Yes, it is possible to mount your TV without studs by using anchors, toggle anchors, TV mounting plates, ceiling mounts, etc. Mounting a TV does damage the wall as drilling is required to make holes to insert the screws that would hold your mount.

Can a TV be too heavy to mount?

No, a TV can never be too heavy to mount. Just choose the right wall if you are planning to set up a heavy TV. Sometimes the walls are not strong enough to hold your TV.

How Much to Mount A TV - Conclusion

Mounting a TV is a critical job but, with the right estimations, your TV can be mounted safely.

Keeping in mind all the additional prices that come along with installing the TV mount and labor, we can say that this whole process is quite costly. 

With the right selection of walls, the right techniques, and height according to the size of your screen, you’ll never have to worry about TVs falling off the walls.

We hope this article was helpful, in case of any further information, please feel free to reach out to us. 


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