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TV Stand with fireplace

Best TV Stand for 85 Inch TV with Fireplace

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Big-sized televisions add up a vibrant look to the entire living room. It feels good to settle down with family and watch your favorite entertainment content on a humongous screen. 

An 85-inch television can make your living room a mini theater. With the right sound systems and ambiance aesthetics, the movie experience will be beyond amazing. 

Complementing such a huge television in your house needs an obvious and suitable TV stand to accommodate not just the television but all of the accessories that you bring in with it. 

A fireplace TV stand would be an ideal suggestion to build a suitable ambiance for an amazing entertainment experience on an 85-inch television. 

This idea is really interesting. Let us show you the best fireplace TV stands for your 85-inch big television. Check out the ambiance they can create, and grab your deal! 

5 Best Fireplace TV Stands for an 85-Inch Television

Here are the five best fireplace TV stands for your 85-inch television that will give you both aesthetics as well as functionality:

  1. Aiyanah TV Stand– Best Overall

Aiyanah TV stand

Aiyanah TV stand is glossy flat bed furniture that can accommodate a TV of up to 88 inches.  It has an electric fireplace setup and built-in lighting to give you the perfect dark room ambiance. It has a contemporary design blended with storage space compartments to be the center of focus in your living room. 


  • Suitable for TVs of up to 88 inches
  • High gloss fronts and body
  • Made up of engineered and solid wood
  • Fireplace remote control included
  • Weight capacity- 70 lbs
  • Dimensions- 15” H x 72” W x 14” D
  • Number of cabinets- 2
  • Heat-emitting electric fireplace


  • Comes with timer setting and temperature control features
  • Fireplace can be customized with three flame colors
  • A glossy finish adds aesthetic and shiny appeal
  • Easy to clean and maintain
  • Wall fasteners are included with the kit


  • Weight-bearing capacity could have been better
  • Time-consuming installation process
  1. Cayuta Solid Wood TV Stand– Best Premium

Cayuta Solid Wood TV Stand

Cayuta is another popular brand that manufactures mesmerizing, premium-looking TV stands with a fireplace. This stand by Cayuta can withstand a TV of up to 88 inches, sufficient for what you are looking for. It has a two-tone color theme to complement the look of this stand with a fireplace. 


  • Suitable for TV of up to 88 inches
  • Dual-tone color theme with a distressed finish
  • Made up of solid wood
  • Fireplace remote control included
  • Weight-bearing capacity- 350 lbs
  • Dimensions- 85 9/16” W x 33 ½” H x 17 ⅜” D
  • Number of cabinets- 2
  • Number of open storage spaces- 7
  • Heat-emitting electric fireplace


  • Plenty of open spaces for your desired storage
  • Comes with a dedicated soundbar shelf
  • No assembly is required with this stand
  • Three flame color settings
  • Optimal weight-bearing capacity


  • Premium pricing is on the expensive side
  • Commercial use is prohibited
  1. Tansey TV Stand– Best Value for Money

Tansey TV Stand

Tansey has brought to you a fireplace TV stand that is rusty and has an antique touch. The theme of fireplace TV stands can go well with any kind of interior and lighting setup. One more thing that makes this furniture stand out is its metal drop door cabinets. You get both open and closed storage spaces with it. 


  • Suitable for a TV of up to 85 inches
  • Rustic color theme with a farmhouse charm
  • Made up of engineered wood, steel, and glass
  • Weight-bearing capacity- 250 lbs
  • Dimensions- 70” W x 25” H x 16” D
  • Number of cabinets- 2
  • Number of open storage spaces- 2
  • Heat-emitting fireplace up to 400 sq. ft.


  • Light and heat-controlling ability
  • Available with cord management outlets
  • Embedded with magnetic door catches
  • Light in weight with just 103 lbs
  • Available in four different colors


  • Storage spaces are small in size
  • Takes around 2 hours of assembling time
  1. York 02 Fireplace TV Stand– Best in Design

York 02 Fireplace TV Stand

York 02 Fireplace TV Stand is a spectacle and is meant for the premium interiors in a living room. It is an eye-catching and elegant TV stand to complement your big TV screen. Apart from the basic features, this fireplace stand has everything to make your guests stick around your living room all day. 


  • Suitable for TV of up to 90 inches
  • High gloss fronts with a matte finish
  • Made up of engineered wood
  • Modern and unique contemporary design
  • The fireplace remote control included
  • Dimensions- 78.7” W x 22.3” H x 13.5” D
  • Number of cabinets- 2
  • Number of open spaces- 2


  • Available with three changeable flame colors
  • 16 color LED lighting system is installed with remote control
  • Spacious storage cabinets
  • Available in three different colors
  • Ambient lighting adds more elegance 


  • The unit is on the heavier side
  • Time taking assembly procedure
  1. Coridon TV Stand– Best in Storage

Coridon TV stands

Coridon TV stands come with big storage cabinets that have two shelves each. The shelves are adjustable to let you store sound system units or other accessories as you desire. Apart from storage spaces, you get cable management outlets at the back. 


  • Suitable for TV of up to 85 inches
  • Rustic and farmhouse-inspired theme
  • Made up of engineered wood
  • Dimensions- 70” W x 25” H x 15 ⅜” D
  • Weight-bearing capacity- 150lbs
  • Number of cabinets- 2
  • Heat emitting fireplace


  • Antique metal accents add a modern look to the rustic appeal
  • Two adjustable shelves for convenience of storage
  • Changeable flame colors
  • Available in two different color options
  • Easy to clean and maintain


  • No fireplace remote included
  • Weight-bearing capacity is average than other options

Things to Consider Before Buying a Fireplace TV Stand for Your 85-inch Television

With an electric fireplace TV stand, you don’t have to choose between having a big television or a fireplace as the focal point of your living room

Now that you have the best five fireplace TV stand options, it is advisable to note the choosing factors to help yourself decide on one. Here are a few things you should consider on priority:

  1. Flame and Heating Effects

An electric fireplace doesn’t burn wood logs but replicates an LED-lighting image of flames on a screen. Behind the screen, there lies an infrared heating system that operates with around 110V and 10 amperes to heat the surrounding area for a soothing entertainment experience in the winter months. 

Check the specifications on how wide the heating effect will be felt. If you are concerned about the ambiance that the image of flames will create, then seek an option with more light settings to switch.

  1. Storage Availability

Apart from just setting up an 85-inch television, people also need a good amount of storage space. Consider the availability of closed cabinets and open storage spaces with your preferable fireplace TV stand. 

If you have a sound system, DVD player, tons of CDs, decor pieces, and other such entertainment accessories, then look for options that have more storage space. 

  1. Finishing or Style

Whether you want a glossy, matte, or rustic finish on your fireplace TV stand, the choice remains on your preferences. But, consider the interior of your living room, the wall colors, and the theme to decide what finish your TV stand would go well with the room. 

Each finish or style can add a different kind of elegance to your TV setup. So, if you have plans to pair other pieces of furniture for building your entertainment center, consider matching it with the style or finish of your fireplace TV stand to make the setup look outstanding. 

  1. Features

Electric fireplaces should have heat control, heat modes, timers, blower control, and remote accessibility features to make it easy for the house owners to operate them. Coming to the furniture, the stand should have cord outlets at the back, adjustable shelvings, ample weight-bearing capacity, and other important features. 

These features will ensure that your fireplace TV stand is not just aesthetically good but also functional. 


  1. Are TV stands with fireplaces worth it?

TV stands with electric fireplaces are worthy investments. It is because an electric fireplace doesn’t emit heavy heat like a real fire and has an infrared heating system. It is environment-friendly and has an LED display to add ambient aesthetics to the entire living room. 

  1. Does an electric fireplace use a lot of electricity?

Electric fireplaces consume the same amount of electricity as the usual space heater. They use 120 volts for powering the heater and draw around 1500 watts at 12.5 amperes. They are energy efficient and will cost you around $0.15 per hour


You have the best five fireplace TV stands that are compared across hundreds of options over the internet. We have referred to the user reviews of each of these TV stands to get a practical opinion of users. We have also listed the factors for you to narrow down your search further to pick the one that would suit your setup the best. 

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