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how far above fireplace to mount tv

How Far Above a Fireplace to Mount TV? – Easy Safety Guide with Tips & More

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Have you finally decided to hang your TV on your wall but not sure how high above the fireplace to mount a TV?

You have made the right decision to wall mount your TV because that has become a norm and it looks much better there instead of just lying on a flat table.

But doing so, you have to make sure you dont disturb the overall aesthetics of the room. Usually people hang the TV on their walls that is either very close to their fireplace or far up.

You have to make sure you strike the right balance between aesthetics, safety and viewership angle and in order to do that you have to keep certain factors in mind.

Factors to Consider before mounting TV above a fireplace

Before starting drilling holes in your wall blindly, these are things to consider  that can impact the placement of your TV above a fireplace. These factors include:

1. Fireplace type and construction materials

Why would you hang a TV at a safe distance from your Fireplace?

Because you don’t want it to get affected from the heat coming from the fireplace, right?

But not all fireplaces have the same material used and not everyone emits the same amount of heat. Gas fireplaces are a little more dangerous than wood-burning ones so maintain more distance in case of wooden ones.

Similarly intensity of heat is always to be kept in consideration. 

2. Heat and ventilation considerations

TVs are very sensitive devices and can easily get affected by the high temperatures.

As we discussed in the above point, to make sure your TV is mounted at a safe distance from heat coming from fireplaces, it’s best make sure that there is a proper ventilation system at your home and there is a proper airflow in the room.

Doing so will keep the temperature of the room moderate, hence making the environment for TV an ideal one. Make sure to check the temperature and adjust accordingly.

3. Viewing distance and angles

People watch TV for entertainment and to get comfortable viewing experience, and for that matter the viewing angle is a very important factor.

Make sure there is an ideal distance between the Tv and the seating area and the angle is perfect.

Doing this prior, will help you adjust the distance of the TV above a fireplace quite easily.

4. Room layout and aesthetics

TV is usually a great addition to the aesthetics of the room but for that matter the location of the TV with respect to other things in the living room matter a lot.

Just make sure that, when you are trying to hang a TV over a fireplace, it resonates with the other things in the room perfectly.

Determining the Ideal Height of TV over the fireplace

How high above fireplace to mount a tv? (Important things to consider)

To achieve viewing comfort, it’s crucial to determine the ideal height with respect to ceiling height as well. Follow these guidelines:

1. Ergonomics and eye-level guidelines

Your health and physique should be your top most priority no matter what you do,

So when you are adjusting the height of the TV over the fireplace, make sure you mount the TV at a comfortable eye angle so that you don’t have to move your neck up or down too much.

Doing so will ensure the ergonomics and comfortable watching experience. 

2. Calculating the optimal height based on seating arrangement

Before hanging your TV, make sure to set the TV at an average eye level of the viewers in the room. 

You can estimate the average eye-level height of the viewers from the seating area factoring in any obstructions like the fireplace mantel and then adjust the TV accordingly so that the watching angle does not get disturbed and viewers don’t suffer from neck strain.

3. Considering fireplace mantel and other obstacles

Many fireplaces have a mantel at the top that can hinder the viewing experience, so make sure that you hang a TV higher enough so that there is enough space between the TV and fireplace mantle and the experience remains great.

4. Safety precautions and electrical outlet placement

Safety is the most crucial factor to keep in mind while adjusting the TV, so make sure to keep a safe distance from the ground and the fireplace.

Apart from that, you should also consider the distance from TV to the electric outlets in your room so that there is no issue of cable management in the future.

Recommended Heights to mount a TV

While the ideal height of the TV above the fireplace may vary depending on personal preferences and room configurations, the following are general guidelines for different TV sizes:

1. General guidelines for different TV sizes

How high above fireplace to mount a tv? (Important things to consider)

  • Keep the height of the TV at 3 to 5 feet from the fireplace, if your TV is up to 43 inches.
  • Keep the height of the TV at 3 to 5 feet from the fireplace, if your TV is between 43 to 55 inches.
  • Keep the height of the TV at 5 to 7 feet from the fireplace, if your TV is larger than 55 inches.

2. Specific recommendations for popular TV screen sizes

  • For a 55-inch TV, the ideal height is around 63 inches from the floor.
  • For a 65-inch TV, the ideal height is around 67 inches from the floor.
  • For a 75-inch TV, the ideal height is around 70 inches from the floor.

3. Adjusting the height based on personal preferences

How high above fireplace to mount a tv? (Important things to consider)

Keeping all the other factors aside, at the end of the day, it all comes to your personal preferences and comfort level. 

If you consider all of the above factors and still you don’t find your watching experience comfortable enough, then you have all the freedom to follow your specific needs.

Overcoming Heat and Ventilation Challenges

Heat generated by the fireplace can potentially harm the TV.

1. Heat-resistant materials and TV cooling solutions

How high above fireplace to mount a tv? (Important things to consider)

Electronic devices like TVs are usually very sensitive to heat so make sure your TV has the least exposure to heat while hanging.

Make sure to use a proper cooling system in extreme summer either in the form of a fan or an AC. Use of ceramic tiles or tempered glass can also create a temperature barrier between the television and fireplace. An electric fireplace can be your option though.

2. Strategic placement of vents and air circulation techniques

Proper air ventilation is very crucial for any closed environment especially if you have electronics devices at your home.

In case of a TV, make sure to have air vents in your room installed strategically near the fireplace to dissipate the heat and ensure perfect temperature for the television.

For ventilation, we recommend that you fix the mount to a 2×4 piece of wood and then place the 2×4 to the chimney. But first, build a niche into the chimney. You can cut into the drywall. Then reframe it with 2×4 boards to create a 6×8-inch recession.

3. Professional assistance and consultation options

If you’re uncertain about the heat and ventilation aspects, it’s advisable to seek professional assistance. Consultation with a fireplace specialist or an experienced TV installer can provide valuable insights and ensure the longevity of your television.

Ensuring comfortable Viewing Experience of television

Achieving an optimal experience involves more than just adjusting the TV at the right height. Consider these factors:

1. Avoiding glare and reflections from the fireplace

Reflection of fire on the TV screen can really hinder the viewing angle so make sure that while you are adjusting the viewing height, keep it higher enough to avoid any glare and reflections. Or else you can go for reflection and glare free screen television.

2. Using tilting or articulating TV mount for flexible positioning

While fixed tv-mounts can not be moved, tilt and full-motion ones allow you to adjust the angle of the screen according to your seating position.

3. Incorporating sound systems and soundbars for enhanced audio

To complement the visual experience, consider incorporating sound systems or soundbars for improved audio quality. Ensure that the placement of these additional devices does not interfere with the TV’s positioning.

Enhancing Room Aesthetics with TV mount

Installing a TV above your fireplace can be an opportunity to enhance the overall aesthetics of the room. Consider these suggestions:

1. Incorporating design elements and decor around the TV

Blend the TV into the room’s design by incorporating complementary elements and decor. Use artwork, shelves, or plants to create an attractive focal point.

2. Concealing cables and wires for a clean and organized look

Hiding cables and wires not only improves the visual appeal but also reduces the risk of accidents. Utilize cable management solutions, such as in-wall conduits or cord covers, to maintain a tidy and organized appearance.

Safety Precautions and Installation Tips to mount the tv

Ensuring safety during the installation process is very necessary. Consider the following precautions and tips:

1. Understanding weight capacity

Make sure that the strength of the wall-mounts and  brackets conforms with the weight of the TV. You can follow the manufacturer’s guidelines and use appropriate material.

2. Using stud finders and wall anchors for stability

If you have got a stud finder, locate well studs using it otherwise get one for that because manually doing so can cause problems. Also, use wall anchors to reinforce the installation and prevent any accidents.

Don’t have a stud finder? Check out this video,

3. Hiding or protecting cables to prevent tripping hazards

Make sure to organize the cables in an effective way by combining the wires and using adhesive cord clips or in wall conduits to keep the area around the television safe from tripping hazards.


We hope your question of ‘how high above fireplace to mount TV’, got answered in the best possible way and it eliminates the need to look any further.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  • 1. Can I mount any TV over my fireplace?

    Yes you can mount almost any modern television, i.e. flat screen TV, above a fireplace, but you should be considerate of the factors mentioned in the article above, i.e. heat and ventilation.

  • 2. Will the heat from the fireplace damage the TV?

    Yes, heat can cause damage to your TV if the air ventilation, safe distance and use of heat resistant material is not implemented.

  • 3. What tools and equipment do I need for installation?

    You need a drill, a screwdriver, stud finder, a measuring tape and some other stuff recommended by the manufacturer.

  • 4. How do I hide the cables behind the wall?

    You can hide cables behind the wall using in-wall conduits, cord covers, or by hiring a professional to route the cables through the wall for a clean and seamless look.


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