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Centennial Olympic Park

Have you been fond of visiting an Olympic Park? You might not feel it the same as today’s Olympic Parks, but you can still get a feel of it.

Things you can enjoy in Centennial Olympic Park:

Here are the things you can find in the park:

Fountain of Rings:

The Olympic ring symbol designed with fountains is one of the best things you can see around the park. These interactive fountains give this park unique recognition. The safe and zero-depth water entertainment is suitable even for young children, allowing you have complete family entertainment.


Centennial Olympic Park contains some beautiful lawns, which give a royal and magnificent look to the park. The trimmed grass with side pavements presents a perfect area for a good walk. You can invite your friends and spend a great time.


Apart from the lawns, there are playgrounds where children can play and enjoy the rides. Besides, there are specialized areas for different sports where your kids can play and learn about the rules & best practices of their favorite game.

Water basins:

Another part of this park is the small water basins. You can find many of them in the gardens adding to the scenic beauty and giving the refreshing image that you will definitely enjoy.


Apart from all other natural beauty in the park, you will also find plazas where there are arrangements for special activities and indoor sports. You can find people training in these areas. There is a chance that you might also find the competitions being arranged between the local teams, so you can enjoy some sports too.

Summing up:

This park has been specially developed for the Olympics. This is why you’ll find all the activities and competitions, which are part of the Olympic events. In Atlanta, this park can provide you with a refreshing experience.


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