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Can a TV Stand Hold a Fish Tank?

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An aquarium is a beauty that adds glam to your house. You have many options regarding how and where you want to keep your fish tank to make it a part of your house’s aesthetics. 

One such idea is to set it up with a TV stand. You can use a TV stand to hold a fish tank if the furniture’s weight-bearing capacity permits it. 

Well, now you might be wondering what you will do with the television unit if a fish tank is going to replace it. 

With the variety of options out there with TV stands, your fish tank and television unit can share the space. You might not have to replace either of them. 

And this is why we are here to discuss the possibility of this creative and aesthetic inclusion in your living room

What Alterations Can Make it Possible For a TV Stand to Hold a Fish Tank?

Aquariums have unmatched aesthetic value. And what better place to set them up than where you spend most of your leisure time or entertain your guests? 

Even though there are options such as keeping the fish tank right next to the TV stand or television unit, it often looks uneven in the room and hampers the overall appeal for some people. 

So, the better solution would be to use the same TV stand for housing both the television unit as well as the fish tank. Now, there are limited options on how that can be possible. 

Possible Methods For a TV Stand to Accommodate a Fish Tank

Before heading to the methods, the first and most important thing is to buy a TV stand with adjustable shelving spaces in the center of its construction. Secondly, they should be made of solid oak wood or even stronger material that can withstand a weight of around 200 pounds. The more, the better! 

Third, go for these methods only if you have a fish tank that weighs 10 to 20 gallons at maximum. Anything more than 10 gallons should be placed on custom TV stands with a high weight and pressure-bearing capacity. 

You might have to pay a little extra for high-end material, but that is worth the alteration you intend to make. So, here are the methods you can try to keep both your TV as well as the fish tank on the same stand:

Method 1: Mounting the TV Higher On Wall While the Stand Houses the Fish Tank

Mounting the TV Higher On Wall While the Stand Houses the Fish Tank

You can argue that you don’t want to drill holes in your beautiful wall, which is why you got the TV stand. But, this method is only for people who can compromise on that aspect. 

Mounting the television on the wall right above the TV stand, which is a common practice by most homeowners, will leave you the entire top space of the TV stand to accommodate your fish tank. 

The television unit can be mounted a little higher to get proper visibility from the couch and to go beyond the height of the fish tank. 

The catch is that you should cross-check the weight-bearing capacity, especially if it is a wall-mounted TV stand. One gallon weighs around 8 pounds. So, if you take a maximum of 10-gallon filled tank, the weight of your aquarium will be around 80 pounds. 

Most standard TV stands have a weight-bearing capacity of 150-200 pounds. But you need to consider the weight of your television unit as well. So, that requires you to have a TV stand with an even greater weighing capacity.

Method 2: Altering the Center Shelving Spaces of the TV Stand

Altering the Center Shelving Spaces of the TV Stand

Most of the TV stands have adjustable shelving spaces in their furniture unit. We need to find the ones that have them in the center space. 

You can take off the dividers from the shelving sections (if any) and measure the dimensions from the inside. 

Now, you will have to get a new aquarium, which will fit into those dimensions easily. In this case, you might not get to choose the desired size of the aquarium you want to use. 

The dimensions of the TV stand will be your deciding factor. You can call in a woodworking expert to make certain arrangements to move the aquarium in & out easily. 

Get the job done by experts to ensure that the look of the TV stand can be enhanced aesthetically and with proper lighting setup. 

Method 3: Make Your Custom TV Stand

The third and final method is placing a custom order for a fish tank TV stand. You won’t have to make other adjustments or alterations to set them both. 

While seeking a custom stand, you can request the use of good material, a dedicated space for a fish tank, proper lighting and power outlet set up, and a strong base to hold your TV on the top. 

Decide on the pattern or color that you think would complement your taste the best. And that is it! This way, you won’t have to compromise on your storage spaces, as you can add alternatives. 

Things to Know Before Putting a Fish Tank Near or Under the Television 

In terms of aesthetics, this setup is commendable. But still, there are a few things you must know before you make the necessary arrangements. 

  1. Weight Bearing Capacity of the Fish Tank Stands

It is important to determine how much weight your TV stand can withstand to carry the weight of both the aquarium and the TV. 

You need to ensure that any miscalculation on weight management aspects can cause serious accidents, resulting in loss of life for the fish, injuries to the people in the family, and damage to furniture. 

And this is the preventive reason why we are mentioning it for the second time in this article. Either you can get a TV stand that can bear enough weight or go for a custom TV stand. 

Either way, it is advisable not to go beyond a 20-gallon fish tank if you accompany it with the TV on the same stand. 

  1. Water Spills on Electronics and Floor

Water spills are pretty common when you have an aquarium in your house. Setting it up under your TV stand makes your electronics vulnerable to damage due to water spills. 

Apart from that, if the wooden material of an aquarium stand has not undergone water damage treatment, then constant exposure to moisture can deteriorate its durability as well. 

Your floors and rugs will also be wet when you access the fish tank for cleaning purposes. It will add a maintenance effort, which one should be ready to bear with this setup in mind.

  1. Light & Noise Might Stress the Fish

Too much noise or light around the television space might stress the fish. They are small creatures used to living in a quiet environment underwater. They understand the natural lighting cycle and respond accordingly. 

If you pair an aquarium with a television unit, make sure you limit the noise and light coming from the TV, especially during the night hours. 


  1. Can a Coffee Table Hold a Fish Tank?

No furniture can hold a fish tank of more than 20 gallons. Well, there are coffee tables that are just meant to hold coffee mugs. So, if you are unaware of what material your coffee table is made up of, do not experiment with placing a fish tank over it. 

  1. Do I need a special stand for a fish tank?

It depends on you. The article above explains the possible ways how you can use a TV stand to accommodate both your television as well as the fish tank. But, at the same time, it comes with a maintenance hassle. So, make sure you take the call on whether you want a separate stand for your fish tank or want to integrate it with the TV stand. 


An aquarium and a TV can be a brilliant combination to add charm to the focal point of your living room. All you have to do is look after the maintenance and safety aspects of these integrated installations. 

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