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hidden vision tv mounts reviews

Hidden Vision TV Mounts Reviews – Detailed Overview, FAQs, Buyers’ Guide & More

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If you’re confused about which Hidden Vision TV mount is the best for your personal use, you’re in the right place. 

However, choosing the best one that fits all your requirements can be difficult. 

We have compiled this guide with all the necessary instructions that you might need to help you pick out the best one for your needs.

Read this guide carefully to have a better know-how about hidden vision TV mounts.

Quick Summary of the Main Product

The Hidden Vision flip-out TV mount is extremely durable and comes with comfortable viewing and tilting angle that can make your bedroom feel like a theatre. 

The best part is that you can easily mount it in less than 20 minutes.

Features and Benefits

Here’s a list of some noticeable features of the Hidden Vision TV mount that we thought you should know about. 

Easy to Handle 

You would be glad to know that it is extremely easy to handle. Moreover, you can easily adjust the viewing angle so you won’t have to worry about any neck strains.  

Cable Management

You’d be surprised to know that it comes with an in-built cable management system that makes it easy for your to organize clutter. Moreover, the cables are easily installed and are hidden in the arms which gives your room a clean look. 


We noticed that Hidden Vision also provides you with an option to select any picture frame available in their inventory.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Hidden Vision Flip Out TV Mount (Black)


  • Easy to handle 
  • Comfortable tilting procedure 
  • Easy installation 
  • 4 step installation process
  • User-friendly 
  • High quality 
  • Fully customizable frame pictures
  • Artwork options


  • Only one color (black)
  • Manual handling 
  • Can be expensive for a small TV mount

Social Proof

After thorough research we found out that the majority of the customers were satisfied with the their purchase. 

We have added some of the customer feedback so you can see them yourself before you make any final decisions.

hidden tv mount

Similar to Hidden Vision Flip Out TV Mount (Black) (Recommendations)

#1: Best User-Friendly Flip-Out TV Mount - MORryde TV40-010H Slide-Out and Flip Down TV Ceiling Mount, Black Review

Hidden Vision TV Mounts Reviews – Detailed Overview, FAQs, Buyers’ Guide & More

Key Specs

Type of mount: Tv wall mount | Movement Type: Swivel | VESA patterns:  100x100mm to 200x200mm  | Maximum weight limit: 35lbs| TV size range: 17 inch | Wall Type: wood stud, brick or concrete  | Cable Management: Yes

3.8/5 Overall

The Build Quality 3.5
Compatibility 4
Easy Installing 4.5
Motion Range 2
Value for Price 3.5
User Reviews 4.6
Expert Reviews 4.5

The MORryde TV40-010H Slide-Out and Flip Down TV Ceiling Mount is a user-friendly and versatile TV mount. It slides out 17″ and pivots 130 degrees in each direction. 

It is suitable for most TVs. The mount comes with all necessary hardware and instructions for easy installation. Its sleek black design blends well with any decor.It offers convenience and flexibility for adjusting the viewing angle of your TV.

Features to Consider Before you Decide to Buy MORryde TV40-010H Slide-Out and Flip Down TV Ceiling Mount


Color Customization: The mount is available in a sleek black finish, providing a stylish and modern look that complements various home decor styles.


Accessibility: With its slide-out function, the mount extends 17 inches, allowing for easy access to the back of the TV for cable connections or maintenance purposes.


Cable Management: The mount is designed with cable management features, helping to keep your cables organized and hidden from view, creating a clean and tidy appearance.


Installation: The mount comes with all the necessary hardware and installation instructions, making the setup process straightforward. It provides a user-friendly installation experience, even for those who are not experienced with DIY projects.

Eagle Verdict!

The MORryde TV40-010H Slide-Out and Flip Down TV Ceiling Mount is a highly functional and user-friendly option. Its slide-out and pivot capabilities, along with its compatibility and easy installation process, make it a reliable choice for anyone looking to mount their TV in a convenient and customizable way.


  • Supports TVs up to 35 lbs.
  • Compatible with VESA mounting patterns (200 x 200).
  • Easy installation with included hardware and instructions.
  • Sleek black finish enhances room decor.
  • Cable management for organized and tidy appearance.


  • Weight capacity may not be suitable for larger, heavier TVs.
  • Ceiling mounting may require additional support.
  • Limited suitability for installations with low ceilings or obstructions.

#2: Best Affordable Flip-Out TV Mount - Impact Mounts Folding Ceiling Tv Mount Bracket LCD Led Great for Rvs Motor Homes

Hidden Vision TV Mounts Reviews – Detailed Overview, FAQs, Buyers’ Guide & More

Key Specs

Type of mount: Tv wall mount | Movement Type: Swivel | VESA patterns:  75x75mm to 400x400mm  | Maximum weight limit: 44lbs| TV size range: 17 inch – 55inch | Wall Type: wood stud, brick or concrete  | Cable Management: no

3.5/5 Overall

The Build Quality 3.5
Compatibility 4
Easy Installing 4
Motion Range 2
Value for Price 3
User Reviews 4.2
Expert Reviews 4.2

The good news is that the Impact Mounts Folding Ceiling TV Mount Bracket is incredibly affordable. You won’t even have to compromise on the quality. 

The Impact Mounts Folding Ceiling TV Mount Bracket is a versatile and space-saving solution for mounting small flat-screen TVs. It can be easily folded and is ideal for use in kitchens, workspaces, and children’s rooms. Perfect for RVs and motor homes.

Let’s further discuss some of the features in detail. 

Features to Consider Before you Decide to Buy Impact Mounts Folding Ceiling TV Mount Bracket 


Compatibility: It is compatible with 17-55 inch monitors and TVs, supporting VESA sizes including 75×75, 100×100, 200×100, 200×200, and 400×400.


Affordability: It is an affordable option for mounting small flat-screen TVs, providing value for money.


Frame: The folding ceiling TV mount bracket is designed with a sturdy frame to ensure stability and support for the TV. Installation: It includes mounting hardware for easy installation, making the setup process convenient and straightforward.

Eagle Verdict!

The Impact Mounts Folding Ceiling TV Mount Bracket offers flexibility, space-saving capabilities, and ease of installation, making it a convenient choice for mounting small flat-screen TVs in various settings.


  • Versatile and space-saving solution.
  • Easy folding for convenient storage.
  • Swivel and sliding capability for adjustable viewing angles.
  • Suitable for cathedral ceiling installation.
  • Wide compatibility with various TV sizes and VESA standards.
  • Affordable option for mounting small flat-screen TVs.
  • Sturdy frame for stability and support.
  • Includes mounting hardware for easy installation.


  • Limited to smaller TV sizes (17-55 inches).
  • May restrict use with larger, heavier TVs.
  • May not be suitable for mounting on certain types of ceilings or structures (e.g., low ceilings or non-standard installations).
  • Limited range of VESA sizes supported.
  • May require additional adjustments or modifications for optimal viewing angles in certain installations.

Buyer’s Guide

In this section we have added a complete buyer’s guide to help you understand which features you need to consider before you purchase a TV mount. 

Mount Type 

Well, to start off, you need to know that there are different types of wall mounts. These vary depending on the adjustment, angle, and TV size. 

While you may think that higher-movement mounts are the best option in most cases, you’d be surprised to know that’s not always true.

You should always consider a mount that can bear the weight of your TV and is easy to adjust. You wouldn’t want to invest in a TV mount that can’t hold your TV in place. 

View Angle 

We recommend that you pick a TV mount that allows you to adjust the view angles. This will help you watch TV from multiple sides by simply changing the direction of your TV. 

A good view angle should be your priority if you want to avoid neck pain and eye strain.

Size Compatibility 

It is another aspect that needs to be looked at thoroughly is the size compatibility. 

We suggest that you pick out a TV mount that is VESA compatible. This will make it easy for you to mount your TV. 

The best part about VESA compatible TV mounts is that they become universally accurate.

The VESA pattern of a TV refers to the distance between the mounting holes at the back panel of the TV. This distance can vary but the mounting holes are usually either arranged in a square or rectangular shape.  

Wall Type Compatibility 

Before you purchase a TV mount, it is necessary to check your wall type as well. Some TV mounts are only compatible with concrete and brick walls because of their heavy weight. If this step is avoided then you can damage all of your walls. 

Moreover, many wall mounts are only compatible with wooden and studded walls. So make sure you do not put a fragile TV mount on a concrete wall.


What is the point of purchasing a TV mount that has no mounting hardware? Wall mounts are already pricey and if the hardware does not come with the mount, it can be a hassle.

To avoid the extra work and effort, we advise that you purchase a TV mount that comes with its hardware including concrete anchors and a wide array of studs.

Easy to Handle 

The whole point of a flip-out TV mount is to easily adjust it according to your liking as it can be placed in one place. 

However, there is a high risk of damage as well. This is why we suggest that you purchase a TV mount that is easy to handle.


Expensive TV mounts can only be an option if they work extraordinary and are of extremely high quality.

However, we wouldn’t suggest that you purchase an extremely expensive mount since there are ones that offer the same quality features at an affordable price.


Nowadays, everyone is super busy with their life and no one wants to spend hours installing a TV mount. That’s why wall mounts with less installation time are preferred over complex ones.

Moreover, people are less likely to pay extra for a technician or an expert to come and install a wall mount. This is because they might charge a lot for their services.

Wrapping Things Up…

We understand that choosing the best flip-out TV mount can be quite a hectic job. 

However, this guide will help solve this problem for you. 

We hope this guide will help you choose the flip-out TV mount of your choice. 

Feel free to contact us if you have any further queries. 

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can I mount my TV myself?

    Yes, you can mount your TV yourself. However, we advise you to read the manual before you get started with the process.

  • How can I move my flat-screen TV without its box?

    You can move your TV without its box by wrapping a blanket around it. This helps avoid any accidental scratches to the TV. You can also use a lifting belt or move it with the help of a dolly.

  • Why is my TV not leveled properly?

    Usually, the problem can be in the TV mount arms. When the arms are folded back after an adjustment, the arms might be turned completely extended to one side. However, you can properly fold them back to solve the issue. If this is not the reason then you can look into this guide and level your TV.

  • Can I lift a 65” TV on my own?

    No, we do not recommend that you lift a heavy TV yourself. One of the major reasons is that you can get back injuries or you can also damage the TV panels because of the force of your hands.

  • Can a TV be too heavy for a wall mount?

    TV size and weights are directly linked to each other, if the size is large then ultimately it will be heavy. There are VESA standards for checking the capacity of your TV size with the TV mount’s capacity.

  • How can I stop my TV mount from tilting forward?

    If the TV appears to be tilted forward, it probably means that the the roll adjustment screws at the back of the TV are loosen.You can tighten the screws and make sure they are firmly attached to the wall.


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