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best motorized tv mount

Best Motorized TV Mount – Top 3 Reviews, In-Depth Guide, Tips & More

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We know watching TV with busy schedules is not easy. That is why smartphones and laptops have taken over and people prefer to watch their favorite shows on them. 

Well, it’s not fun watching your favorite shows on such small screens when we have motorized wall mounts available in the market. 

Without further ado, let’s get started.

#1: VIVO Overall Electric Ceiling TV Mount - Flip Down Motorized Pitched Roof Vesa Mount Review

Best Motorized TV Mount – Top 3 Reviews, In-Depth Guide, Tips & More

Key Specs

Type of mount: Ceiling TV Mount | Movement Type: Swivel, Articulating | VESA patterns: 100x100mm to 400x400mm | Maximum weight limit: 66 lbs | TV size range: 23 to 55 inches | Wall Type: wood studs| Cable Management: yes

4.2/5 Overall

Build Quality 4
Compatibility 4.7
Easy Installing 4.7
Motion Range 4
Value for Price 4.5
User Reviews 3.5
Expert Reviews 4

Our Team picked the Vivo electric TV mount because of its design. It saves up your space when mounted on the ceiling. Not just this, but this easily installable TV mount comes with an RF remote control, featuring programmable memory to help you save your favorite viewing angles.

Furthermore, as tested by our team, this TV mount is designed to fit both flat and pitched ceilings.

Also, this easily accessible mount comes with the necessary hardware to help you mount your screen properly.

Factors to Consider Before you Decide to Buy VIVO E-FD55 Electric Ceiling TV Mount


Measurements: In our experience, You can use this TV mount for screen sizes between 23 inches to 55 inches. Moreover, it supports up to 66 lbs of weight and can be tilted from -75 to 3 degrees. 

Packaging: In the box, we found an RF remote control, removable VESA plate, installation menu, user guide, and user manual.

Warranty: This product comes with a 3-year manufacturer warranty. For any further queries, they also offer friendly tech support.

Material: In my experience, VIVO has constructed this electric wall mount from alloy steel. The steel frames tend to hold up to 66 lbs weight. Not only this, but this product has been strength tested thrice before it was launched. 

Affordability: We would say that this product is value for money. It’s cheaper than many other products we came across during our research which were offering almost the same features as the VIVO mount E-FD55.

Eagle Verdict!

We’ve considered the VIVO E-FD55 electric mount as one of the best mounts available in the market because of its sturdiness and the fact that it makes installing the TV on the ceiling very easy. 

Additionally, it comes with swivel movement, making it easy for you to adjust the angles.

Other Experts Say!

“The VIVO Electric Ceiling TV Mount sports a sleek and sturdy design that seamlessly integrates into any home decor. Its robust construction ensures stability and durability, providing peace of mind knowing your TV is securely mounted. This model is compatible with 23 to 55-inch screens, making it suitable for a wide range of TVs.”


  • Swivel movement
  • Sturdiness.
  • Value for money
  • Easy to install
  • Remote controllable
  • Fits all screen types


  • The remote is difficult to use by new users.
  • Slow motor

#2: Best Ceiling Mount TV - VIVO Electric Ceiling TV Mount for 32 to 70-inch Screens

Untitled design - 2023-06-03T213706.420

Key Specs

Type of mount: Full Motion | TV sizes: 26-55 inches | Max weight limit: 80 lbs |  Movement Type: Tilt, articulating | VESA patterns: 200*100- 400*400mm | Wall Type: wood studs | Cable Management: yes

3.9/5 Overall

Build Quality 4
Compatibility 4.2
Easy Installing 4
Motion Range 3.5
Value for Price 4.5
User Reviews 3.7
Expert Reviews 4

If you’re looking for a ceiling TV that can support the weight of your large television, the VIVO Electric Ceiling TV mount is a great option for you. 

The best part about this mount is that you can easily remote control it from anywhere in your room without any hassle. 

Let’s discuss some of the other features of this mount in detail to help you make an informed choice. 

Factors to Consider Before you Decide to Buy VIVO Electric Ceiling TV Mount for 32 to 70-inch Screens


Measurements: In my opinion, This TV mount fits up to 70 inches of screens and can hold up to 77 lbs of weight.

Packaging: In the box, we found a TV mount, installation hardware, a remote, and a user manual that contains an easy-to-follow installation structure.

Warranty: In my personal experience, This product gives you a 3-year manufacture’s warranty and friendly tech support to help you with any concerns you might have. 

Material: Our team discovered that this TV mount is made of solid steel with a unique and modern design.

Affordability: We would say that the market is full of amazing ceiling mounts with prices almost the same. Considering the features it offers, we would say that it comes at a reasonable price. 

Eagle Verdict!

If you’re looking for a TV mount that can easily bear the weight of your TV and is remote controlled, then we recommend this product.

Other Experts Say!

“The sleek black finish adds a touch of elegance to any room, while the solid construction assures us of its durability. The mount is designed for 32 to 70-inch screens, ensuring compatibility with a wide range of televisions. Its motorised flip-down mechanism is a standout feature, making it perfect for installations on pitched roofs, where traditional wall or ceiling mounts might not work. The build quality is excellent, giving us confidence in its ability to hold our TV securely.”


  • Remote controllable
  • Easy installation
  • Sturdiness
  • 3-year warranty 
  • Supports up to 77 lbs


  • We weren’t able to find any considering the price of this mount.

#3: Best Flat-Top Motorized TV Mount - Touchline Valueline 30004 Motorized TV Lift Review

Best Motorized TV Mount – Top 3 Reviews, In-Depth Guide, Tips & More

Key Specs

Type of mount: Remote-controlled mount | Movement Type: Fixed | VESA patterns: Almost any vesa pattern| Maximum weight limit: 170 lbs | TV size range: 32 to 70 inches | Wall Type: wood studs | Cable Management: yes

3.7/5 Overall

Build Quality 4.2
Compatibility 4.7
Easy Installing 4
Motion Range 2.5
Value for Price 4
User Reviews 3.2
User Reviews 3.7

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The Touchstone Value Line flat-top 30004 is a great option if you’re looking for a remote-controlled mount. After multiple tests, we noticed that it’s compatible with multiple screens that range from 32 to 70 inches, which makes it incredibly convenient. 

Not just this, the custom-designed TV mount is suitable for places like offices, bedrooms, kitchen cabinets, and flush counter-top.

Furthermore, this flat-top lid motorized TV mount can be installed in kitchen cabinets and once you’re done watching, you can have the TV out of sight by simply closing the cabinets.

Factors to Consider Before you Decide to Buy Touchstone Valueline Flat-Top Lid Motorized TV Mount


Measurements: In my experience, Touchstone Valueline 30004 lifts to 70-inch screens with 36 inches of travel. Moreover, it comes with a wall flat-top lid that measures 17 ¾” x 4 5/16”.

Packaging: While unboxing, we found a remote control that is wired and helps to adjust lift height for memory settings. Furthermore, it has the flat-top lid mount, the instruction manual, the “C” bracket, and the TV lift mechanism.

Warranty: There is a 3-year warranty for this product including 2 years of replacement and toll-free customer support.

Material: This motorized electric wall mount is made up of alloy steel that makes it durable. 

Affordability: In our testing, The touchstone value line 30004 motorized TV mount is a bit more expensive than the other TV mounts available in the market. However, it has the edge of its flat-top lid feature that is not available in other TV mounts. leo.

Eagle Verdict!

If you’re looking for a product that can save up some space, then we highly recommend that you consider Touchstone Valueline 30004. We found it to be custom-designed to help you install it anywhere you want and have TV out of sight when not in use.

Other Experts Say!

“The Touchstone Valueline 30004 Motorized TV Lift boasts a sleek and elegant design that seamlessly blends with any modern living space. Its sturdy construction ensures durability and stability, with a maximum weight capacity of 170 lbs., making it suitable for large screen 32-70 inch TVs. The flat-lid mount design adds to the overall aesthetic appeal, providing a clean and clutter-free look.”

“One of the standout features of this TV lift is its motorized lift mechanism. With just a touch of a button on the included remote control (both RF and wired options), you can effortlessly raise or lower your TV to your preferred viewing position. The smooth and quiet operation of the lift adds to the overall convenience and user experience. The 39″ height adjustability range ensures you can find the perfect viewing height for your setup.”


  • Only Flat top lid mount in this price
  • Comes with a unique C bracket
  • RF remote control
  • Alloy steel makes it durable
  • Floating mounting type


Buyers’ Guide

motorized mount

Multiple factors can affect your decision when buying a TV mount. But there are some essential things. Let’s take a look at them one by one.


The only thing that differentiates the manual and electric TV mounts is that electric mounts are motorized. Therefore, it is very important to consider how powerful the motor is.

How good your mount is majorly depends on the quality of the motor. If the motor is strong enough you can mount your TV wherever you want. 

Moreover, the movement of the TV also depends on the motor. Sometimes the movement of the TV whether it is swivel or simple up and down is very slow because of the motor. These slow motions usually annoy the users in the long run

Fixed or Flexible

Another very important factor that you should consider while buying a TV mount is whether you want it to be fixed or you prefer to view the TV from different angles across the room.

If you prefer watching TV from different angles then it is important that you search for the ones that come with remote control and can be adjusted according to your viewing angles.


Furthermore, we believe that the size of the mount is also very important. Some mounts are designed in a way that they occupy much of your space hence, it makes your place look more crowded even while your TV is mounted up the wall.

There are TV mounts available in the market that are foldable or can be flipped down when your TV is not in use. 


How strong your TV mount is, is one of the important factors to consider while buying amount. The TV mount is designed to mount both small and big screens anywhere you want whether it is on the wall or the ceiling. 

If your TV mount is not strong enough, you can end up with your screens being ruined. Therefore, the material of the frames should be under consideration whether you want to fit a big screen or small. 


It is important to consider how easy it is to install your TV mount. If the installation process is lengthy and difficult then you might have trouble every time you tend to get your motor serviced. 

Therefore, an easy-to-install mount will help you from fatigue in the long term as well. 

Final Verdict

After carefully testing all the TV mounts on our list. We have concluded that the Touchstone Valueline 30004 motorized TV mount is the most viable option. 

This mount comes with a bunch of features among which the most notable is the flat-top lid which helps you mount your TV wherever you want apart from the ceiling. 

It is easy to install and the remote control makes it easy to use. This TV mount helps you save up your face unlike other available mounts in the market. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  • How do I choose my TV mount?

    To find the perfect TV mount, first, check the specifications of your TV, choose whether you want a stationary mount or the one that swivels. Check the specifications of the mount and choose according to your place. 

    Moreover, you can know the compatibility of the mount with your TV size and structure by checking the features.

  • How do I know if a wall mount is compatible with my TV?

    The compatibility of your mount with your TV depends majorly on 2 factors. Firstly the size of your TV. The larger the TV, the heavier it is. Every mount can hold up to the desired weight.

    Secondly, the range of VESA standards that are compatible. Check the VESA size of your TV before considering the mount.

  • What is VESA 400×400?

    VESA 400×400 indicates the distance in millimeters between the holes at the back of your TV. 400×400 means a distance of 400 millimeters between the holes.

  • How do I know my VESA size?

    Locate the 4 holes at the back of your TV and then measure the distance between them both horizontally and vertically.

  • Is VESA always centered?

    Ideally, the VESA should be centered to minimize torquing forces applied to the mount. The VESA pattern is at the center of the display’s back.

  • What is a swivel wall mount?

    AnswerA mount that allows you to move your TV according to your viewing position is known as a swivel mount.

  • Can a TV be too heavy to mount?

    AnswerA TV can never be too heavy to mount, but do consider the strength of your wall before mounting your TV.

  • Does mounting TV damage the wall?

    Yes, mounting the TV does damage your wall as the TV mount is installed by drilling the holes in the wall.

  • How many types of TV mounts are there?

    There are three types of TV mounts:

    1. Fixed
    2. Tilting
    3. Full motion

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