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Best TV Stands For Your 65-Inch Television

Best 65-inch TV Stands [2023 Updated]

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TV stands are undoubtedly one of the most important room staples for every house. They ensure you a safe and organized space for enjoying your television. Some models even add to the visual element. 

But how to choose one amongst the hundreds and thousands of options available online? 

The basic and most evident criteria for sorting out your choice of a TV stand is the size of your television screen. 

People with big living rooms and ample space for a TV setup will prefer to go for a big television. 

People commonly prefer a 65-inch television, as it seems perfect to be the focal point of a humongous living room. But, the setup will remain aesthetically incomplete without a compatible TV stand that can accommodate a television of that size. 

So, we have shortlisted the five best 65-inch TV stands in this article for you to choose from. Read along till the end.

5 Best TV Stands For Your 65-Inch Television Unit

We have tried to pick the best option from all available styles to give you the feasible options to choose from:

  1. Chameli TV Stand by Red Barrel Studio

Chameli TV Stand by Red Barrel Studio

A simplistic design with solid uniform colors makes it a go-to option for anyone who wants a budgeted yet appealing TV console. Compared to your 65-inch television, this stand will measure a few inches wider from both ends to make the setup look presentable. You get two closed cabinets and two open shelves to store the entertainment accessories or decor elements. 


  • Dimensions: 58” W x 15.75” D x 24” H
  • Ideal for TVs up to 65”
  • Maximum weight-bearing capacity: 75 lbs
  • Overall product weight: 85 lbs
  • Rich solid wood color tone with warm neutral appeal
  • Number of open shelves: 2
  • Number of closed cabinets: 2, with two adjustable shelves in each cabinet


  • The assembly procedure is easy
  • Easy to clean and maintain with just a soft and dry cloth
  • A total number of 6 shelves for storage purposes
  • Comes with adjustable foot levelers
  • Ideal for both residential and non-residential use


  • Weight-bearing capacity is low
  • No commercial warranty on this product
  1. Walker Edison Wren Classic 4 Cubby Fireplace TV Stand

Walker Edison Wren Classic 4 Cubby Fireplace TV Stand

Electric fireplace TV stands are a trend today. And this option by Walker Edison is one of the best-sellers in this category. It is not just affordable in comparison to other fireplace stands but also adds a good aesthetic value to your living room. It comprises high-quality solid and manufactured wood, embedded with a durable laminate finish. It has four open shelves, two on either side of the stand, while the center holds the electric fireplace.


  • Dimensions: 58.25” W x 15.75” D x 25” H
  • Ideal for TVs up to 65”
  • Maximum weight bearing capacity: 150 lbs
  • Overall product weight: 95 lbs
  • The electric fireplace can heat an area of up to 400 sq. ft. 
  • BTU Rating for electric fireplace: 4600 BTU
  • Laminate and glossy finish
  • Number of open shelves: 4


  • Comes with cord outlets at the back of the shelves
  • Easy installation without need for expert skills
  • Comes with remote control for using fireplace
  • Available in six different color options
  • Sets up a perfect viewing angle


  1. Photina TV Stand by Gracie Oaks

Photina TV Stand by Gracie Oaks

This product by Gracie Oaks replicates a rustic look that is aesthetically sound with uniquely styled cabinet doors. You get two big open shelves at the center and two smaller shelves on either side of the stand. The catch is that the cabinet doors enclosing the two sides of the TV stand are connected to a slider track on the top and bottom. They are called sliding barn doors. 


  • Dimensions: 58” W x 14.5” D x 23.5” H
  • Ideal for TVs up to 65”
  • Maximum weight bearing capacity: 240 lbs
  • Overall product weight: 70 lbs
  • Rustic and antique finish
  • Number of open shelves: 2
  • Number of cabinets: 2, with two adjustable shelves in each cabinet


  • Optimal weight-bearing capacity
  • Comes with adjustable shelves
  • Lighter in weight compared to others
  • Proper cable management outlets are available
  • Sliding barn doors add more aesthetic functionality to the stand


  • The assembly process is a bit complex
  • The leg pins could have been slightly taller
  1. Fuilora TV Stand by Zipcode Design

Fuilora TV Stand by Zipcode Design

Fuilora TV stand by Zipcode Design is a visually appealing TV stand with built-in lighting, sleek storage, and optimal display space to enhance the look of your living room. It has a neutral finish and four cabinets for you to organize your entertainment accessories. Metal accents are used on the open cabinets and sides of the TV stand to add durability and an aesthetic touch to the overall design scheme. 


  • Dimensions: 59.61” W x 15.35” D x 25.98” H
  • Ideal for TVs up to 65”
  • Maximum weight bearing capacity is 280 lbs
  • Overall product weight: 69.45 lbs
  • RGB lighting with 22 dynamic modes and remote controlling feature
  • Rustic finish with metal accents and wood grain texture
  • Number of open shelves: 4
  • Number of closed cabinets: 1, with sliding doors and two adjustable shelves in it


  • The top netted part of the closed cabinet has built-in RGB lighting
  • It is sturdy and durable to withstand the weight of up to 280 lbs
  • Available in three color options
  • Sliding doors with metal accents add more elegance
  • Comes with cable outlets to keep the cords organized


  1. Ameriwood Home Carson TV Stand

Ameriwood Home Carson TV Stand

Customers have always appreciated unique design and style options. Ameriwood has tried to bring in some form of creativity with this TV stand. Here, a color combination is proposed, where the center open shelves are made up of black particle board, whereas the rest of the body has a different shade per the theme. Apart from giving you ample storage space, the quality of this stand has also been enhanced to accommodate heavier televisions. 


  • Dimensions: 63” W x 15.75” D x 20.5” H
  • Ideal for TVs up to 70”
  • Maximum weight bearing capacity: 135 lbs
  • Overall product weight: 83.4 lbs
  • Contemporary design
  • Number of open shelves: 5
  • Number of cabinets: 2, with two adjustable shelves in each cabinet


  • Comes with adjustable compartments and shelves
  • Cable outlets for organizing the connecting cords
  • Available in five different theme colors
  • The build quality is sturdy and durable
  • Simplistic design allows it to blend with your living room appeal


  • Doors are not of the best quality
  • Assembly is complex and demands two people for the job

Things to Consider Before Choosing the Best TV Stand For Your 65-Inch Television

We made you aware of the best options available online that are different in terms of style and functionality. But eventually, you have to pick only one among them all. So, to help you come to a decision, here are a few things for your consideration:

  1. Style- All five options listed above are different in terms of style and design. Whether you want a simple design, RGB lighting, metal accents, or a fireplace stand, you have to decide according to your taste and what would be perfect for your living room appeal. 
  2. Storage- A perfect entertainment setup demands not just a big television of 65-inches but also a sound system, gaming console, DVDs, hard drives, and other such accessories. You can also use the storage spaces for placing display items. You will need enough storage to accommodate them all in one place. Consider your needs, and pick the option accordingly. 
  3. Budget- If you have a specified budget that you intend to spend on a TV stand, then stick to it. The options in this list vary in terms of the price range. So, you have the feasibility to make your choice accordingly. But remember not to compromise on quality for affordability. 
  4. Load Bearing Capacity- One important factor is knowing the weight of your television unit. And then, you must compare it with the maximum load-bearing capacity of the TV stand, which should be higher than the weight of your television unit. It ensures that the TV stand doesn’t wear out sooner, causing the television to fall off the stand. 


  1. How Big Should a TV Stand Be For a 65-Inch Television?

A TV stand should be at least 57 inches wide to accommodate a television screen of 65-inches on top of it. Anything less than that will affect the appeal of the entire setup. 

  1. What Color TV Stand Will Go Well With All House Interiors?

Most TV stands are often made up of wooden materials. The basic color often available in the market is brown, and the common finish is often rustic. They go well with all living room designs and blend well to be the focal point. 

You might have to think about matching the appeal of your living room with the TV stands if you are going with the glossy finish options. 


Compare and find out which TV stand best fits your 65-inch television. Take the help of the comparative factors listed above, and you will probably reach your decision soon. When you do, go ahead and place your order for it! 

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