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best wall mount for 82 inch samsung tv

Best Wall Mount for 82-Inch Samsung TV – Top 3 Reviews, In-Depth Buyers’ Guide, FAQs & More

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TV wall mounts have become very popular nowadays as compared to before when flat-screen TVs were displayed on stands. 

A TV mount can save a lot of space and ensure that your TV is fixed safely. 

If you want to purchase a mount that supports your 82-Inch Samsung TV then this post might help you a lot.

This post is a complete guide on what is the best wall mount for Samsung TVs. Let’s get started. 

Best Wall Mount for 82-Inch Samsung TV - Top 3 Reviews

#1: Best Overall TV Mount - MountUp TV Wall Mount Review

Best Wall Mount for 82-Inch Samsung TV – Top 3 Reviews, In-Depth Buyers’ Guide, FAQs & More

Key Specs

Type of mount: Full motion | Movement Type: Articulating, Swivel, Tilt | VESA patterns: 200*100mm to 600*400mm | Maximum weight limit: 100 lbs | TV size  range: 42 to 82 inches | Wall Type: Fits 12″ 16″ Studs | Cable Management: yes

4.5/5 Overall

The Build Quality 4.5
Compatibility 4.7
Easy Installing 4.2
Motion Range 5
Value for Price 4.7
User Reviews 4.5
Expert Reviews 4.2

Another full-motion mount to bring our list to its end. This one comes with clearly labelled bags and all the installation hardware you will need to set up quickly. 

In addition to this, you will also receive a complimentary HDMI cable to use with your Samsung TV that is 82 inches in size. 

Factors to Consider Before you Decide to Buy MountUp TV Wall Mount


Price: In our testing, This full-motion mount costs around the same as most other mounts. It’s not cheap, but it’s a fair price considering it’s a full-motion mount. 

Mount type: In our experience, It’s a full-motion mount that allows you to extend the TV out up to 15 inches from the wall. It can be swiveled left and right up to 45 degrees and it retracts up to 2.67 inches from the wall when you want to save space.

Wall type and stud spacing: In my experience, It’s designed to fit wooden studs of spacing between 12 and 16 inches. 

MOUNTUP TV Wall Mount has the following specifications:


  • 42-82 inches fit TV dimensions
  • Upt0 100 lbs weight capacity
  • +5°/-13° tilt range
  • UL certification
  • 200x100mm up to 600x400mm VESA compatibility

Eagle Verdict!

The best easily installable wall mount for Samsung 82-inch TVs is the MountUp TV Wall Mount thanks to its intuitive construction and the fact that you get all the necessary mounting hardware with it.

Other Experts Say!

“This wall mount can support TVs weighing up to 100 lbs, which is impressive for its size range. The solid construction and sturdy materials ensure that your TV will stay securely mounted on the wall, providing you with peace of mind. The mount also includes a safety lock system, adding an extra security layer to prevent accidental dismounting.”

“The MOUNTUP TV Wall Mount is compatible with flat and curved TVs, making it suitable for various models. Its VESA compatibility ensures a snug fit for most standard TV patterns. The mount’s ability to extend up to 14.6 inches from the wall allows for easy access to the back of the TV for cable management and device connections.”


  • It comes with mounting hardware 
  • Easy installation
  • Great customer support
  • It comes with an HDMI cable
  • It fits a wide range of televisions


  • Some components feel slightly cheap

#2: Best Full Motion TV Wall Mount Bracket - Perlesmith PSXFK1 Review

Best Wall Mount for 82-Inch Samsung TV – Top 3 Reviews, In-Depth Buyers’ Guide, FAQs & More

Key Specs

Type of mount: Full motion | Movement Type: Articulating | VESA patterns: 200x100mm to 600x400mm | Maximum weight limit: 132 lbs | TV size range: 37 to 82 inches | Wall Type: wood studs spacing 12, 16| Cable Management: yes

4.3/5 Overall

Build Quality 4.7
Compatibility 4.7
Easy Installing 4.7
Motion Range 3
Value for Price 4.5
User Reviews 4.5
Expert Reviews 4

Perlesmith is oriented towards producing the best TV wall mounts. The full-motion Perlesmith PSXFK1 can tilt, swivel, extend, and level with the wall. 

This full-motion TV mount is designed to tilt 5 degrees backward and forward to avoid maximum glare.

It is fit for wooden studs and concrete wall installation only. Mounting this on drywall is not suitable because the wall does not have the weight capacity to support big TVs.

Factors to Consider Before you Decide to Buy Perlesmith PSXFK1


Perlesmith PSXFK1 is affordable considering its full range of functionality. It is available for only $98.99 on the Perlesmith website.


In my opinion, Perlesmith PSXFK1 has a weight capacity of 165 lbs and can support up to 90-inches of your Samsung TV.

This heavy-gauge TV wall mount has been tested with a weight 4x more than its recommended amount. You can safely hang your 82-inch TV on the wall with this mount. 

In my experience, it can support both curved and flat TVs with VESA patterns up to 600mmx400mm.


The Perlesmith PSXFK1 is an articulating TV wall mount with great flexibility:

  • 5 degree tilt forward and backward to remove glare
  • +/-60° swivel that gives you an optimal viewing angle from any corner of the room
  • 23.6” extension to have your TV extended 3 inches from the wall 

Perlesmith PSXFK1 has the following specifications:


  • Steel build
  • 25 x 32.1 x 24.8 Dimensions
  • 50-90 Inch Fit Screen Size
  • 165 lbs Weight Capacity
  • 200x200mm upto 800x400mm VESA compatible 
  • +5 to -15 tilt range
  • +60°/-60° swivel range
  • +3°/-3° screen level
  • 3.07″-23.62″ Profile
  • 16″-24″ fit stud spacing


Perlesmith PSXFK1 TV mounts are packaged with all the necessary equipment required for easy installation. 

Even though it is heavy-duty, it is not bulky which makes mounting a lot more convenient. Therefore, your large Samsung TV can be safely mounted on this TV wall mount. 

Eagle Verdict!

Perlesmith PSXFK1 is one of the best wall mounts out there. Its dual arm action can practically support any TV size and weight. 

Other Experts Say!

“One of the standout features of the PERLESMITH Full Motion TV Wall Mount is its exceptional flexibility and adjustability. The dual articulating arms allow for a wide range of motion, enabling you to find the perfect viewing angle from any corner of your room. Whether sitting directly in front of the TV or looking to eliminate glare, this mount’s tilt and swivel capabilities provide unparalleled convenience.”


  • Dual-arms heavy duty equipment
  • Easy to use
  • Easily installed
  • Supports heavy TV’s weight 
  • Good quality


  • Slow shipping

#3: Best Tilting TV Wall Mounts for 82-inches - Echogear EGLT3 Review

Untitled design - 2023-06-05T114553.223

Key Specs

Type of mount: Low Profile tilting TV wall mount | Movement Type: Tilt | VESA patterns: 200x100mm to 600x400mm | Maximum weight limit: 135 lbs | TV size range: upto 90 inches | Wall Type: wood studs | Cable Management: yes

4.3/5 Overall

Build Quality 4.7
Compatibility 4.7
Easy Installing 4.5
Motion Range 3.5
Value for Price 4.5
User Reviews 4.5
Expert Reviews 3.7

Echogear Low Profile is a mounting dream come true. It can slide up or down its wall plate in case your drywall does not have studs right in the middle of the wall. 

Moreover, this TV wall mount has a 3-step, easy installation process. Many wall mounts take a long time to install, whereas Echogear only takes 20-minutes.

There are a lot of screws that are fixed into this mounting bracket to ensure that it can fit almost any flat screen display TV. 

You just need to ensure the VESA pattern of your TV matches on of the following:

  • 200×100
  • 200×200
  • 200×300
  • 200×400
  • 300×200
  • 300×300
  • 400×200
  • 400×300
  • 400×400
  • 600×200
  • 600×300
  • 600×400

Factors to Consider Before you Decide to Buy Echogear EGLT3



The Echogear Low Profile tilting TV wall mount is one of the best TV wall mounts out there. It is currently available at a discount of $39.99 on Echogear.

It was previously available for $44.99 which was also quite an affordable price for such a high-quality TV wall mount. 


In my experience, Echogear EGLT3 can support weight up to 135 lbs. It has extra-wide spans of wall plate which gives a lot of room for your TV to slide in and out for better adjustment. 

The pull strings allow you to safely secure your TV and lock it in the TV wall mount. 


In our testing, Echogear EGLT3 has a generous 10-degree tilt to avoid neck strain and reduce glare. It has an upgraded tilt mechanism that allows you to adjust your TV.

There is an orange knob through which you can customize tilt your TV according to your preference. 

Echogear EGLT3 has the following specifications:


  • 40-90 inches fit TV dimensions
  • Upt0 135 lbs weight capacity
  • 2.3” Profile
  • +/-10º tilt range
  • 24” extra-wide plate spans
  • UL certification
  • 200x100mm up to 600x400mm VESA compatibility


Our team believes that Echogear EGLT3 is the easiest mount to install as compared to other wall mounts. 

The company describes the installation process in three simple steps:

  • Attach wall plate to the wall
  • Attach brackets to TV
  • Hang TV

Eagle Verdict!

Echogear is a sturdy, heavy-duty wall mount that is designed to fit most TVs. It makes mounting extremely easy and it can support many types of TVs including your 82-inch Samsung TV.

Other Experts Say!

“Another aspect that impressed me about this bracket is the ability to level your TV after installation. Sometimes, even with careful measurements, the TV might appear slightly off-kilter. ECHOGEAR has you covered with an innovative levelling system, making it easy to fine-tune the alignment and achieve a perfect display.”

“One of the standout features of this wall mount is its tilt functionality. It allows you to adjust the angle of your TV, eliminating annoying glare and ensuring a comfortable viewing experience from any seating position. Whether you’re watching your favourite show during the day or enjoying a movie night, the ECHOGEAR Wall Mount helps minimize distractions caused by reflections on the screen.”


  • Durable
  • Easy to maneuver 
  • Easy installation
  • Fits almost any VESA pattern
  • Sturdy
  • Heavy-duty equipment


  • Issues in design
  • Not fit for all TVs

Best Wall Mount for 82-Inch Samsung TV- Buyers’ Guide

82 inch tv

There are a wide array of factors you should consider before you purchase a TV mount. The wall mount that you decide to buy will heavily depend on the specifications of your TV.

You should consider the following factors to buy the best wall mount:


The price range of wall mounts varies greatly. It depends on the specifications and features of the wall mount as well as the brand. 

If you want to purchase a wall mount that offers multiple functions and durability then it will most probably be expensive. So make sure that it fulfills your expectations in terms of quality.


Measure the capacity of weight and size that a wall mount you want to purchase can sustain. 82-inch TVs are heavy and delicate. You need to ensure that the wall mount you buy is compatible with your TV.


In case you want to have an expensive wall mount then you should make sure that it is versatile. 

It should be able to:

  • Tilt
  • Swivel
  • Extend

A full-motion wall mount will help move the TV left and right easily.


The specifications of a wall mount are the most important factor to consider. You need to ensure that all the features of a wall mount line up with the specifications of your TV.

A better way to assess these conditions is to thoroughly understand your TV’s manual. This will give you a clear idea of what type of wall mount you need.


The best wall mount is the one that is easy to install and requires minimal maintenance. All wall mounts come with their own installation equipment.

Moreover, it is fairly easy to mount TVs as well. You can also get a professional to help you mount your TV. 

Final Verdict

This concludes our post on the “Best Wall Mount for 82-inch Samsung TVs”.

All of our three contenders: Perlesmith, Sanus, and Echogearfull-motion are great options to consider. 

While Sanus and Echogear provide a great viewing angle and support, we highly recommend Perlesmith.

Perlesmith is a universal TV mount that will allow you to view TV screens from all corners of the room. Moreover, it is compliant with a wide range of VESA patterns and is extremely affordable.

Let us know what you decide.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  • How high should you mount an 82-inch TV?

    To get the best viewing angle where you feel comfortable and have a cinematic experience, install your Samsung TV in the center. 

    Your eye level should rest between the middle and bottom 1/3rd portion of the TV.

  • How do you choose a TV Wall Mount?

    Here are a few things you should consider:

    • Check the specifications of your TV and find a mount compatible with those features.
    • Specify the type of mount you require, such as swivel, extension, and tilt.
    • Decide if you want a mount with an arm for more extension.
    • Decide a budget and check prices.

  • How do you tell if the Wall Mount is big enough for Samsung TVs?

    You need to determine the VESA measurement to check if a wall mount is compatible in size with your TV. Measure the distance between the four holes at the back of your TV.

    The size will be determined according to these measurements.

  • Is it possible to hang a TV without drilling your wall?

    Yes, however, you need brick or concrete walls to hang your TV without drilling. Strong adhesives work great to install your TV on a concrete wall.

    Moreover, you can also use brick clip-on hangers or rails to mount your TV without drilling into the wall of your room.

  • What tools are required to mount a TV?

    The following tools can be used to mount a TV efficiently:

    • Power Drill
    • Drill bits
    • Stud Finder
    • Measuring Tape
    • Pencil
    • Painter’s Tape
    • Appropriate Wall Mount
    • Level

  • How much does an 82-inch TV weigh?

    An 82-inch TV weighs approximately 103.8 lbs. Therefore, when you are looking for a TV wall mount, you should find one with more weight capacity.

  • Is it worth mounting your TV on the wall?

    The greatest benefit of mounting a TV on a wall is the space it saves. If your Samsung TV is placed on a stand it will take up a lot of space. Moreover, it might be knocked over.

    It is safest fixed to a TV wall mount where you can adjust the screen and save space as well.

  • Can you wall mount a Samsung TV?

    Samsung TVs are VESA compliant and you can wall mount them using a TV wall mount that also follows a VESA pattern. If you find a wall mount compatible with your Samsung TV then you can easily mount it.

  • Do Samsung TVs come with mount bolts?

    No, Samsung TVs do not come with mounting screws. If you want to mount your TV on a wall then you will have to purchase the necessary equipment including mounting bolts.

  • Does the wall get damaged when you wall mount a TV?

    Technically speaking, yes. To wall mount a TV, you need to drill holes that can damage the wall. Moreover, if you hit the wall when hanging the TV or install it in the hollow place of drywall then you can cause significant damage to the wall.

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